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Development of Methodology and Tools for Comparative Assessment of Operational Efficiency of Kpi-Based Logistical Infrastructure Facilities

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The Planning and Appraisal of Mega Transport Infrastructure Projects Delivered by Public–Private Partnerships: The Case for the Use of Policy-Led Multi-Criteria Analysis

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Theoretical Investigation of Supply Chain Service Level in Hungary and Poland

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Competence and Capacity-Building Requirements in Transport and Logistics Market

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Problems of the Supply Chain Reliability Evaluation

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Lithuania Transport Service Providers’ Position in the Baltic Sea Region Transport Market

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A Cloud Computing Model for Optimization of Transport Logistics Process

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Analysis Of The Logistics Intermediaries Choice Methods In The Supply Chains

and statistics in transportation and communication (RelStat’13) . October 16–19, Riga, Latvia, pp. 180–187. 7. Kopytov, E., Urbach, A., Labendik, V. (2013) Comparative multi-criteria assessment of nano-coating technologies. In: Proceedings of the 13th international conference: Reliability and statistics in transportation and communication (RelStat’13) . October 16–19, Riga, Latvia, pp. 207–216. 8. Lukinskiy, V.V. and Katkova H. (2014) Analysis of methods for choice of logistics intermediaries. Logistics and supply chain management. 2(61), 49-56. (In

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Dependability issues in designing warehouse facilities and their functional areas / Zagadnienia niezawodności w projektowaniu magazynów i ich obszarów funkcjonalnych magazynów

-570. [12] Lewczuk K., Ambroziak T., Warehousing process scheduling in warehouse efficiency and reliability assessment. Proceeding of 19th International Scientific Conference. Transport Means 2015. Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, October 22-23, 2015, str. 17 - 26. [13] Lewczuk K., Żak J., Kłodawski M., Model of dynamic allocation of resources to the tasks of warehousing process. Materiały konferencyjne, str. 542-548, III Carpathian Logistics Congress, 9-11 grudnia 2013, Kraków, Polska. [14] Nowakowki T., Werbińska S

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Evaluation of the Influence of the Logistic Operations Reliability on the Total Costs of a Supply Chain

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