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Hanna Grajek

Review - Flavins as photoreceptors of blue light and their spectroscopic properties

This review describes 1) the development of studies on flavin photoreceptors as blue light photoreceptors in many living organisms: their kinds and functions; 2) the studies on spectroscopic properties of flavins, both their dimers and monomers; 3) nonradiative excitation energy transport in the presence of monomers and fluorescent/nonflurescent FMN dimers (excitation traps). The existence equilibrated luminescent FMN centers, energy migration and excitation sink to FMN dimers are taken into account.

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Yulya Stukach

References 1. Dennie D, Louboutin JP, Strayer DS Migration of bone marrow progenitor cells in the adult brain of rats and rabbits. // World J. Stem Cells. 8(4):136-5, 2016. 2. Chung TN, Kim JH, Choi BY, Chung SP, Kwon SW, Suh SW. Adipose- derived mesenchymal stem cells reduce neuronal death after transient global cerebral ischemia through prevention of blood-brain barrier disruption and endothelial damage. // Stem Cells Transl Med. 4(2):178-85, 2015. 3. Wei ZZ, Gu X, Ferdinand A, Lee JH, Ji X, Ji XM, Yu SP, Wei

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Natalia Akentieva

Forkhead transcription factor. Cell. 1999, 96:857-68. 66. Byeong-Chel Lee, Tae-Hee Lee, Shalom Avraham and Hava Karsenty Avraham. Involvement of the Chemokine Receptor CXCR4 and Its Ligand Stromal Cell-Derived Factor 1α in Breast Cancer Cell Migration Through Human Brain Microvascular Endothelial Cells. Mol. Cancer. Res. 2004, 2: 327-337. 67. Muller A., Homey B., Soto H., et al. Involvement of chemokine receptors in breast cancer metastasis. Nature. 2001, 410:50-6. 68. Soule H.D., Vazguez J., Long, A., Albert S. and Brennan

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Tsetska Simeonova, Dimitranka Stoicheva, Venelina Koleva, Zofia Sokołowska and Mieczysław Hajnos

References Arinushkina E., 1970. Guidelines in Chemical Soil Analysis. Izd. MGU, Moskow, Russia. Atanassov I., 1977. Weathering and evolution of the mineral part of Bulgarian soils. Ph.D. Sc. Dissertation, University of Agriculture, Sofia, Bulgaria. Atanassov I., Qawasmi W.Al., and Stoichev D., 1985. Effect of frertilizer application on the migration of chemical elements with lyzimetric waters, Soil Sci., Agrochemistry Plant Protection, 20(4), 48-55. Behar A., Hubenov G., Dancheva M., and

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Iwao Sakaguchi, Hidetoshi Mochizuki, Arata Katayama, Toshihiko Momose and Haruyuki Fujimaki

gradient. Soil Sci., 74, 335-345. Hadley W.A. and Eisenstadt R., 1955. Thermally actuated moisture migration in granular media. Trans. Amer. Geophys. Union, 36, 615-623. Hiraiwa Y. and Kasubuchi T., 2000. Temperature dependence of thermal conductivity of soil over a wide range of temperature (5-75oC). Eur. J. Soil Sci., 51, 211-218. Jury W.A. and Letey J.Jr., 1979. Water vapor movement in soil: Reconciliation of theory and experiment. Soil Sci. Am. J., 43, 823-827. Massman W.J., 1998. A review of the

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Janusz Czaban, Ewa Czyż, Grzegorz Siebielec and Jacek Niedźwiecki

for Land Reclamation and Improvement Press, Zbraslav, Czech Republic. Mažvila J., Vaičys M., and Beniušis R., 2008 . Causes and consequences of the vertical migration of fine soil fractions. Agricultural Sci., 15, 36-41. Noble A.D., Gillman G.P., and Ruaysoongnern S., 2000 . A cation exchange index for assessing degradation of acid soil by further acidification under permanent agriculture in the tropics. Eur. J. Soil Sci., 51, 233-243. Rolfe B.N., Miller R.F., and McQueen I.S., 1960 . Dispersion characteristics of montmorillonite, kaolinite, and hike clays in

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Elham Farahani, Hojat Emami, Thomas Keller, Amir Fotovat and Reza Khorassani

conditions. Hilgardia, 52(2), 1-57. Six J., Bossuyt H., Degryze S., and Denef K., 2004. A history of research on the link between (micro) aggregates, soil biota, and soil organic matter dynamics. Soil Till. Res., 79, 7-31. Smiles D.E., 2006. Sodium and potassium in soils of the Murray–Darling Basin: a note. Australian J. Soil Res., 44, 727-730. Sparks D.L., Fendorf S.E., Zhang P.C., and Tang L., 1992. Kinetics and mechanisms of environmentally important reactions on soil colloidal surface. NATO Advanced Study Institute on Migration and Fate of

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Marzena Gawrysiak-Witulska, Aleksander Siger, Magdalena Rudzińska, Kinga Stuper-Szablewska and Robert Rusinek

fluctuations and moisture migration in wheat stored for 15 months in a metal silo in Canada. J. Stored Prod. Res., 45, 82-90. Khattab R., Eskin M., Aliani M., and Thiyam U., 2010. Determination of sinapic acid derivatives in canola extracts using high-performance liquid chromatography. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc., 87, 147-155. Kozlowska H., Zadernowski R., and Sosulski F., 1983. Phenolic acid in oilseed flours. Nahrung/Food, 27, 449-453. Liu L., Zhou H., Sun S., Wang Q., and Li G., 2005. The effects of Chinese traditional processing method on components in

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Antonietta R. Silini and Ornella Parolini

, Emmrich F, Riegelsberger UM, and Boltze J Transplantation of placenta-derived mesenchymal stromal cells upon experimental stroke in rats. Brain Res. 2010; 1315:128-36. 38. Zhao B, Liu JQ, Zheng Z, Zhang J, Wang SY, Han SC, Zhou Q, Guan H, Li C, Su LL, and Hu DH Human amniotic epithelial stem cells promote wound healing by facilitating migration and proliferation of keratinocytes via ERK, JNK and AKT signaling pathways. Cell Tissue Res. 2016; 365(1):85-99. 39. Jin E, Kim TH, Han S, and Kim SW Amniotic epithelial cells promote wound healing

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Anthony Singer, Eleni Markoutsa, Alya Limayem, Subhra Mohapatra and Shyam S. Mohapatra

tumoroids: a platform for anticancer drug development. PLoS One 2013; 8:e75345. 85. Terrell-Hall TB, Ammer AG, Griffith JI, Lockman PR. Permeability across a novel microfluidic blood-tumor barrier model. Fluids Barriers CNS 2017; 14:3. 86. Samavedi S, Joy N. 3D printing for the development of in vitro cancer models. Curr Opin Biomed Eng 2017; 2:35-42. 87. Vafai N, Lowry TW, Wilson KA, Davidson MW, Lenhert S. Evaporative edge lithography of a liposomal drug microarray for cell migration assays. Nanofabrication 2015; 2