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Szymon Mitkow and Ewa Sterniczuk

REFERENCES [1] Barczak A., Florek J., Sydoruk T., Projektowanie zintegrowanych systemów informatycznych zarządzania , Publ. Akademia Podlaska, Siedlce 2006 [ Designed of integrated computer management system — available in Polish]. [2] Bendkowski J., Radziejowska G., Logistyka zaopatrzenia w przedsiębiorstwie , Publ. Politechnika Śląska, Gliwice 2005 [ Supply logistics in the company — available in Polish]. [3] Borucka A., Application of ARIMA Models for the Analysis of Utilization Process of Military Technical Objects , ‘Logistyka i

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Andrzej Świderski

Management Research XIV’, Croatia, 2018, pp. 397–395. [4] Borucka A., Funkcjonowanie wojskowych oddziałów gospodarczych w nowym systemie logistycznym sił zbrojnych , ‘Logistyka’, 2013, No. 6, pp. 39–48 [ Functioning of military economic units in the new armed forces logistics system — available in Polish]. [5] Borucka A., Markov models in the analysis of the operation process of transport means , Proceedings of the ICTTE International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering Conference, Belgrad, 2018, pp. 1073–1082. [6] Borucka A., Model of the

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Dorota Kamrowska-Załuska

significant growth of shipments in both ports, requires the construction of accessible infrastructure and development logistics, the development of the tourism and recreational sector which requires an efficient transport service based on consensus between the natural and landscape values, and economic benefits” ( Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Pomorskiego 2016 ). Many of the inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area commute to the Tri-City every day to work and most of them to Gdańsk. The best accessibility to core of the Metropolitan Area is seen in the case of

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Katarzyna Nikorowicz-Zatorska

. In addition, article 135 of the environmental protection law provides that: ‘If the ecological review or project environmental impact assessment required by the Act of 3 October 2008 on the Provision of Information on Environment and its Protection, Society’s Participation in Environmental Protection and Environmental Impact Assessments or post-analysis shows that, despite the adoption of available technical solutions, technological and organisational standards cannot be complied with outside the plant or another facility such as: waste water treatment plants