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Vladislav Eybl and Dana Kotyzová

-intoxicated rats. Comp Biochem Physiol Part C   133 : 625-632. Cavallini L, Valente M, Bindoli A. (1983). Inhibition of lipid peroxidation by manganese. Inorg Chim Acta , 79 : 224-225. Chen MT, Sheu JY, Lin TH. (2004). Protective effects of manganese against lipid peroxidation. J Toxicol Environ Health A.   61 : 569-577. Coassin M, Ursini F and Bindoli A. (1992). Antioxidant effect of manganese. Arch. Biochem Biophys   299 : 330-333. Dobson AW, Erikson KM and Aschner M

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Katarína Valachová, Grigorij Kogan, Peter Gemeiner and Ladislav Šoltés

, Bindoli A. (1984). On the mechanism of inhibition of lipid peroxidation by manganese. Inorg Chim Acta   91 : 117-120. Chang EC, Kosman DJ. (1989). Intracellular Mn (II)-associated superoxide scavenging activity protects Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase-deficient Saccharomyces cerevisiae against dioxygen stress. J Biol Chem   264 : 12172-12178. Cheton PL-B, Archibald FS. (1988). Manganese complexex and the generation and scavenging of hydroxyl radicals. Free Radic Biol Med   5 : 325-333. Coassin

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Karolina Slawinska, Gabriela Bielecka, Karol Iwaniak, Sylwia Wosko and Ewa Poleszak

References 1. Abdalian R, Saqui O, Fernandes G, Allard JP. Effects of manganese from a commercial multi-trace element supplement in a population sample of Canadian patients on long-term parenteral nutrition. J Parenter Enteral Nutr. 2013;37(4):538. 2. Aschner JL, Aschner M. Nutritional aspects of manganese homeostasis. Mol Aspects Med. 2005;26(4-5):353. 3. Aschner M. Manganese: brain transport and emerging research needs. Environ Health Perspect. 2000;108(3):429. 4. Becker W, Kumpulainen J

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Piotr Bawiec, Magdalena Halabis, Zbigniew Marzec, Andrzej Kot, Janusz Solski and Kinga Gawel


Considering the nutritional values, breadstuff plays a big part in covering human nourishment needs and constitutes a base of all day diet. Moreover, bread is an excellent source of numerous vitamins and minerals the abundance of which depends on the degree of grinding. Thus, it seems to be very important to know the composition and level of bio-elements. That is why the main target of this study was to evaluate the concentration of selected trace elements: chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) in wheat grain, wheat bran, different wheat and rye flour types and variety of breadstuff also with addition of grains and seeds from different bakeries and mills. Another task was to analyze if the technological process has an influence on secondary despoil of bread goods with heavy metal elements. The analyzed trace elements were measured with a precise and accurate atomic absorption spectrophotometric method (AAS) and the results were expressed in mg/kg of selected sample. Obtained results show that bread and grain products are a good source of trace elements like chromium, nickel, iron and manganese. However, the higher levels of chromium and nickel in bread goods could rather be an effect of impurity caused by a technological process in mill and bakeries.

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Todor Batakliev, Vladimir Georgiev, Metody Anachkov, Slavcho Rakovsky and Slavcho Rakovsky

manganese oxide. J Appl Catal A: General 173: 61-74. Baltanas MA, Stiles AB, Katzer JR. (1986). Development of supported manganese oxides catalysts for partial oxidation: Preparation and hydrogenation properties. Appl Catal 28: 13-33. Becker KH, Schurath U, Seitz H. (1974). Ozone-olefi n reactions in the gas phase 1. Rate constants and activation energies. Int J Chem Kinet 6(5) 725-739. Bianchi CL, Pirola C, Ragaini V, Selli E. (2006). Mechanism and effi ciency of atrazine degradation under combined oxidation processes. Appl

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Marcia H. Ratner, David H. Farb, Josef Ozer, Robert G. Feldman and Raymon Durso

in the GenePD study. Am J Human Gen 70(5): 1089-1095. Di Llio C, Sacchetta P, Iannarelli V, and Aceto A. (1995). Binding of pesticides to alpha, mu and pi class glutathione transferase. Toxicol Letters 76(2): 173-177. Dobson AW, Erikson KM, Aschner M. (2004). Manganese neurotoxicity. Ann NY Acad Sci 1012: 115-128. Feldman RG, and Ratner MH. (1999). The pathogenesis of neurodegenerative disease: neurotoxic mechanisms of action and genetics. Cur Opin Neurol 12(6): 725-731. Fidler AT, Baker EL, Letz RE

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Hana Střítecká and Pavol Hlubik

References Agay D, Anderson RA, Sandre C, Bryden NA, Alonso A, Roussel AM, Chancerelle Y. (2005). Alterations of antioxidant trace elements (Zn, Se, Cu) and related metalo-enzymes in plasma and tissues following burn injury in rats. Burns   31 : 366-371. Bank RL, Al-Sayer H, Al-Bader AA, Mattappallil AB, Dashti HM. (2007). Serum zinc, selenium, manganese and magnesium in zinc-altered diet and burn wound healing. Trace Elements and Eletrolytes   24 (3): 133-143. Beneš B, Spěváčková

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Ayodele J. Akinyemi, Ganiyu Oboh and Adedayo O. Ademiluyi

). Acetylcholine: a neurotransmitter for learning and memory? Brain Res Rev 21 : 285–300. Belle NAV, Dalmolin GD, Fonini G, Rubim MA, Rocha JBT. (2004). Polyamines reduces lipid peroxidation induced by different pro-oxidant agents. Brain Res 1008 : 245–251. Bouchard MF, Sauvé S, Barbeau B, Legrand M, Brodeur, MÈ. (2011). Intellectual impairment in school-age children exposed to manganese from drinking water. Environ Health Perspect 119 : 138–143. Ellman GL, Courtney KD, Andres V, Featherstone RM. (1961). A new and rapid colorimetric determination of

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Ladislav Šoltés and Grigorij Kogan

chemistry is an important route to initiation of biological free radical oxidations: An electron paramagnetic resonance spin trapping study. Free Radicals in Biology and Medicine   26 : 1447-1456. Roth JA. (2006). Homeostatic and toxic mechanisms regulating manganese uptake, retention, and elimination. Biological Research   39 : 45-57. Rychlý J, Šoltés L, Stankovská M, Janigová I, Csomorová K, Sasinková V, Kogan G, Gemeiner P. (2006). Unexplored capabilities of chemiluminescence and thermoanalytical methods in

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Sanjib Bhattacharya and Pallab Haldar

mice. Pharm Biol   48 : 1337-1343. Harborne JB. (1998). Phytochemical Methods, a Guide to Modern Techniques of Plant Analysis. Springer (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi. Hogland HC. (1982). Hematological complications of cancer chemotherapy. Semin Oncol   9 : 95-102. Jiau-Jian L, Larry WO. (1977). Over-expression of manganese-containing superoxide dismutase confers resistance to the cytotoxicity of tumor necrosis factor a and/or hyperthermia. Cancer Res   57 : 1991