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Lucian Ioan Tarnu

References 1. Massey, Doug S. et al. “Theories of International Migration: A Review and Appraisal”, Population and Development Review, vol. 19, no. 3, (1993): 431-466. 2. Data are provided by the National Institute of Statistics. 3. Ibidem. Aelenei Victor, The Law of State Border, volume I, Bucharest: Pro Universitaria Publishing House, 2006. Albu Alexandru D., International Migration of Work Force, Bucharest: Science and Encyclopedic Publishing House, 1976

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Tomasz Bąk

References [1] After: K. Białek, Migracje na świecie (Migration in the World), [23.03.2016] [2] , [23.03.2016] [3] Ibid. [4] , [23.03.2016] [5] , [23.03.2016] [6] Cf. , [23.03.2016] [7] A. Staszczyk, Skutki migracji dla bezpieczeństwa wewnętrznego (Migration Consequences for Internal Security

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R. Major, K. Maksymow, J. Marczak, J.M. Lackner, M. Kot and B. Major


Seeding of cells on functional, biocompatible scaffolds is a crucial step in achievement the desired engineered tissue. In the present study, a pulsed laser modification onto inorganic substrate was made to promote endothelium cells migration and spread. Presented scaffolds were fabricated on carbon and titanium based coatings. Fabricated films provided very good mechanical properties together with a chemical stability preservation. The substrate modification consisted of grid-like template fabrication of micrometer size meshes. The microstructure analysis of laser traces revealed the grain size increase in the zone of laser beam interaction, which exerts an influence on a surface topography. Endothelium cells locomotion was observed within 10 day time period. As a result it was shown that the modified area enhanced cells adhesion with a preferred static behavior. The performed research work improved our understanding on the pulsed laser ablation process and template size influence on cells spatial arrangement. It constituted an important step towards fabrication of inorganic, biocompatible scaffolds for successful substrate endothelialization.

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Marta Toda and Katarzyna Ewa Grabowska

Analysis. Textile Research Journal 2010; 80; 623-630. Pandita S.D., Verpoest I.:Prediction of the tensile stiffness of weft knitted fabric composites based on X-ray tomography images. Composites Science and Technology 63 (2003) 311–325. Badel P. , E. Vidal-Sallé E., Maire E., Boisse P.: Simulation And Tomography Analysis of Textile Composite Reinforcement Deformation at the Mesoscopic Scale. Int J Mater Form (2009) Vol. 2 Suppl 1:189–192. El-Behery H.M.: Study of Theories of Fiber Migration— Need for More Fundamental Approach and Further Studies. Textile

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Eva Vitkovská and Peter Ballo

. Mater. 426 (2012), 182–188. [4] MISHIN, Y.—ASTA, M.—LI, J. : Atomistic Modelling of Interfaces and their Impact on Microstructure and Properties, Acta Mater. 58 No. 148 (2010), 1117–1151. [5] RACE, C. P.—HADIAN, R.—von PEZOLD, J.—GRABOWSKI, B.—NEUGEBAUER, J. : Mechanisms and Kinetics of the Migration of Grain Boundaries Containing Extended Defects, Phys. Rev. B 92 (2015), 174115. [6] COMBE, N.—MOMPIOU, F.—LEGROS, M. : Disconnections Kinks and Competing Modes in Shear-Coupled Grain Boundary Migration, Phys. Rev. B 93 (2016), 024109. [7

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Anca Dinicu

References [1] [2] (Tito Boeri, The Immigration Game )] [3] [4] [5] [6]

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Anca Dinicu and Daniel-Sorin Constantin

:// [7] . [8] . [9] . [10] . [11] . [12] http

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Jurij Tasinkevych and Ihor Trots

References [1] AGRANOVSKY M.L., QUINTO E.T. (1996), Injectivity sets for the Radon transform over circles and complete systems of radial functions , J. Funct. Anal., 139, 383-413. [2] CAFFORIO C., PRATI C., ROCCA F. (1991), SAR data focusing using seismic migration techniques , IEEE Trans. Aerosp. Electron. Syst., 27, 194-207. [3] COOLEY C., ROBINSON B. (1994), Synthetic focus imaging using partial data-sets , Proc. 1994 IEEE Ultrason. Symp., 3, 1539-1542. [4] CORL P.D., GRANT P.M., KINO G. (1978), A Digi-tal Synthetic Focus Acoustic Imaging

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Jakub Novák, Petr Chalupa and Vladimír Bobál

Optimal Dispatch of Ancillary Services Via Self-Organizing Migration Algorithm

Modern electric power systems are large-scale systems with a complex structure comprised of interconnected networks. The balance between the generation and consumption of electricity has to be maintained at any moment. Transmission System Operator (TSO) uses ancillary services for keeping the domestic power balance. Selection of the services can be viewed as an optimization problem. In this contribution the optimization problem is solved via the Self-Organizing Migration Algorithm which belongs to the class of evolutionary algorithms. The comparison with historical activations of ancillary services showed the improved performance in terms of reduced cost for ancillary services.

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Radka Kodešová, Aleš Kapička, Jakub Lebeda, Hana Grison, Martin Kočárek and Eduard Petrovský

, 93-102. KAPIČKA A., KODEŠOVÁ R., PETROVSKÝ E., HŮLKA Z., GRISON H., KAŠKA M., 2011: Experimental study of fly-ash migration by using a magnetic method. Studia Geoph. Geod., 55 , in print. KAPIČKA A., PETROVSKÝ E., FIALOVÁ H., PODRÁZSKÝ V., DVOŘÁK I., 2008: High resolution mapping of anthropogenic pollution in the Giant Mountains National Park using soil magnetometry. Studia Geoph. Geod., 52 , 271-284. KAPIČKA A., PETROVSKÝ E., USTJAK S. and MACHÁČKOVÁ, K., 1999: Proxy mapping of fly