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L.B. Magalas and M. Majewski

spectroscopy HRMS. Logarithmic decrement, Sol. St. Phen. 184 , 467-472 (2012). [13] M. Majewski, A. Piłat, L.B. Magalas, Advances in computational high-resolution mechanical spectroscopy HRMS. Part 1 – Logarithmic decrement, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 31 , 012018 (2012). [14] M. Majewski, L.B. Magalas, Critical assessment of the issues in the application of Hilbert transform to compute the logarithmic decrement, Arch. Metall. Mater. 60 , 1103 (2015). [15] C.A. Von Urff, F.I. Zonis, The square-law single-sideband system, IRE Trans

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Mojtaba Maghrebi, Claude Sammut and Travis S. Waller

. 4086-4090. [49] Payr, F. and Schmid, V. (2009), “Optimizing Deliveries of Ready-Mixed Concrete”, Logistics and Industrial Informatics, LINDI 2009, 2nd International, IEEE, 1-6. [50] Portas, J. and Abourizk, S. (1997), “Neural network model for estimating construction productivity”, Journal of construction engineering and management 123, 399-410. [51] Qin, Q., Wang, Q.-G., Li, J. and Ge, S. S. (2013), “Linear and Nonlinear Trading Models with Gradient Boosted Random Forests and Application to Singapore Stock Market

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Nabil Manchar, Chaouki Benabbas, Riheb Hadji, Foued Bouaicha and Florina Grecu

east of the chief town, the A1 highway and its neighbouring have been affected by spectacular mass movements during and after its construction [ 13 ]. Landslide susceptibility assessment has become a major research topic in the last few decades [ 14 ]. It is often performed through the identification, analysis and combination of landslide causative factors. It is generally approached by two broad techniques: (i) qualitative approaches, based on expert knowledge, and (ii) quantitative approaches based on statistical analysis [ 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 ]. Nowadays

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Svetlana Bačkalić, Boško Matović and Anja Bašić

level approach” , Journal of Safety Research 38 (5), 581–587, 2007 . [8]. D. JOVANOVIĆ, T. BAČKALIĆ, S. BAŠIĆ: “ The application of reliability models in traffic accident frequency analysis” , Safety Science 49, pp. 1246–1251, 2011 . [9]. D. LORD, F. MANNERING: “ The statistical analysis of crash-frequency data: a review and assessment of methodological alternatives ”, Transportation Research Part A 44 (5), 291–305, 2010 . [10]. J. MARTIN: „ Relationship between crash rate and hourly traffic flow on interurban motorways “, Accident Analysis and

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Manuela Ingaldi

distribution , (in Polish), Rynek Energii, No 4, 43-47. J ubenville , T., C airns , S. 2016. An Introduction to the Enhanced Critical Incident Technique , International Journal Of Qualitative Methods, 15(1). K adłubek , M. 2011. Servqual as a method of evaluating service quality in logistics , (in Polish), Logistyka, 5, 681-684. K araszewski , R. 2001. Servqual - a method of evaluating quality of the provided service , (in Polish), Problemy Jakości, 5, 8-10. K ardas , E. 2016. The assessment of quality of products using selected quality

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Joanna Rosak-Szyrocka

Behavioral Sciences, vol. 207, 79-89. B orkowski , S. 2012. Toyotarity. BOST Method as the Instrument of Assessment Process Functioning According to Toyota Principles , University of Maribor, Faculty of Logistics, Celje, 104. B orkowski , S., R osak -S zyrocka , J. 2015. Toyotaryzm. Identyfikacja ważności czynników w metodzie BOST , Oficyna Wydawnicza Stowarzyszenia Menedżerów Jakości i Produkcji, Częstochowa, 141. B orkowski , S., U lewicz , R., S elejdak , J., K onstanciak , M., K limecka -T atar , D. 2012. T he Use of 3x3 Matrix to Evaluation of

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Arkadiusz Dyjakon, Jan den Boer and Daniel García-Galindo

References Ahmad, Y.J., Sammy, G.K. (1985). Guidelines to environmental impact assessment in developing countries, Hodder and Stoughton, London, ISBN 0340380357. Canter, L.W. (1996) Environmental Impact Assessment, McGraw Hill, London, ISBN 9780071141031. Den Boer, J., Dyjakon, A., Den Boer, E., Bukowski, P. (2014). Determination of the environmental impact of a new biomass logistics chain, Agricultural Engineering , 3 (151), 5-13, DOI: . Dyjakon, A., Boer, J., Bukowski, P. (2014