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Ewa Zofia Frątczak

REFERENCES Coleman D., 2006, Immigration and Ethnic Change in Low-Fertility Countries: A Third Demographic Transition , Population And Development Review, 32, 3, 401–446. Demeny P., 2016, Europe’s Two Demographic Crises: The Visible and the Unrecognized , Population and Development Review, 42, 1, 111–120. Fargues P., 2011, International Migration and the Demographic Transition: A Two-Way Interaction , IMR, 45, 3, 588–614. Fargues P., 2013, Demographic transition and international migration , Paper presented at IX th Migration Summer

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Rezwan Siddiqui

References Abella M (1994) Turning points in labor migration, Asian and Pacific Migration Journal 3(1): 1-7. Adger WN, Hughes TP, Folke C, Carpenter SR, Rockstrom J (2005) Social -ecological resilience to coastal disasters. Science 309: 1036--1039. Ahmad M (2003) Coastal Livelihoods an introductory analysis. Working Paper. PDO-ICZM, Dhaka Alam MR (2012) Climate change and its impact on health and livelihood within Hatiya Island of Bangladesh. J. Agro for. Environ. 6(2): 13-16. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 1983, 1991, 2001, 2012. The Statistica

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Martin Dolejš, Birgit Glorius and Vladan Hruška

References Anacka M, Matejko E, Nestorowicz J (2013) Ready to move: Liquid return to Poland. In: Glorius, Birgit, Grabowska-Lusinska, Izabela; Kuvik (eds.), Mobility in Transition. Migration Patterns after EU-Enlargement, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 277-307. Ärzteblatt (2013) Sachsen: Land und Kassen kämpfen gegen Ärztemangel (Saxony: State Administration and health insurances are fighting against shortage of doctors), June 10, 2013. URL: (accessed 25.09.2016). (in German) Baron R

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Maciej Kałaska and Maria Suchcicka

Polsko-Arabskiej, pp. 1-176, Warsaw. (In Polish) El-Nahrawy, M, A 2011, Egypt. Soils and topography . Available from: <>. [25 February 2012]. Faour, G, Velut, S & Verdeil, E 2007, Atlas du Liban [Atlas of Lebanon], IFPO/CNRS-Liban, Beirut. (In French) Jaźwińska, E, Łukowski, W & Sokólski, M 1997, ‘Przyczyny i konsekwencje migracji z Polski’ [The causes and the consequences of migrations from Poland], Prace Migracyjne , Instytut Studiów Społecznych

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Michael Bartoš, Drahomíra Kušová, Jan Těšitel, Jan Kopp and Marie Novotná

References Bartoš, M., Kušová, D. (2005). Amenitní migrace jako specifická forma globální migrace obyvatel a její vliv na kvalitu života. Životné prostredie, 39 (6): 315-318. Bartoš. M., Kušová, D. & Těšitel, J. (2005). Amenity migration and tourism, In: Hasman, M., Šittler, E. (Eds.), Sustainable development and Tourism , 17-22 pp. Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Travel Trade in Tábor, Tábor 12-13 May 2005. Bartoš, M., Kušová, D. & Těšitel, J. (2008). Amenity migration as

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Adriana Albuquerque Pedrosa, Vanda Claudino-Sales, IItabaraci Nazareno Cavalcante and Alexandre Medeiros Carvalho

References Bailley, S.D., Bristow, C.S. 2004. Migration of parabolic dunes at Aberffraw, Anglesey, North Wales. Geomorphology 59(1-4), 165–174. DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2003.09.013 Bigarella, J.J. 1975. The Barreiras Group in Northeastern Brazil. Annals of the Brazilian Academy of Science 47(Supp), 366–392. Bristow, C.S., Augustinus, P.C., Wallis, I.C., Jol, H.M., Rhodes, E.J.2010. Investigation of the age and migration of reversing dunes in Antarctica using GPR and OSL, with implications for GPR on Mars. Earth and Planetary Science Letters

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Dušan Romportl, Michal Andreas, Petr Anděl, Anna Bláhová, Luděk Bufka, Iva Gorčicová, Václav Hlaváč, Tereza Mináriková and Martin Strnad


The presented article introduces methods and some results of a project aiming to improve the protection of landscape permeability for migration of large mammals. The main aim of the project was delimitation of migration corridors, representing an ecological network connecting areas of existing, or potential presence of focal species. Based on mapping of current and historical occurrence of selected species of large predators and ungulates, areas of potential presence of such species were defined, including further analysis of connectivity of these areas. At the same time, all categories of anthropogenic and natural barriers were described. Migration corridors were designed over detailed topographic datasets, according to the results of habitat analyses of both groups of animals, and subsequently were tested in the field. The project resulted in a coherent network of existing and proposed migration corridors, with sections categorised according to permeability, as well as methodical protection and a management plan

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Miloslav Šašek

(2013) Development processes in the Ústí region and the contribution of industrial zones for the region. UJEP, Ústí nad Labem. Kačírek P (2015) Demographic ageing in the old industrial regions – specifics and links on the example of the Ústí nad Labem Region (N Czechia). GeoScape 9(1): 24–32. Katedra demografie a geodemografie PřF UK (2007) Populační vývoj České republiky 2001 – 2006. UK Praha. Katedra demografie a geodemografie PřF UK (2008) Populační vývoj České republiky 2007. UK, Praha. Šašek M (2011) The Changes of Internal Migration in

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Francis Amédro, Francis Robaszynski, Bertrand Matrion and Christian Devalque

Matrion, B. 2014. Le Turonien des massifs d’Uchaux et de la Cèze (S.E. France). Migration globale d’ammonites et conséquences sur la zonation internationale, rudistes et corrélations entre les massifs. Académie royale de Belgique, Mémoires de la Classe des Sciences , 2 , 197 pp. Robaszynski, F., Caron, M., Amédro, F., Dupuis, C., Hardenbol, J., González Donoso, J.-M., Linares, D. and Gartner, S. 1994. Le Cénomanien de la région de Kalaat Senan (Tunisie centrale): Litho-Biostratigraphie et interprétation séquentielle. Revue de Paléobiologie , 12 , 351

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Anna A. Panasiuk-Chodnicka, Maria I. Żmijewska and Maciej Mańko

. Cnidaria from Croker Passage (Antarctic Peninsula) with a special focus on Siphonophorae. Polar Biology 33: 1131-1143 PUGH P.R. 1977. Some observations on the vertical migration and geographical distribution of si− phonophores in the warm waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Proceedings of the symposium on warm water zooplankton. National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, India: 362-378. PUGH P.R. 1984. The diel migrations and distributions within a mesopelagic community in the North East Atlantic. 7. Siphonophores. Progress in Oceanography