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Concept of Situational Management of Safety Critical Infrastructure of State

assessment for the purposes of crisis management system RP. [7] Krupa, T., 2015. Semiotyka kluczowych pojęć tezaurusa ciągłości działania w infrastrukturze krytycznej (Semiotics of the key concepts of critical infrastructure business continuity processes). Logistyka (Logistics), No 4, pp.7793-7802. [8] Krupa, T., Ostrowska T., 2012. Decision-making in flat and hierarchical decision problems. Foundations of Management, Vol. 4, No 2, pp.23-36. [9] Krupa, T., Ostrowska, T., 2016. Hierarchical Decision-Making Problems – Modeling and Solutions. Foundations of Management, Vol

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Determinants of Critical Infrastructure Resources

bezpieczeństwie. Zarządzanie bezpieczeństwem (The Basis of Safety Science. Safety Management). Warszawa: Difin. [12] Kosieradzka, A., Zawiła-Niedźwiecki, J., 2016. Zaawansowana metodyka oceny ryzyka w publicznym zarządzaniu kryzysowym (Advanced risk Assessment Methodology in Public Crisis Management). Kraków: edu-Libri. [13] Krupa, T., 2006. Elementy organizacji. Zasoby i zadania (Organizational Elements. Resources, and Tasks). Warszawa: WNT. [14] Krupa, T., 2009a. Events and Event Processes. Foundations of Management, Vol. 1, No

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The Risk Assessment in the Logistic Processes Structures

. Zasoby i zadania . WNT, Warszawa 2006. [14] Kulińska E., Krupa T. - Model oceny aksjologicznego wymiaru zarządzania ryzykiem procesów logistycznych , Logistyka 4/2009. [15] Kulińska E., Dornfeld A. - Zarządzanie ryzykiem procesów logistycznych - studium przypadku . Logistyka 3/2009. [16] Kulińska E. - Risk Management Relation Surplus Value Change of Logistics Processes [in] Invence - Inovace - Investice, od recese k prosperitĕ . Vydavatel Vysoká Škola Báňska, Republika Czeska, Ostrava 2009. [17

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Hierarchical Decision-Making Problems – Modeling and Solutions

Design). Moskva: Izd. Energija. [4] Gorbatov, V.A., Krupa T., 1984. Zasada charakteryzacji w logistyce systemu produkcyjnego (The Principle of Characterization in Logistics of Production System). Int. Conf. Sypro’84. Systemy Produkcyjne – Teoretyczne i Praktyczne Problemy Projektowania (Manufacturing Systems - Theoretical and Practical Design Problems), Warszawa: OW PW, pp.213-218. [5] Jajuga, K., (red.), 2007. Zarządzanie ryzykiem (Risk Management). Warszawa: PWN. [6] Kieżun, W., 1997. Sprawne zarządzanie organizacją. Zarys teorii i praktyki (Efficient Management

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Using Logarithmic Fuzzy Preference Programming To Prioritization Social Media Utilization Based On Tourists’ Perspective

, 27(2), 622-633. [26] Munar A.M., Jacobsen J.K.S. (2014) - Motivations for sharing tourism experiences through social media. Tourism management, 43, 46-54. [27] Bosun P., Tenescu A., Dima I.C. (2014) - Informational stocks and e-logistics management of a tourism company. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences(16), 75-85. [28] Buhalis D., Wagner R. (2013) - E-destinations: Global best practice in tourism technologies and applications : Springer. [29] Strachan I.G. (2013) - Take Me to My Paradise: Tourism and Nationalism

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Computational Intelligence for Estimating Cost of New Product Development

., Monplaisir L., Singh N., 2005. Integrated fuzzy logic-based model for product modularization during concept development phase. International Journal of Production Economics, Vol. 96, pp.157-174. [9] Ulrich K.T., Eppinger S.D., 2011. Product Design and Development . Boston: McGraw-Hill. [10] Relich M., 2015. Identifying relationships between eco-innovation and product success. Technology Management for Sustainable Production and Logistics (ed. P. Golinska, A. Kawa). Berlin Heidelberg: Springer, pp.173-192. [11] Anderson D.M., 2001. Design for

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A Model of a Tacit Knowledge Transformation for the Service Department in a Manufacturing Company: A Case Study

Wiel, M. W.J., Schuwirth, L.W.T., Van der Vleuten, C.P.M., Muijtjens, A.M.M., 2012. Workplace-based assessment: raters’ performance theories and constructs. Advances in Health Sciences Education Theory and Practice , 18(3), pp.375-396. [22] Grad, L., 2007. Kompresja stratna dźwięku . In: P. Sienkiewicz, ed., Zeszyt naukowy nr 2 (Scientific notebook number 2) . Warsaw: Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki (Warsaw School of Computer Science), pp.39-58. [23] Hernes, M., Maleszka, M., Nguyen, N.T., Bytniewski, A., 2015. The automatic summarization of text

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