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Marzena Sylwia Kruk

, Directorate-General External Policies”, (access 11.06.2017). 8. Okólski, Marek. 2004. “ Migration and globalization”. In: Globalization from A to Z, edited by, Czarny, E. National Bank of Poland: Warsaw, pp. 200-215. 9. Pawłowski, Artur. 2013. “Sustainable Development and Globalization”. Problems of Sustainable Development, Vol. 8, No. 2, 7-8. 10. Pearce, David. Turner, R. Kerry. 1991. “Economics of Natural

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Marko Gregl and Klavdij Logožar

References Askarov, Zohid and Doucouliagos, Hristos (2015). Development Aid and Growth in Transition Countries. World Development 66, 383-399. Belloc, Filippo (2011). International Economic Assistance and Migration: The Case of Sub-Saharian Countries. International Migrations 53(1), 187-201. Berthélemy, Jean-Claude, Beuran Monica and Maurel Mathilde (2009). Aid and Migrations: Substitutes or Compliments. World Development 37(10), 1589-1599. Bearce, David H. and Tirone, Daniel C. (2010). Foreign

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Bushra Yasmin and Wajeeha Qamar

), “International Migration, Deindustrialization and Union Decline in 16 Affluent OECD Countries 1962-1997”, Social Forces, Oxford University Press, 84 (1): 71-88 Lee, E., and Vivarelli, M. (2006b). The Social Impact of Globalization in Developing Countries. International Labor Review , 145(3), 167–184 Meschi E. and M. Vivarelli (2009), “Trade and Income Inequality in Developing Countries”, World Development , 37(2): 287–302 Milanovic, B., and Squire, L. (2005), “Does Tariff Liberalization Increase Wage Inequality? Some Empirical Evidence”, World Bank

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Imtiaz Arif, Lubna Khan and Syed Ali Raza

-1177. Jawaid, S. T., & Saleem, S. M. (2017). Foreign capital inflows and economic growth of Pakistan. Journal of Transnational Management, 22(2), 121-149. Jawaid, S. T., & Raza, S. A. (2016). Effects of Workers’ Remittances and its Volatility on Economic Growth in South Asia. International Migration, 54(2), 50-68. Jawaid, S. T. (2014). Trade openness and economic growth: A lesson from Pakistan. Foreign Trade Review, 49(2), 193-212. Jawaid, S. T., & Raza, S. A. (2013). Effects of terms of trade on growth performance of India

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Dopé M. Adjor and Léleng Kebalo

. 36. O’higgins, N. (2012). This time it’s different? Youth labour markets during ‘the great recession’. Comparative Economic Studies, 54(2):395-412. 37. O’Reilly, J., Eichhorst, W., G´abos, A., Hadjivassiliou, K., Lain, D., Leschke, J., McGuinness, S., Kurekov´a, L. M., Nazio, T., Ortlieb, R., et al. (2015). Five characteristics of youth unemployment in Europe: Flexibility, education, migration, family legacies, and EU policy. Sage Open, 5(1):1-19. 38. Perugini, C. and Signorelli, M. (2010). Youth labour market performance in European

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Mercy Raquel Orellana, Monica Răileanu Szeles and Dalia Maritza Argudo Barrera

modeling using Stata. Texas: USA: Stata Press. Raileanu, M., and Tache, I., 2016. Discussing the role of migration and education in fighting economic vulnerability in South-Eastern Europe. 1(1), 73-85. Rivera Vásquez, J. I., 2015. Retornos a la educación en Ecuador: entre brechas salariales y mercados especializados. Proyectos de Investigación-Informes del Fondo de Investigación, 1-38. Sapelli, C., 2003. Ecuaciones de Mincer y las tasas de retorno a la educación en Chile: 1990-1998.v