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Stochastic Fractal Based Multiobjective Fruit Fly Optimization

.-Q. (2013). A hybrid annual power load forecasting model based on generalized regression neural network with fruit fly optimization algorithm, Knowledge-Based Systems 37(2): 378-387. Lin, S.-M. (2013). Analysis of service satisfaction in web auction logistics service using a combination of fruit fly optimization algorithm and general regression neural network, Neural Computing and Applications 22(3-4): 783-791. Liu, H.-L., Gu, F. and Zhang, Q. (2014). Decomposition of a multiobjective optimization problem into a number of simple

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Designing optimal trajectories for a skimmer ship to clean, recover and prevent the oil spilled on the sea from reaching the coast

. Trannum H. C. Bakke T. Hodson P. V. Collier T. K. Environmental effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill: A review Marine Pollution Bulletin 110 1 28 51 2016 [7] A.D. Carpenter, R.G. Dragnich, Marine Operations and Logistics During the Exxon Valdez Spill Cleanup, Oil Spill Conference Proceedings, 205-211, 1991. Carpenter A.D. Dragnich R.G. Marine Operations and Logistics During the Exxon Valdez Spill Cleanup Oil Spill Conference Proceedings 205 211 1991 [8] S. Castanedo, R. Medina, I.J. Losada, C. Vidal, F.J. Mendez, J. Osorio, A. Puente, The Prestige oil spill in

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