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Rafał Dudała

Bibliography Buchowski M., Kołbon I., Współcześni wędrowcy: od cudzoziemca do obywatela , “Czas Kultury” 2008, No. 4. Castels S., Miller M.J., Migracje we współczesnym świecie , Warszawa 2011. Clark M., Współczesne Włochy 1871-2006 , Warszawa 2009. Del Boca D., Venturini A., Italian Migration , “IZA Discussion Paper” 2003, No. 938. Duszczyk M., Wyzwania polskiej polityki migracyjnej a doświadczenia międzynarodowe , [in:] Polityka migracyjna jako instrument promocji zatrudnienia i ograniczania bezrobocia , edit. P. Kaczmarczyk

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Kim Kwok

Österreichern und Chinesen. Wien: Europa Verlag, 1980 Khan-Svik, Gabriele. “Chinese Schools in Austria: A Pilot Study.” In China’s Traditions: Wings or Shackles for China’s Modernisation?, edited by Gerd Kaminski. Vienna: ÖGCF, 2003, pp. 163-173 Kreissl, Barbara. “Merkmale der chinesischen Migration nach Österreich.” In China Report, 131- 132, 1999, pp. 60-79 Kwok, Kim. “Rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen migrantischer Kulturarbeit in Österreich.” In Randzonen der Kreativwirtschaft. Türkische, chinesische und südasiatische

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Gyöngyvér Bálint

–135. Somorja. ( ; last visit on: March 9, 2017). Bodó, Julianna. 2009b. A vendégmunka-típusú migráció magatartásmintái a székelyföldi térségben. FÓRUM Társadalomtudományi Szemle 2009 (2): 41–58. Somorja. ( ; last visit on: March 9, 2017). Horváth, István. 2007. Focus Migration. Country Profile: Romania. Hamburg Institute of International Economics 2007(9): 1–10. (

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Paweł Wróbel

’s present . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Dolowitz, David P., Steve Buckler and Fionnghuala Sweeney. 2008. Researching online . Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan. Drinkwater, Stephen and Michał Garapich. 2011. The TEMPO survey of recent Polish migrants in England and Wales . Cardiff: WISERD. Drinkwater, Stephen and Michał Garapich. 2013. “Migration plans and strategies of recent Polish migrants to England and Wales: Do they have any and how do they change?”, Norface Migration , Discussion Paper No. 2013-23. Fielding, Anthony James. 1992

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Viera Žúborová and Ingrid Borárosová

have been dominant in Slovakia throughout the past two parliamentary elections, but now, the situation has changed dramatically due to the migration crisis that has hit the old continent. The migration crisis hit the European continent massively. The political discourses that were visible in this period are divided into two “extreme” camps: the European societies and the political elites. The Slovak Republic was not an exception in this environment; on the contrary, the Slovak political elites took the migration discourses to another level compared to other

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Elisabeth Gumpenberger

REFERENCES Banister, Judith. “China: Internal and Regional Migration Trends.” In Floating Population and Migration in China. The Impact of Economic Reform , edited by Thomas Scharping. Hamburg: Institut für Asienkunde, 1997 Bauböck, Rainer. “Integration von Einwanderern – Reflexionen zum Begriff und seinen Anwendungsmöglichkeiten.” In Die Integration von Einwanderern. Ein Index der rechtlichen Diskriminierung , edited by Harald Waldrauch. Frankfurt, New York: Campus, 2001a Bauböck, Rainer. Wege zur Integration. Was man gegen Diskriminierung

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Constanze Spieß

, Karin/Liedtke, Frank/Wengeler, Martin (Hrsg.): Politische Leitvokabeln in der Adenauer-Ära. Mit einem Beitrag von Dorothee Dengel, Berlin/New York: de Gruyter, S. 19-50. Böke, Karin (1997): Die Invasion aus den „Armenhäusern Europas“. Metaphern im Einwanderungsdiskurs. In: Jung, Matthias/Wengeler, Martin/Böke, Karin (Hrsg.): Die Sprache des Migrationsdiskurses. Das Reden über „Ausländer“ in Medien, Politik und Alltag, Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag, S. 164-193. bpb = Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung: Grundlagendossier Migration

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Ľubomír Zvada

128,908 4.94 -3.9 0 -16 Hungarian Community 105,495 4.05 -0.2 0 0 Others 108,874 4.2 -4.6 0 0 Total 2,648,184 100 150 Source: Slovak Statistical Office (2016) The migration/refugee crisis became part of the public and policy discourse, and this security pseudo-threat was the main topic during the pre-election and election campaigns. Viera Žúborová and Ingrid Borárosová claimed that the migration crisis entered the Slovak print media discourse in May 2015, i.e. less than one year before the

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Marianne Jung

Korea.” Contemporary Politics, 22 (4), pp. 395-411. Borchardt, Andreas and Stephan E. Göthlich. 2009. “Erkenntnisgewinnung durch Fallstudien.” In Sönke Albers, Daniel Klapper, Udo Konradt, Achim Walter, and Joachim Wolf, eds., Methodik der empirischen Forschung. Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag, pp. 33-48. Bose, Pablo S. 2012. “Mapping Movements: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Migration Research.” In Carlos Vargas-Silva, ed., Handbook of Research Methods in Migration. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, pp. 273

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Frauke Annegret Kurbacher


In reflecting and discussing philosophical approaches on migration (almost Flusser, but also Weil, Arendt, Kant and Waldenfels) - migration could be understood (not as an extraordinary case, but) as a ‘conditio humana’ and touches the limits and possibilities of human beings. As existential experience it is in between ‘rootedness’ and ‘groundlessness’ and has therefore also a critical potential for our views of the world and our standpoints and could enlighten them as a new form of cosmopolitanism