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Michał Marzec, Agata Pieńko, Magdalena Gizińska-Górna, Aneta Pytka, Krzysztof Jóźwiakowski, Bożena Sosnowska, Agnieszka Kamińska and Agnieszka Listosz

References ANIELAK A. M., ARENDACZ M. 2007. Efektywność usuwania żelaza i manganu na zeolitach [Iron and manganese removal effects using zeolites]. Ochrona Środowiska. Nr 9 p. 9-18. BENEFIELD L.D., MORGAN J.M. 1990. Chemical precipitation. In: Water quality and treatment. Handbook of community water supplies. 4th ed. New York, McGraw-Hill Inc. p. 641-708. BROGOWSKI Z., RENMAN G. 2004. Characterization of opoka as a basis for its use in wastewater treatment. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 13. Iss

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Serhii Martynov, Victor Fylypchuk, Vitalii Zoshchuk, Serhii Kunytskyi, Andrii Safonyk and Oleg Pinchuk

REFERENCES A ttoui B., T oumi N., M essaoudi S., B enrabah S. 2016. Degradation of water quality: the case of plain west of Annaba (northeast of Algeria). Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 31 p. 3–10. DOI 10.1515/jwld-2016-0031. B arlokova D., I lavsky J. 2010. Removal of iron and manganese from water using filtration by natural materials. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies. Vol. 19. No. 6 p. 1117–1122. C onner D.O. 1989. Removal of iron and manganese. Water Sewage Works. No. 28 pp. 68. E poyan S., K arahiaur A., V

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Oleksandr Kvartenko, Larysa Sabliy, Nataliya Kovalchuk and Andriy Lysytsya

://!20!20GDuToit.pdf E ykelbosh А.J. 2013. Review of guidelines for shock chlorination in private wells [online]. Vancouver. NCCEH pp. 11. [Access 21.02.2018]. Available at: H asselbarth U., L udemann D. 1972. Biological incrustation of wells due to mass development of iron and manganese bacteria. Water Treatment and Examination. Vol. 21 p. 20–29. H orn B., R ichards G. 2010. Use of degradable, non-oxidizing biocides and biodispersants for the maintenance of

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Salih Lachache, Mohamed Nabou, Touhami Merzouguui and Abdelouahab Amroune

Béchar watershed]. These of Engineering. Tlemcen, Algeria. University of Abou Bekr Belkaid pp. 130. B yramjee R., M eindre A. 1956. Le gisement de manganèse de Guettara [The manganese deposit of Guettara]. Symposium du manganèse. XX congrès international de géologie, University of Mexico p. 179–196. C hery L. (ed.) 2006. Guide technique: Qualité naturelle des eaux souterraines – Méthodes de caractérisation des états de référence des aquifères français [Technical guide: Natural quality of groundwater – Methods to characterize the reference states of

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Anabella Ferral, Velia Solis, Alejandro Frery, Alejandro Orueta, Ines Bernasconi, Javier Bresciano and Carlos M. Scavuzzo

mberger J. 2003. Management strategies for a eutrophic water supply reservoir – San Roque, Argentina. Water Science and Technology. Vol. 47. Iss. 7–8 p. 149–155. B orgnino L., A vena M., D e P auli C. 2006. Surface properties of sediments from two Argentinean reservoirs and the rate of phosphate release. Water Research. Vol. 40. Iss. 14 p. 2659–2666. C arlson R.E. 1977. A trophic state index for lakes. Limnology and Oceanography. Vol. 22. Iss. 2 p. 361–369. D avison W., W oof C. 1984. A study of the cycling of manganese and other elements in a

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Stanislav S. Dushkin, Serhii Martynov and Stanislav S. Dushkin

[Theoretical basis of water treatment]. Donetsk, Ukraine. Knowledge. ISBN 978-966-1571-22-7 pp. 298. Ł abędzki L. 2016. Actions and measures for mitigation drought and water scarcity in agriculture. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 29 p. 3–10. DOI 10.1515/jwld-2016-0007. M arzec M., P ieńko A., G izińska -G órna M., P ytka A., J óźwiakowski K., S osnowska B., K amińska A., L istosz A. 2017. The use of carbonate-silica rock (opoka) to remove iron, manganese and indicator bacteria from groundwater. Journal of Water and Land Development. No. 34 p

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Ahmed Barakat, Mohamed El Baghdadi, Redouane Meddah, Jamila Rais, Samir Nadem and Mustapha Afdali

physicochemical concentration of polluted Urban River: A case of Ala River in Southwestern- Nigeria. Research Journal of Environmental Sciences. Vol. 5. Iss. 1 p. 21-33. AZZAOUI S., EL HANBALI M., LEBLANC M. 2002. Copper, lead, iron and manganese in the Sebou drainage basin, sources and impact on surface water quality. Water Quality Research Journal of Canada. Vol. 37. Iss. 4 p. 773-784. BAGHVAND A., NASRABADI T., NABIBIDHENDI G.R., VOSOOGH A., KARBASSI A.R., MEHRDADI N. 2010. Groundwater quality degradation of an aquifer in Iran central desert

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Tomasz Ciesielczuk, Czesława Rosik-Dulewska, Joanna Poluszyńska and Irena Sławińska

for fertilizer use, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. 4. Iss. 4 p. 4817-4821. PN-R-04024:1997. Analiza chemiczo-rolnicza gleby - Oznaczanie zawartości przyswajalnego fosforu, potasu, magnezu i manganu w glebach organicznych [Agrochemical soil analyse - Determination of available phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and manganese contents in organic soils]. POULSEN P.H.B., MAGID J., LUXHØI J., DE NEERGAARD A. 2013. Effects of fertilization with urban and agricultural organic wastes in a field trial - Waste imprint on soil microbial activity

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Hariz A. Ab. Rahman, Noor A. Ibrahim, Azzmer A. Abdul Hamid and Tengku H.T. Abdul Hamid

.pdf W illiamson F. 2016. The “Great flood” of 1926: Environmental change and post disaster management in British Malaysa [online]. Ecological Society of America. [Access 27.07.2017]. Available at: Y ap L.L., A weng E.R., L iyana A.A. 2017. Performance of rambutan seed extracts as iron and manganese removal in drinking groundwater well in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Journal of Tropical Resources & Sustainable Science. Vol. 5. Iss. 2. p. 79–82. Y en T.P., R ohasliney H. 2013. Status of water quality