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T. Hanák

. Burcar Dunovic, M. Radujkovic, M. Vukomanovic, “Internal and external risk based assessment and evaluation for the large infrastructure projects”, Journal of Civil Engineering and Management, 22:5, pp. 673-682, 2016. 5. M.C.J. Caniëls, E.M. van Raaij, “Do all suppliers dislike electronic reverse auctions?”, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 15:1, pp. 12-23, 2009. 6. C.R. Carter, L. Kaufmann, S. Beall, P.L. Carter, T.E. Hendrick, K.J. Petersen, “Reverse auctions - grounded theory from the buyer and supplier perspective

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E. Radziszewska-Zielina, E. Kania and G. Śladowski

, 245(7), 2017 4. M. Bugler, A. Borrmann, G.Ogunmakin, P.A.Vela, J. Teizer “Fusion of Photogrammetry and Video Analysis for Productivity Assessment of Earthwork Processes”, Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, 32(2), 107-123, 2017 5. NG. Cheuk Fan, Effects of building construction noise on residents: a quasi-experiment Journal of Environmental Psychology 20 375-385, 2000 6. D. Connolly, G. Kouroussis, O. Laghrouche , C. Ho, M. Forde” Benchmarking railway vibrations - Track, vehicle, ground and building

Open access

A. Dziadosz and A. Kończak

. 28. A. Sobotka, K. Linczowski, Analysis of logistics for construction site supply with reinforcing steel, Technical Transactions, Civil Engineering, 2-B, pp 225-232, 2014. 29. E. Szafranko, Ocena ekspertow w analizach prowadzonych metodą AHP przy wyborze wariantow inwestycji Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika nr 5, 2013, 400-404, 2013. 30. E. Szafranko , Zastosowanie analizy hierarchicznej w ocenie wariantów planowanej inwestycji, Archiwum Instytutu Inżynierii Lądowej, Wydawnictwo Politechniki Poznańskie, 13, s.319-331, 2012

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Szymon Mitkow and Ewa Sterniczuk

REFERENCES [1] Barczak A., Florek J., Sydoruk T., Projektowanie zintegrowanych systemów informatycznych zarządzania , Publ. Akademia Podlaska, Siedlce 2006 [ Designed of integrated computer management system — available in Polish]. [2] Bendkowski J., Radziejowska G., Logistyka zaopatrzenia w przedsiębiorstwie , Publ. Politechnika Śląska, Gliwice 2005 [ Supply logistics in the company — available in Polish]. [3] Borucka A., Application of ARIMA Models for the Analysis of Utilization Process of Military Technical Objects , ‘Logistyka i

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Andrzej Świderski

Management Research XIV’, Croatia, 2018, pp. 397–395. [4] Borucka A., Funkcjonowanie wojskowych oddziałów gospodarczych w nowym systemie logistycznym sił zbrojnych , ‘Logistyka’, 2013, No. 6, pp. 39–48 [ Functioning of military economic units in the new armed forces logistics system — available in Polish]. [5] Borucka A., Markov models in the analysis of the operation process of transport means , Proceedings of the ICTTE International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering Conference, Belgrad, 2018, pp. 1073–1082. [6] Borucka A., Model of the

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Anna Zawada-Tomkiewicz and Ryszard Ściegienka

., Zahouani, H. (2009). New criterion of grain size choice for optimal surface texture and tolerance in belt finishing production. Wear , (5-6), 578-580. Lewkowicz, R., Kacalak, W., Ściegienka, R. (2010). Finishing microsmoothing super smooth ceramic surface. Materials of XXXIII School of Science Abrasive Machining. (in Polish) Mezghani, S., El. Mansori, M. (2008). Abrasiveness properties assessment of coated abrasives for precision belt grinding. Surface & Coatings Technology , (5-7), 786

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Begum Sertyesilisik

Transformation, fourth ed. PICSIE Books, Buckingham, UK. 2009. [49] BOWEN F, COUSINS P, LAMMING R, FARUK A. The role of supply management capabilities in green supply. Production and Operations Management, Volume 10 (2001) No (2), 174-189. [50] GORDON, P.J. Lean and Green - Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc, San Francisco, 2001. [51] MOLLENKOPF, D., STOLZE, H., TATE, W.L., UELTSCHY, M., Green, lean, and global supply chain. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics