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Helena Bauerová

přerozdělování žadatelů o azyl. available at:‑vlada‑ma‑v‑eu‑zablokovat‑prerozdelovani‑zadatelu‑o‑azyl/1574564 (5 April 2018). Denkova, A. (2017): Czech government insists migrations controls should precede relocation demands. available at:‑policy/news/czechs‑insist‑migration‑controls‑should‑precede‑relocation‑demands/ (5 April 2018). Dernbach, A. (2015): Germany suspends Dublin agreement for Syrian refugees, available at: http

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Krisztina Juhász

/echr-human-rights-intervention-austria-hungary-returns.pdf (11 May 2016) European Commission (2015): ‘Commission opens infringement procedure against Hungary concerning its asylum law’ (press release) (10 December), (11 May 2016) European Commission (2016), ‘Member States' Support to Emergency Relocation Mechanism’ (12 October) (13 October 2016) European Commission (2015): Proposal for a regulation of the European

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Kamilla Sheryazdanova

against Employers of Illegally Staying Third-Country Nationals. [ 32009L0052], accessed on the 25th of December 2015. [European Commission: Migration and Home Affairs.] External Borders Fund. [], accessed on the 25th of December 2015. [European Commission: Migration and Home Affairs.] Return Fund. [

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Agata Włodarska-Frykowska

References Antrop, M., Why landscapes of the past are important for the future. “Landscape and Urban Planning”, 1-2, 2005, pp. 21-34. Castles, S. and de Haas. H, and Miller. M. J, Age of Migration. Palgrave, New York 2013. Castles, S., International Migration at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century: Global Trends and Issues, “International Social Science Journal”, 165, 2010, pp. 269-281. Kowalenko, J., and Mensah. P, and Leončikas. T, New Immigrations In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Legal

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Roberta Medda-Windischer

Discourse on Migration in South Tyrol. In: Medda-Windischer, Roberta–Carlà, Andrea (eds), Migration and Autonomous Territories: The Case of South Tyrol and Catalonia . Leiden: Koninklijke Brill. 65–99. EUROSTAT. 2018 (March). Migration and Migrant Population Statistics. Available at: . GAGNON, Alain-G. 2009. Immigration in a Multinational Context. From Laissez-faire to an Institutional Framework in Quebec. In: Zapata-Barrero, Ricard (ed.), Immigration and Self-government of Minority

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Přemysl Rosůlek


The article analyses through qualitative textual analysis and manual coding Czech singers known for their critical attitudes to the “migration crisis”as presented on their Facebook walls (2015–2017). This major focus on the singer’s Facebook posts was reinforced by the analysis based on the two theoretical concepts – celebritisation of politics and post-truth politics. In sum, analyses across theoretical approaches found that a majority of singers – although not all of them – have been judging the problem through the lenses of a black -and -white “Clash of Civilizational” approach. Only a few singers run for political office and political agenda-setting linked to the “migration crisis” was not frequented as expected. Many of the investigated singers expressed support or political endorsement to xenophobic and anti-islamic political parties. Although the “Russian footage” could be denied, the style and characters of communication via Facebook revealed that in many aspects the singers’ strategy is in consonance with current Kremlin propaganda.

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Christopher Houtkamp

References BORJAS, G. 1989. Economic Theory and International Migration. International Migration Review 23(3): 457–485. DE JONG, G.–FAWCETT, J. 1981. Motivations for Migration: An Assessment and a Value-Expectancy Research Model. In: DE JONG, G.–GARDNER, R. (eds), Migration Decision Making. Multidisciplinary Approaches to Microlevel Studies in Developed and Developing Countries . New York: Pergamon Press, 13–58. DOOMERNIK, J.–KOSLOWSKI, R.–THRÄNDHARDT, D. 2009. The Battle for the Brains: Why Immigration Policy Is Not Enough to Attract the

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Zsuzsanna Tomor

the American Realities of Assimilation and Multiculturalism. Sociological Forum 14(1): 3–25. ANDERSON, Benedict. 1983. Imagined Communities . London–New York: V. Verso. BARLAY, Stephen. 2006. Menekülés és megérkezés . [Refugees and their Refuge]. Budapest: K.u.K. Kiadó. BERRY, John W. 1980. Acculturation as Varieties of Adaptation. In: Padilla, A. M. (ed.), Acculturation: Theory, Models and Findings . Westview, CO: Boulder. 9–25. 1992. Acculturation and Adaptation in a New Society. International Migration 30(1): 69–85. BHABHA

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Ąžuolas Bagdonas

References Andersson, HE 2015, ‘Liberal intergovernmentalism, spillover and supranational immigration policy’, Cooperation and Conflict, 0010836715597945. Andrade PG, Martin I, Vita V & Mananashvili S 2015, ‘EU cooperation with third countries in the field of migration’, Study for the European Parliament Civil Liberties Committee. Available from: <>. [30 October 2015]. Bellon, T 2015, ‘Refugee influx could cost Germany $22

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Abhimanyu Sharma

. Delano December 3. Accessed on: 15 July 2017. At: . DAVIS, Kathryn. 1994. Language Planning in Multilingual Contexts: Policies, Communities, and Schools in Luxembourg . Amsterdam & Philadelphia: John Benjamins. DIONISIO, Linda. 2015. International Migration in Luxembourg: Continuous Reporting System on Migration OECD October 2015 . University of Luxembourg: Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning. FEHLEN, Fernand. 2013. Die Stellung des Französischen in Luxemburg: Von der Prestigesprache