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Christine Cross and Michelle O’Sullivan

employee engagement, to name a few. This special issue facilitates a conversation about how organisations are managing the 21st century challenges in the context of a complex and interconnected global environment, as well as how managers can lead their organisations towards new advantageous realities and a sustainable future. Globalisation, migration, technological change, financialisation, political uncertainty, and the recent economic and financial crises are some of the issues that both practitioners and academia have had to respond and adapt to. As we confront

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Graham E. Heaslip and Elizabeth Barber

cross-sector socially oriented collaborations: A theoretical model’ Supply Chain Management: An International Journal 14 2 149164 Morris, N. (1999). ‘UNHCR and Kosovo: A personal view from within UNHCR’. Forced Migration Review , August, 14-17. Morris N. 1999 ‘UNHCR and Kosovo: A personal view from within UNHCR’ Forced Migration Review August 14 17 Natarajarathinam, M., Capar, I. and Narayanan, A. (2009). ‘Managing supply chains in times of crisis: A review of literature and insights’. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics

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Gabriel J. Costello

threat to the incumbents. One way in which the semiconductor industry can manage these transitions is to adopt disruptive-innovation and value-migration frameworks. However, it is worth noting that there are some dissenting voices in the context of the rush to a total open innovation model ( Birkinshaw et al., 2011 ), which would suggest that the degree of openness can and should be taken into account. Now, I examine the enormous changes that the revolution in ICT has brought to the firm and its environment. The digitalisation of the firm The spectacular growth

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Gloria Kirwan and Deirdre Jacob


The Roma community in Europe has experienced persistent marginalisation and disadvantage over many generations, with Roma regularly experiencing problems of access to healthcare, accommodation, education and employment within the European context. Ireland is a relatively new destination for Roma migration and, as yet, the experiences of Roma in Ireland are under-researched. However, problematic access to healthcare has emerged as an issue faced by the Roma community in Ireland. With reference to the work of the Tallaght Roma Integration Project (TRIP), this article aims to illuminate some of the challenges faced by Roma in this regard. The work of TRIP is informed by community development principles, including concepts of participation and social solidarity. This article explores how community development can offer a framework through which the Roma community can engage collaboratively with service providers in order to highlight need and mobilise change in service provision.

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Fiona Kiernan

(resumed) [private members]. Dáil Debates . Dustmann, C. (2003). Return migration, wage differentials, and the optimal migration duration. European Economic Review, 47 (2), 353–69. Elinder, M., Jordahl, H., & Poutvaara, P. (2015). Promises, policies and pocketbook voting. European Economic Review 75 (C), 177–94. Erikson, R. S. (1989). Economic conditions and the presidential vote. The American Political Science Review, 83 (2), 567–73. European Commission. (2012). Economic adjustment programme for Ireland summer 2012 review. Retrieved from

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Stephan Köppe and Muiris MacCarthaigh

. (2010). The national recovery plan 2011 – 2014. Dublin: The Stationery Office. Grubb, D., Singh, S., & Tergeist, P. (2009). Activation policies in Ireland [Social, employment and migration working papers 75]. Paris: OECD. Hardiman, N. (2012). Introduction: Profiling Irish governance. In N. Hardiman (Ed.) Irish governance in crisis (pp. 1–22). Manchester: Manchester University Press. Hardiman, N., & Regan, A. (2012). The politics of austerity in Ireland. Intereconomics, 48 (1), 9–13. Hick, R. (2018). Enter the troika: The politics of

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Robin Hambleton

Chicago Press. Savitch, H. V., & Kantor, P. (2002). Cities in the international marketplace. The political economy of urban development in North America and Western Europe. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. Skelcher, C., Sullivan, H., & Jeffares, S. (2013). Hybrid governance in European cities. Neighbourhood, migration and democracy. Basingstoke: Palgrave. Tiebout, C. M. (1956). A pure theory of local expenditures. Journal of Political Economy, 44 , 414–24.

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Majella Mulkeen

consequences. Retrieved from [1 June 2016]. Migrant Rights Centre Ireland. (2015). Migrant workers in the home care sector: Preparing for the elder boom in Ireland. Retrieved from [24 March 2016]. Migration Board. (2014). News on unaccompanied refugee children. Stockholm: Migration Board