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Evaluation of Biomass Availability for Biogas Production at Regional Level

References An Assessment of Biomass Feedstock and Conversion Research Opportunities/ Hermann W., Bosshard P., Hung E., Hunt R., Simon AJ - Stanford: Stanford University, GCEP, 2005. - P.22. Biomass for Heat and Power in the UK. A Technoeconomic Assessment of Long Term Potential - Final report [Electronic resource] / E4tech, Ltd., 2003. - Biomass Resource Assessment and Utilization Options for Three Counties in Eastern Oregon [Electronic

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Accessibility of Local Food Production to Regional Markets – Case of Berry Production in Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland

innovative food supply chains: The role of food hubs in creating sustainable regional and local food systems. Sustainability 8(7), 616. DOI: 10.3390/su8070616. [4] Blanquart, C., Gonçalves, A., Vandenbossche, L., Kebir, L., Petit, C. & Traversac, J.-B. (2010). The logistics leverages of short food supply chains performance in terms of sustainability [Author manuscript]. 12th World Conference on Transport Research, Lisbonne, Portugal. [5] Bloom, J. D. & Hinrichs, C. C. (2011). Moving local food through conventional food system infrastructure

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A Conceptual Model of Excellent Performance Mode of Port Enterprise Logistics Management

logistics: A review. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 48, 473-487. 4. N. Akbari, C. A. Irawan, D. F. Jones, & D. Menachof, 2017. A multi-criteria port suitability assessment for developments in the offshore wind industry. Renewable Energy, 102, 118-133. 5. S. H. Min, H. D. Choi, E. Y. Yun, D. W. Kang, & Y. S. Kim, 2015. A Study on the Operation of Ship Supply Common Logistics in Utilizing the Busan Port International Ship Supply Center. Journal of Navigation and Port Research, 39(6), 553-559. 6. G

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Risk of the Maritime Supply Chain System Based on Interpretative Structural Model

References 1. H., Carvalho, A. P. Barroso, V. H.Machado, S. Azevedo, & Cruz-Machado, 2012. Supply chain redesign for resilience using simulation. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 62(1), 329-341. 2. J. Lam, J. Dai, 2015. Developing supply chain security design of logistics service providers: an analytical network process-quality function deployment approach. Int. J. Phys. Distrib. Logistics Manage. 45 (No. 7), 674-690. 3. Y. C Yang, 2011. Risk management of Taiwan’s maritime supply chain security. Safety

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Development of green shipping network to enhance environmental and economic performance

Environment, 4(1): 9-22 11. Handfiled R., Walton S. and Sroufe R., 2002, Applying environmental criteria to supplier assessment: a study of the application of the analytical hierarchy process , European Journal of Operational Research, 141: 70-87 12. International Chamber of Shipping, 2010, Shipping, World Trade and the Reduction of CO2 Emissions , published by International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environment Protection Committee 13. Judge W.Q. and Douglas T.J., 1998, Performance implications of incorporating

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Spatial Economics Model Predicting Transport Volume

of high- technology industries [J] Progress in Spatial Analysis, Pages 287-309, 2010. 16. Eric Nitzsche, Stefan Tscharaktschiew, (2013). Efficiency of speed limits in cities: a spatial computable general equilibrium assessment [J] Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Vol. 56, No. 10, Pages 23-48, 2013. 17. Feo-Valero, M., Garcia-Menendez, L., Saez-Carramolino, L., Furio-Prunonosa, S., (2011). The importance of the inland leg of containerized maritime shipments: an analysis of modal choice determinants in Spain [J

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Dry Ports-Seaports Sustainable Logistics Network Optimization: Considering the Environment Constraints and the Concession Cooperation Relationships

, 73, 641-646. 4. A. Beresford, S. Pettit, Q. Xu, 2012. Williams, S. A study of dry port development in China. Maritime Economics & Logistics, 14, 73-98. 5. V. Roso, J. Woxenius, K. Lumsden, 2009. The dry port concept: Connecting container seaports with the hinterland. Journal of Transport Geography,17(5), 381-398. 6. T. Heaver, H. Meersman, E. Voorde, 2001. Co-operation and competition in international container transport: strategies for ports. Maritime Policy and Management, 28(3), 293-305. 7. T

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Summary of the Port Shoreline Resource Evaluation Based on Triangular Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

References 1. A. Artal-Tur, J.M. Gomez-Fuster, J.M. Navarro-Azorin, J.M. Ramos-Parreno, 2016. Estimating the economic impact of a port through regional input-output tables: Case study of the Port of Cartagena (Spain). MARITIME ECONOMICS & LOGISTICS, 18(4), 371-390. 2. I.Van Putten, C. Cvitanovic, E.A.Fulton, 2016. A changing marine sector in Australian coastal communities: An analysis of inter and intra sectorial industry connections and employment, OCEAN & COASTAL MANAGEMENT, 131, 1-12. 3. M.Acciaro, 2008. The

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Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Towing Resistance of the Innovative Pneumatic Life Raft

References 1. Abramowicz-Gerigk T., Burciu Z.: Inflatable life raft design for operation - novel solutions. 20th International Conference on Hydrodynamics in Ship Design and Operation HYDRONAV’2014, Wroclaw, Poland, June 2014. 2. Abramowicz-Gerigk T., Burciu Z.: Safety assessment of maritime transport - Bayesian risk-based approach in different fields of maritime transport. Proceedings of IMAM 2013, 15th International Congress of the International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean (IMAM), Spain, Developments in Maritime

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Effects of Timber Loads on Gross Vehicle Weight

References Andersson G., Granlund P. 1998. Looking forward spring CTI. A study on timber-haulage vehicles equipped with CTI, spring 1997. SkogForsk Result , 2. Antończyk S. 1989. Loads carried on forest roads and their variants. Sylwan , 133 (3), 53-60. Arvidsson Per-Åke. 1998. Optimized route planning - good for both profits and the environment. Skog- Forsk Result , 23. Burke D.F. 1995. Transportation logistics of timber both within forests and on non-national roads, Master of engineering

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