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Katherine Kirk and Ellen Bal

like Vinod and Neha come to the Netherlands, which unlike the USA, Canada or Australia is not a likely migration country for highly skilled Indians? Why do some eventually choose to become naturalized? What are the consequences of such a decision for citizenship practices? What is the meaning of citizenship to these migrants and how does it relate to their identity as Indians and their attachment to India? This paper draws on the transnational approach to migration studies, which understands transnational migration as a process that “takes place within fluid social

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Dina Bader

and transnational intimacies: sexual democracy and the politics of immigration in Europe. Public Culture 22(3) : 507-529. Hamel, Christelle. 2005. De la racialisation du sexisme au sexisme identitaire. Migrations Société 17(99-100) : 91-104. Jeffreys, Sheila. 2005. Beauty and Misogyny: Harmful Traditional Practices in the West. New York : Routledge. Johnsdotter, Sara et Birgitta Essen. 2010. Genitals and ethnicity: the politics of genital modifications. Reproductive Health Matters 18(35) : 29-37. Kofler

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Georges Felouzis, Samuel Charmillot and Barbara Fouquet-Chauprade

References Berry, John W. 1997. Immigration, acculturation, and adaptation. Applied Psychology 46(1) : 5-34. Bolzman, Claudio, Rosita Fibbi et Carlos Garcia. 1987. La deuxième génération d’immigrés en Suisse : catégorie ou acteur social ? Revue européenne des migrations internationales 3(1-2) : 55-72. Bolzman, Claudio, Rosita Fibbi et Marie Vial. 2003. Que sont-ils devenus ? Le processus d’insertion des adultes issus de la migration. Pp. 434-549 in Les migrations et la Suisse, édité par Hans-Rudolf Wicker

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Roland Verwiebe, Lena Seewann, Margarita Wolf and Melek Hacioglu

-1324. Farrokhzad, Shahrzad. 2010. Erfahrungen, Strategien und Potenziale von Akademikerinnen mit Migrationshintergund. S. 305-324 in Migrations- und Integrationsforschung in der Diskussion, hrsg. von Gudrun Hentges, Volker Hinnenkamp und Almut Zwengel. Wiesbaden: VS. Farsi, Armand. 2014. Migranten auf dem Weg zur Elite? Zum Berufserfolg von Akademikern mit Migrationshintergrund. Wiesbaden: Springer. Fleming, Crystal M., Michèle Lamont und Jessica Welburn. 2012. African Americans respond to stigmatization: the meanings and salience of confronting

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Ceren Topgül

References Alba, Richard, and Victor Nee. 2003. Remaking the American Mainstream: Assimilation and Contemporary Immigration. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Çelikaksoy, Aycan. 2004. Marriage Migration in Denmark. Draft paper. Denmark: Aarhus School of Business. Erdem, Ebru. 2009. Islam, Secularism and Gender Equality: Empirical Findings from 1998 Demographic and Health Survey in Turkey. Paper presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. Toronto, Canada, September 3-6, 2009

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Luca Preite

.11.201 5). Baba Uslender, Effe und Ensy. 2012c. Kingz. Musikvideo. Youtube, (19.11.2015). Badawia, Tarek. 2002. «Der dritte Stuhl» eine Grounded-theory-Studie zum kreativen Umgang bildungserfolgreicher Immigrantenjugendlicher mit kultureller Differenz. Frankfurt a. M.: Verlag fur Interkulturelle Kommunikation. Bader, Dina und Rosita Fibbi. 2012. Kinder mit Migrationshintergrund: ein grosses Potenzial. Studie im Auftrag der Kommission Bildung und Migration (KBM) der Schweizerischen

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Ilka Steiner

References Andall, Jacqueline. 2002. Second-Generation Attitude? African-Italians in Milan. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 28(3): 389-407. Bachmeier, James D., Laurence Lessards-Phillips, and Tineke Fokkema. 2013. The Gendered Dynamics of Integration and Transnational Engagement among Second-Generation Adults in Europe. Pp. 268-293 in The International Handbook on Gender, Migration and Transnationalism, edited by Laura Osa and Natalia Ribas-Mateos. Cheltenham: Eward Elgar Publishing Limited. Borjas

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Eva Mey

-179. Bohnsack, Ralf. 1999. Rekonstruktive Sozialforschung. Einführung in Methodologie und Praxis qualitativer Forschung. Opladen: Leske und Budrich. Bolzman, Claudio, Rosita Fibbi und Marie Vial. 2003. Secondas - Secondos. Le processus d’intégration des jeunes adultes issus de la migration espagnole et italienne en Suisse. Zurich: Seismo Verlag. Bommes, Michael. 2004. Migration, belonging, and the shrinking inclusive capacity of the Nation-State. S. 209-225 in Worlds in the Move : Globalization, Migration, and Cultural Security, hrsg. von

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Kerstin Duemmler and Janine Dahinden

References Alba, Richard. 2005. Bright vs. blurred boundaries: Second-generation assimilation and exclusion in France, Germany, and the United States. Ethnic and Racial Studies 28(1): 20-49. Alba, Richard D. und Nee Viktor. 1997. Rethinking assimiliation theory for a new era of immigration. International Migration Review 31(4): 826-874. Amelina, Anna und Thomas Faist. 2012. De-naturalizing the national in research methodologies: Key concepts of transnational studies in migration. Ethnic and Racial Studies 35