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V. S. Lukinskiy, M. M. Pimonenko, M. Paajanen and T. G. Shulzhenko

References 1. Christopher, M. (2005). Logistics and Supply Chain Management; V. S. Lukinsky (Ed.); translated from English. St. Petersburg: Piter. 2. Dybskaya, V. V., Zaitsev, E. I., Sergeev, V. I., Sterligova, A. N. (2008). Logistics: textbook; V. I. Sergeev (Ed.). М.: EKSMO. 3. Lukinsky, V. V., Shulzhenko, T.G., Markovich, M.A. (2011). Assessment of the Logistics Key Indicators Based on the Methods of Economic Analysis. In V.S. Lukinsky, a.o. (Eds.), Logistics: Current Development Trends : Materials

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Bartłomiej Gładysz

. [14] Larson P.D., Halldorsson A., Logistics versus supply chain: an international survey, Int. J. of Logistics Research and Applications, 7, 1, 17-31, 2004. [15] Zelbst P.J., Green K.W., Sower V.E., Reyes P.M., Impact of RFID on manufacturing effectiveness and efficiency, Int. J. Oper. & Prod. Manage., 32, 3, 329-350, 2012. [16] Osyk B.A., Vijayaraman B.S., Srinivasan M., Dey A., RFID adoption and implementation in warehousing, Manage. Research Review, 35, 10, 904-926, 2012. [17] Sarac A., Absi N., Dauz`ere-P´er`es S

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Stanisław Borkowski, Renata Stasiak-Betlejewska and Adam Torok

References 1. Markovits-Somogyi, Rita, Gecse, Gergely, Bokor, Zoltán. (2011). Basic efficiency measurement of Hungarian logistics centres using data envelopment analysis. Periodica Polytechnica-Social and Management Sciences , 19(2), 97-101. 2. Skowronek, Cz., Sarjusz-Zwolski, Z. (2003). Logistyka w przedsiębiorstwie . Warszawa: PWE. 3. Christopher, M. (1992). Logistics and Supply Chain Management: Creating Value-Adding Networks (p. 299). Pearson Education Limited. 4. Afshin Mansouria

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Darius Bazaras, Kristina Čižiūnienė, Ramūnas Palšaitis and Igor Kabashkin

References 1. Barysienė, J., Batarlienė, N., Bazaras, D., Čižiūnienė, K., Griškevičienė, D., Griškevičius, A.J., Lazauskas, J., Mačiulis, A., Palšaitis, R., Vasilis-Vasiliauskas, A. & Vasilienė-Vasiliauskienė, V. 2015. Analysis of the current logistics and transport challenges in the context of the changing environment. Transport . Volume 30, Issue 2, pages 233-241, DOI: 10.3846/16484142.2015.1046403 2. Čepas, P. (2007) Prielaidos įsidarbinamumo kompetencijos ugdymui, kompetencijos formavimosi laukas. Profesinis rengimas: tyrimai ir realijos , 4, 24

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Valery Lukinskiy, Vladislav Lukinskiy and Rostislav Churilov

, UK: FT Prentice Hall. 6. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. (1990). IEEE standard Computer Dictionary: A Complication of IEEE Standard Computer Glossuries. New York. 7. Lukinskiy, V.S., Lukinskiy, V.V., Malevich, J.V., Plastuniak, I.A., Pletneva, N.G. (2007). Models and methods of the logistics theory. St.Petersburg: Piter. 8. Lukinskiy, V., Churilov, R. (2013). Assessment of the Supply Chains Reliability. Logistics, 4 (77). 9. Wolfgang, K., Thorsten, B. (2006). Managing Risks in Supply

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Katarzyna Rudnik and Iwona Pisz

, Poznań, 2009. [10] Ying W., Dayong S., Multi-agent framework for third party logistics in E-commerce , Expert Systems with Applications, 29, 431–436, 2005. [11] Kasperek M., Szołtysek J., Logistics projects in outsourcing of logistics services [in Polish], Logistics, 6, 51–54, 2008. [12] Kasperek M., The agile method in logistics projects management [in Polish], Economic University of Katowice, Katowice, 2012. [13] Pisz I., Controlling of logistics project , Total Logistics Management, 4, 107–125, 2011. [14] Pisz I., Identification and risk assessment

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Darius Bazaras and Ramūnas Palšaitis

. Bazaras, D., Palšaitis, R., Solakivi, R. (2007). Experts Interviews in Lithuania (57 p.). Turku, Finland: Turku School of Economics. 4. Bazaras, D., Palsaitis, R. (2009). Estimation of Logistics Situation Changes 2007-2009 in Lithuania. Transportation and Telecommunications, 10(2), 4 -9. 5. Palšaitis, R., Bazaras, D. (2012). Market structure analysis for international road freight transport in Lithuania: C.A.S.H. reports, 6 (128 p.). ISBN 978-952-249-093.

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Zineb Benotmane, Ghalem Belalem and Abdelkader Neki

References 1. Abduaziz, O., Cheng, J.K., Tahar R.M. and Varma, R. (2014) A hybrid Simulation model for Green Logistics Assessment in Automotive Industry. In: the 25th International Symposium on Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation, DAAAM, 2014. Vienna, Austria: Procedia Engineering, pp. 960-961. 2. Bays, C. (1977) A comparison of next-fit, first-fit, and best-fit. Commun. ACM, Volume 20(3), pp. 191-192. 3. Boukherroub, T., Ruiz, A., Guinet, .A and and Fondrevelle, J. (2015) An integrated approach for

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Valery Lukinskiy and Vladislav Lukinskiy

and statistics in transportation and communication (RelStat’13) . October 16–19, Riga, Latvia, pp. 180–187. 7. Kopytov, E., Urbach, A., Labendik, V. (2013) Comparative multi-criteria assessment of nano-coating technologies. In: Proceedings of the 13th international conference: Reliability and statistics in transportation and communication (RelStat’13) . October 16–19, Riga, Latvia, pp. 207–216. 8. Lukinskiy, V.V. and Katkova H. (2014) Analysis of methods for choice of logistics intermediaries. Logistics and supply chain management. 2(61), 49-56. (In