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Jelena Kralj, Dragan Radović, Vesna Tutiš and Davor Ćiković

References Berthold P. 2001. Bird Migration. A General Survey. Oxford Univ. Press., Oxford. Cramp S. (Ed.). 1992. The Birds of the Western Palearctic. Handbook of the Birds of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. vol. 6 . Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford. Dowsett-Lemaire F., Dowsett R.J. 1987. European Reed and Marsh Warblers in Africa: migration patterns, moult and habitat. Ostrich   58 : 65-85. Fransson T., Ekström L., Kroon C., Staav R., Sällström B

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Maura Farrell, Marie Mahon and John McDonagh

References Al-Ali, N. & Koser, K., eds. (2002). New Approaches to Migration? Transnational Communities and the transformation of Home. London: Routledge. Black, R., King, R. & Tiemoko, R. (2003). Migration, return and small enterprise development in Ghana: a route out of poverty? Sussex Centre for Migration Research, Sussex Migration, Working Paper no. 9. Boyle, P. & Halfacree, K. (1998). Migration into rural areas: theories and

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Anna Kozłowska, Katarzyna Stępniewska, Krzysztof Stępniewski and Przemysław Busse

References Basciutti P., Negra O., Spina F. 1997. Autumn migration strategies of the Sedge Warbler Acrocephalus schoenobaenus in northern Italy. Ring. & Migr. 18, 1: 59-67. Berthold P. 1972. Über Rückgangserscheinungen und deren mögliche Ursachen bei Singvögeln. Vogelwelt 92: 216-226. Bibby C. J., Green R. E. 1985. Autumn migration strategies of Reed and Sedge Warblers. Ornis Scand. 12: 1-12. Busse P. 1965. Late broods of the Reed Warbler

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Grzegorz Zaniewicz and Przemysław Busse

References Berthold P. 1993. Bird Migration. A General Survey. Oxford Univ. Press, Oxford - New York - Tokyo. Bezzel E. 2000. [ Birds-lexicon. ] Multico, Warszawa. (In Polish). Blyumenthal T. I. 1971. [ The development of the autumnal migratory state in some wild passerine birds: bioenergetic aspect. ] In: Bykhovsky B. E. (Ed.) [ Ecological and physiological aspects of bird migration. ] Nauka Press, Leningrad: 111-182. Busse P. 1968. Correlative

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Wed Abdel Latif Ibrahim

, 3: e9566. DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0009566 Baha El Din M., Baha El Din S., Shobrak M. 2003. Status of Breeding Seabirds in the Egyptian Red Sea. Report to PERSGA, PERSGA, Jeddah: 30 pp. Baha El Din S.M. 1999. Directory of Important Bird Areas in Egypt. Palm Press, Cairo. Baha El Din S., Salama W. 1984. Waterbird migration study at Zaranik, Sinai. 2-24 September 1982. Courser 1: 28-43. Biebach H. 1985. Sahara stopover in migratory flycatchers: fat and food affect the time program. Experientia

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Zbigniew Kasprzykowski, Artur Goławski and Cezary Mitrus

-ecological form. Ekol. Pol. A 17: 29-72. Goławski A., Kasprzykowski Z. 2004. Comparison of bird fauna of the Volga and the Vistula rivers during autumn migration. Berkut 13: 103-109. Goławski A., Szynkarczyk S. 2000. Early autumn observations of waterbirds on the middle Dnestr river in 1999. Berkut 9: 107-110. Jakubiec Z. 1978: [ Morpho-ecological differentiation of aquatic-swamp birds ]. Wiad. Ekol. 24, 2: 99-107. (In Polish). Karkaş and Kılış A. 2004. The birds of

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Ladislav Lahučký, Daniel Bajčan and Pavol Trebichalský

(Poľnohospodárstvo) , vol. 54 , 2008, no. 2, pp. 54-64. LAHUČKÝ, L. - VOLLMANNOVÁ, A. - TOMÁŠ, J. - TÓTH, T. 2005. vertical cadmium migration in some soil types. In Agriculture (Poľnohospodárstvo) , vol. 51 , 2005, no. 8, pp. 429-435. LAHUČKÝ, L. - TOMÁŠ, J. - VOLLMANNOVÁ, A. - BAJČAN, D. 2007. Vertical manganese migration in some soil types/subtypes. In Agriculture (Poľnohospodárstvo) , vol. 53 , 2007, no. 2, pp. 90-96. LINKEŠ, V. 1997. Monitoring of soils from Slovak republic - present state of

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József Gyurácz, József Góczán, Péter Bánhidi and Ágnes Lepold

. Ellegren H. 1993. Speed of migration and migratory flight lenghts of passerine birds ringed during autumn migration in Sweden. Ornis Scand. 24: 220-228. Fowler J., Cohen L. 1986. Statistics for ornithologists. BTO Guide No. 22, British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford. Hansson M., Petterson J. 1989. Competition and fat deposition in Goldcrests (Regulus regulus) at a migration stop-over site. Vogelwarte 35: 21-31. Hilden O. 1982. Winter ecology and partial migration of the Goldcrest

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Radosław Kozik

References Anthes N., Harry I., Mantel K., Müller A., Schielzeth H., Wahl J. 2002. Notes on migration dynamics and biometry of the Wood Sandpiper (Tringa glareola) at the sewage farm of Münster (NW Germany). Ring 24, 1: 41-56. Busse P., Kania W. 1970. Operation Baltic 1961-1967. Working methods. Acta orn.   12 : 231-267. Chalimoniuk B. 1992. [ Post-breeding migration of the Common Sandpiper (Tringa hypoleucos L.) at the middle Vistula. ]. M. Sc. thesis, WSR-P Siedlce. (In Polish

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Birte Nienaber and Wioletta Frys

References Backhaus, B., Ninke, L. & Over, A. (2002). Brain Drain - Brain Gain. Eine Untersuchung über internationale Berufskarrieren. Retrieved from: Bade, K. J., Emmer, P. C., Lucassen, L. & Oltmer, J. (2008, Eds.). Enzyklopädie Migration in Europa: Vom 17. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart. 2 nd ed. Paderborn: Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag. Bertelsmann-Stiftung (Ed