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Eunice Omolola Olaniyi

:// [accessed 9 Sep 2016] Alcamo, J.; Amann, M.; Hettelingh, J. P.; Holmberg, M.; Hordijk, L.; Kämäri, J.; Kauppi, L.; Kauppi, P.; Kornai, G. & Mäkelä, A. (1987), ‘Acidification in Europe: a simulation model for evaluating control strategies,’ Ambio , vol. 16, no. 5, pp. 232–245. Atari, S. & Prause, G. (2017, forthcoming ), ‘Risk assessment of emission abatement technologies for clean shipping,’ in Proceedings of the 17th International Conference “Reliability and Statistics in Transportation and Communication” (RelSTat2017 Conference), Riga

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John Karkazis and Georgios C. Baltos


In this paper a series of strategic logistics concepts, like transportation axes “attractivity”, substitution costs, geo-economic and emergency traffic paths, nodes and gates, are introduced and evaluated in a country case study assessing regional road networks. Based on the above mentioned, risk analyses are performed with regard to the logistics emergencies. Turkey’s main road network is being accordingly examined along with the policy implications of the results provided by current political changes in this country. This study exhibits that the R.T. Erdogan’s, AKP party-ruled, governments, caused not only high-level geopolitics and geo-economics repercussions but also have severe economic and logistics effects, activating incentives and infrastructure investments, especially in the so called Anatolian areas. The analysis of Turkey’s internal geo-economic trends offers notable insight into the mechanism controlling in general the regional socio-economic attractiveness and efficiency. In this context the socioeconomic indicator: "Roads Network Development" on regional basis and for each year of the period 1995-2012, has then been chosen and analyzed statistically as dependent variable in relation to the election results and the consequent political changes between the so called Kemalist and political Islam regimes; the results surprisingly confirm the relevant hypotheses tested.

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Pankaj Sharma and Makarand S Kulkarni

1 Introduction Military logistics is the “science of planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of forces”, including acquisition of services and […] (NATO 2007). It aims at achieving operational results rather than economic results. The interest of defence, and, by extension, defence logistics, is […] “to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of the military”, whose duty is to protect and defend the public interest and the long-term security of the State ( Yoho et al. 2013 ). Military logistics in the past have been following the concept

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Michael Essig, Andreas H. Glas and Simon Mondry

, pp. 251 - 262. Cook, N. (1996), EF 2000: rough ride nearly over?, in: Interavia Business & Technology, 51, p. 38. (2006), Sticker Shock: Estimating the Real Cost of Modern Fighter Aircraft, report of Departement of Defense (DoD) (2001), Product Support for the 21st Century: A Program Manager's Guide to Logistics, available at:, accessed 3rd November 2011. Dillard, J.T. (2005

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Florin Nicolae, A. Cotorcea, Marian Ristea and Dinu Atodiresei

] Wickens, C.D., Lee, J.D., Liu, Y., & Gordon-Becker, S. Introduction to human factors engineering. Pearson Prentice Hall, 1998. [7] Taylor, D.H. The hermeneutics of accidents and safety . In: Rasmussen, J., Duncan, K., LePlat, J. (Eds.), New Technology and Human Error. Wiley, New York, NY, 1987. [8] Poucet, A. Survey of methods used to assess human reliability in the human factors reliability benchmark exercise . Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 22 (1), 257-268. [9] Kirwan, B. A guide to practical human reliability assessment . Taylor

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Betim Retkoceri and Rinor Kurteshi

. [4] Bartelsman, E., Scarpetta, S. and Schivardi, F. (2005). Comparative analysis of firm demographics and survival: evidence from micro-level sources in OECD countries. Industrial and corporate change, 14(3), 365-391. [5] Blind, K. (2012). The influence of regulations on innovation: A quantitative assessment for OECD countries. Research policy, 41(2), 391-400. [6] Bornay-Barrachina, M., De la Rosa-Navarro, D., López-Cabrales, A. and Valle-Cabrera, R. (2012). Employment Relationships and Firm Innovation: The Double Role of Human Capital. British

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Dorota Kamrowska-Załuska

significant growth of shipments in both ports, requires the construction of accessible infrastructure and development logistics, the development of the tourism and recreational sector which requires an efficient transport service based on consensus between the natural and landscape values, and economic benefits” ( Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Pomorskiego 2016 ). Many of the inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area commute to the Tri-City every day to work and most of them to Gdańsk. The best accessibility to core of the Metropolitan Area is seen in the case of

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Helen Eboh Cletus

for knowledge management in globally distributed settings. Electronic journal of knowledge management, 10(1). [74] Fischer, G. and J. Otswald. (2001). Knowledge management: problems, promises, realities, and challenges. IEEE Intelligent systems, 16(1): 60-72. [75] Zaim, H. (2006). Knowledge management implementation in IZGAZ. Journal of Economic and Social Research, 8(2): 1-25. [76] Fong, P.S. and S.K. Choi. (2009). The processes of knowledge management in professional services firms in the construction industry: a critical assessment of both

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Katarzyna Nikorowicz-Zatorska

. In addition, article 135 of the environmental protection law provides that: ‘If the ecological review or project environmental impact assessment required by the Act of 3 October 2008 on the Provision of Information on Environment and its Protection, Society’s Participation in Environmental Protection and Environmental Impact Assessments or post-analysis shows that, despite the adoption of available technical solutions, technological and organisational standards cannot be complied with outside the plant or another facility such as: waste water treatment plants

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Vasile Căruţaşu and Daniela Căruţaşu

Organization of the Service of Supply with Products Necessary to Maintain the Operative state of Fighting Vehicles that Participate in the Conduct of Military Operations , Land Forces Academy Scientific Bulletin, No. 2(38), 2014 [5] Căruţaşu, V., Căruţaşu, D., Assessment of Maintenance Needs Required to Preserve the Operational Status of Combat Vehicles Participating in Military Operations , Proceedings of the 21 st International Conference „ The Knowledge-Based Organization ” of the “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy, Sibiu, 11-13 June 2015 [6] Raţiu