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Danda Rao, Bijaya Nayak and Bhaskar Acharya

References Acharya, B.C., Rao, D.S., Sahoo, R.K., & Dash, B. (1994). Phosphorous in the siliceous manganese ores of Nishikhal, Orissa. Indian Journal of Geology 66 (1),15-23. Acharya, B.C., Rao, D.S., & Sahoo, R.K. (1997). Mineralogy, chemistry and genesis of Nishikahl manganese ores of south Orissa, India. Mineralium Deposita 32 (1),79-93. Acharya, B.C., & Nayak, B.K. (1998). Mineral chemistry of manganese ores associated with Precambrian Eastern Ghats complex of Andhra Pradesh

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Bambang Suharno, Fajar Nurjaman, Achmad Rifki, Robby Krisnaldo Elvin, Alif Ardiansyah Putra and Deni Ferdian

5. References Ahmed, A., Haifa, H., El-Fawakhry, M. K., El-Faramawy, H & Eissa M. (2014). Parameters affecting energy consumption for producing high carbon ferromanganese in a closed submerged arc furnace. Journal of Iron and Steel Research, International, 21 (7), 1-20. DOI:10.1016/S1006-706X(14)60103-5 Çardakli, I. S., SevInç, N., & Öztürk, T. (2011). Production of high carbon ferromanganese from a manganese ore located in Erzincan. Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences, 35 (1), 31-38. DOI:10.3906/muh-1009-6. Chaudhary, P

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Bożena Gołębiowska, Grzegorz Rzepa and Adam Pieczka

). Studies on manganese oxide minerals VI. Thallium in some manganese oxides. American Mineralogist , 47 , 1461-1467. Czerny, J. (1992). Hydrothermal mineralization phenomena in Karniowice Travertine near Cracow. Mineralogia Polonica , 23 , 3–13. Daiyan, Ch., Guanxin, W., Zhenxi, Z., & Yuming, Ch. (2003). Lanmuchangite, a new thallium (hydrous) sulphate from Lanmuchang, Guizhou Province, China. Chinese Journal of Geochemistry , 22 (2), 185-192. Gołębiowska, B., Pieczka, A., Rzepa, G., Matyszkiewicz, J., & Krajewski, M. (2010). Iodargyrite from Zalas

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Ján Soták

stable isotopes (δ 13 C, δ 18 O) of the Globigerina Marls in the Magura Nappe (West Carpathians). Slovak Geol. Mag. 4, 2, 107-120. Öztürk H. & Frakes L. A. 1995: Sedimentation and diagenesis of an Oligocene manganese deposit in a shallow subbasin of the Paratethys: Thrace Basin, Turkey. Ore Geol. Rev. 10, 117-132. Pak D. & Kennet J. P. 2002: A foraminiferal isotopic proxy upper water mass stratification. J. Foram. Res. 32, 3, 319-327. Pardo A., Keller G. & Oberhänsli H. 1999

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Magdalena Wołowiec and Tomasz Bajda


In water treatment plants, a large amount of wastewater and sludge is generated during the processing of drinking water. The composition of the sludge is determined by the type and raw water chemistry, as well as the methods and materials used for purification. The major components of the sludge are iron and manganese oxyhydroxides. In the past, the sludge was landfilled, but for environmental reasons it became necessary to find uses for the sludge. The aim of this study was to identify examples of using this sludge. Nowadays, the sludge is applied in the treatment of municipal wastewater, agriculture, and the production of cement and bricks, among others. Attention was also paid to the possibility of using the water processing sludge in different sorption applications.

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Aleksandra Badora

acids. Zeszyty. Naukowe. AR, Kraków, 330, 153-162. Badora, A. (1998c). Influence of pH and Organic substances on the Zinc and Cadmium binding by polynuclear Al13. Zeszyty. Problemowe. Nauk Rolniczych, 456, 393-398. Badora, A. (1999). Mobile forms of selected metals in soils and some aspects of their immobilization. Rozprawa habilitacyjna. Wyd. AR, Lublin, 225. ISSN: 0860 - 4355. Badora, A., & Grenda, A. (2000). The influence of humic acids and silicon on aluminum and manganese toxicity in the environment. Biuletyn

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Erik Prasetyo

-211. Peterson, R. E., & Bollier , M. E. (1955). Spectrophotometric determination of serum copper with biscyclohexanone oxalydishydrasone. Analytical Chemistry , 27, 1195 -1197. Ravnik, V., Dermelj, M., & Kosta, L. (1974). A highly selective diethyldithiocarbamate extraction system in activation analysis of copper, indium, manganese and zinc, Application to the analysis of standard reference materials. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry , 20 (2), 443-453. 146 Sabel, C. E., Neureuther, J. M., & Siemann, S. (2010). A spectrophotometric method

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Dicle Bal Akkoca, Sevcan Kürüm and Warren D. Huff

References Aktas G. & Robertson A.H.F. 1990: Tectonic evolution of the Tethys suture zone in SE, Turkey: Evidence from the petrology and geochemistry of Late Cretaceous and Middle Eocene extrusives. In: Symp. on ophiolite genesis and evolution of oceanic lithosphere. Geol. Soc. London, Spec. Publ., 311-328. Altunbey M. & Sag˘ l rog˘ lu A. 1995: Properties and origin of Koçkale-Elaz 1 g˘ Manganese deposits. MTA J. 117, 139-148. Bauluz B., Mayayo M.J., Fernandez-Nieto C. & Lopez J.M.G. 2000: Geochemistry

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Dalibor Matýsek and Petr Skupien

.D. & Turekian K.K. (Eds.): Treatise on geochemistry. Vol. 9.02. Elsevier , New Orleans, 17–66. Post J.E. & Appleman D.E. 1994: Crystal structure refinement of lithiophorite. Amer. Mineralogist 79, 370–374. Post J.E., Heaney P.J. & Hanson J.C. 2003: Synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of the structure and dehydration behavior of todorokite. Amer. Mineralogist 88, 142–150. Rao D.S., Nayak B.K. & Acharya B.C. 2010: Cobalt-rich lithiophorite from the Precambrian Eastern Ghats manganese ore deposit of Nishikhal, south Orissa, India. Mineralogia 41, 1–2, 11

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Jarosław Majka, Łukasz Kruszewski, Åke Rosén and Iwona Klonowska

orthopyroxene isograd. American Journal of Science , 275, 1133–1163. Gnos, E. & Armbruster, T. (2000). Kinoshitalite, Ba(Mg) 3 (Al 2 Si 2 )O 10 (OH,F) 2 , a brittle mica from a manganese deposit in Oman: Paragenesis and crystals chemistry. American Mineralogist , 85, 242–250. DOI: 0003-004X/00/0001–0242$05.00. Graeser, S., Hetherington, C.J., & Gieré, R. (2003). Ganterite, a new barium-dominant analogue of muscovite from the Berisal Complex, Simplon Region, Switzerland. Canadian Mineralogist , 41, 1271–1280. DOI: 10.2113/gscanmin.41.5.1271. Guggenheim, S