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Computer Applications in Eco-efficiency Assessment in Logistics

References 1. Bloemhof-Ruwaard JM, Krikke H, van Wassenhove LN. (2004), OR Models for Eco-Eco Closed Loop Supply Chain Optimization . In Dekker R, Fleischmann M, Inderfurth K, van Wassenhove LN, editors. Reverse Logistics: Quantitative Models for Closed-Loop Supply Chains. Springer/ Verlag: 357-379. 2. Burchart-Korol D., Czaplicka-Kolarz K., Kruczek M. (2012), Eco-effi ciency and eco-effectiveness concepts in supply chain management , Carpathian Logistics Congress, Jesenik 2012. 3. Burchart-Korol D

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Assessment of customer satisfaction with logistics service in the light of the results of the research

interes. Siedem strategii osiągania sukcesu, Wydawnictwo Zysk i S-ka, Poznań. 5. Długosz J. (2006), Istota i znaczenie logistycznej obsługi klienta, [in:] M. Ciesielski (ed.), Logistyka w biznesie, PWE, Warszawa. 6. Ficoń K. (2001), Procesy logistyczne w przedsiębiorstwie. Impuls Plus Consulting, Gdynia. 7. Florez-Lopez R., Ramon-Jeronimo J.M. (2012), Managing logistics customer service under uncertainty: An integrative fuzzy Kano framework. Information Sciences 202. 8. Genesys, The Cost of Poor Customer

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Life cycle sustainability assessment of municipal waste management systems

References 1. Barański A., Gworek B., Bojanowicz-Bablok A. (2011), Ocena cyklu życia - teoria i praktyka, Instytut Ochrony Środowiska - Państwowy Instytut Badawczy, Warszawa. 2. Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 19 November 2008 on waste and repealing certain Directives. 3. Den Boer J. (2007), Sustainability Assessment for Waste Management Planning - Development and Alternative Use of the LCA-IWM Waste Management System Assessment Tool - PhD Dissertation, Technische

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An Organizational Framework for Logistic Platform and its Subtypes in a Search for More Logistically Attractive Regions

. & Murillo, D.G.C (2012). Assessment of policy strategies to develop intermodal services: The case of inland terminals in Germany. Transport Policy, 24 , 168-178, Mangan, J. & Lalwani, C. (2008). Port-centric logistics. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 19 (1), 29-41, Marasco, A. (2007). Third-party logistics: A literature review. International Journal of Production Economics, 113 (1), 127–147,

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The solutions for improving the urban transport system based on resident surveys

), City Logistics - Network Modelling and Intelligent Transport Systems , Pergamon, Oxford. Taniguchi E. and van der Heijden R. E. C. M. (2000), An evaluation methodology for city logistics , "Transport Reviews", Vol. 20, no 1. Tundys B., (2008) Logistyka miejska , Wyd. Difin, Warszawa. Vidová H, Urdziková J., Molnárová D. (2008), Assessment as a part of evaluation process of university education , in: Management, Economics and Business Development in the new European Conditions: VI

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Does Supply Chain Analytics Enhance Supply Chain Innovation and Robustness Capability?

operational performance: a resource-based view. International Journal of Production Research , 52(16), 4695-4710, Chen, H., Chiang, R.H.L., & Storey, V.C. (2013). Special issue: business intelligence research business intelligence and analytics: from big data to big impact. MIS Quarterly , 36(4), 1165-1188, Christopher, M., & Lee, H. (2004). Mitigating supply chain risk through improved confidence. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management , 34(5), 388

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The need for simulation in complex industrial systems

. (1995b). CSIRO collaboration with ICI Explosives on the Yarwun ammonium nitrate study . CSIRO. (Confidential Report No. DMS-D 95/66). Aboura, K., Eskandarian, A. & Lomita, D. (2001). Dynamic allocation of web advertising resources . Theoretica Inc. (Technical Report 2001). Cohen, M.A., Tekerian, A., Kamesam, P., Lee, H. & Kleindorfer, P. (1990). OPTIMIZER: IBM’s Multi-echelon inventory system for managing service logistics. Interfaces . 20(1), 65-82, Cox, D.R. & Miller, H

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Hybridization of Stochastic Local Search and Genetic Algorithm for Human Resource Planning Management

., & Cortés, A.R. (2015). Specification and automated design-time analysis of the business process human resource perspective. Information Systems, 52, 55-82, Gupta, A., & Ghosal, A. (2014). A manpower planning model based on length of service under varying class sizes. OPSEARCH, 51(4), 615-623, Kljajić M., Bernik I., & Škraba A. (2000). Simulation approach to decision assessment in enterprises. Simulation, 75 (4), 199-210,

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Revising the Importance of Factors Pertaining to Student Satisfaction in Higher Education

-127, Arambewela, R., &Hall, J. (2009). An empirical model of international student satisfaction. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics , 21(4), 555-569, Banwet, D.K., &Datta, B. (2003). A study of the effect of perceived lecture quality on post-lecture intentions. Work Study , 52(5), 234-243, Bigne, E., Moliner, M.A., &Sanchez, J. (2003). Perceived quality and satisfaction in multiservice organisations: the case of

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Understanding the Structural Complexity of Induced Travel Demand in Decision-Making: A System Dynamics Approach

:// Currie. G., & Delbosc A. (2010). Literature review of induced travel. Institute of transport and logistics studies. Working paper, ISSN: 1832-570X. Retrieved September 25, 2015, from Duranton, G., & Turner, M. A. (2011). The fundamental law of road congestion: Evidence from US Cities. American Economic Review, 101(6), 2616-2652, Ford, A. (1999). Modelling the

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