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Quantitative assessment of urban transport development – a spatial approach

new area of the city’s value]. Studia Ekonomiczne. Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Ekonomicznego w Katowicach , 249 , 134-144. Cheba, K., & Saniuk, S. (2016). Sustainable urban transport – the concept of measurement in the field of city logistics. Transportation Research Procedia , 16 , 35-45. Cools, M., Moons, E., & Wets, G. (2010). Calibrating activity-based models with external origin-destination: overview of possibilities. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board , 2175 , 98-110. Czech, A. (2014

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Taxonomic and Econometric Analysis of Road Transport Development in Poland – The Voivodship Approach


Transport is considered one of the basic aspects of the movement of people, raw materials as well as goods from the place of origin to the destination. Moreover, in the wider sense, transport includes economic bodies that aim to achieve goals similar to those of businesses that produce a wide range of goods required by customers. Hence, the efficient operations of basic branches of the transportation system determine the entire national economy. Furthermore, transport is considered a basic factor of development, both on the macro- and microeconomic scales.

The aim of the paper is to attempt the assessment of the road transport in Poland as an important element of macro logistics. Furthermore, one of the aims of the investigation was the explanation of its influence on the level of economic development in Poland.

As the source of information, the research used the data drawn from the Central Statistical Office of Poland. The main methods implemented in this study were both classic and order synthetic measure construction. Further, these measures were used in econometric models as well as for the prediction of their values.

The main result of the analysis indicates that the development level of the widely considered infrastructure is strictly correlated with the socio-economic development of particular voivodships.

The study on the level of road transport development can lead to a better understanding of the socio-economic development of particular areas of Poland as well as the more efficient use of the support funds.

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Innovation, knowledge and information management in supply chains

performance. Production and Operations Management, 10(1), 16-30. Arlbjorn, J. S., de Haas, H., & Munksgaard, K. B. (2011). Exploring supply chain innovation. Logistics Research, 3(1), 3-18. Arvanitis, S., Loukis, E., & Diamantopoulou, V. (2013). The effect of soft ICT capital on innovation performance of Greek firms. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 26(6), 679-701. Baregheh, A., Rowley, J., & Sambrook, S. (2009). Towards a multidisciplinary definition of innovation. Management Decision, 47(8), 1323

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Logistics management of the rail connections using graph theory: the case of a public transportation company on the example of Koleje Dolnośląskie S.A.

connection network of Koleje Dolnośląskie . Retrieved from Krykawskyy, Y., Margita, N., & Voronina, R. (2015). Research of urban logistics indices assessment. Forum Scientiae Oeconomia , 3 (2), 55-64. La Rovere, S., & Vestrucci, P. (2012). Investigation of the structure of a networked system. Reliability Engineering and System Safety , 107 , 214-223. Li, H., Guo, X. M., Xu, Z., & Hu, X. B. (2014). A study on the spatial vulnerability of the civil aviation network

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Strategic development of cargo transit services: a case study analysis

(9)), 16-24. Retrieved from Щипцов, А. А. (2008). Развитие торговых портов по критериям логистических систем [Development of trade ports by the criteria of logistics systems]. Збірник наукових праць Одеського національного морського університету, 28 , 37-46. Ciobanu, A., & Androniceanu, A. (2018). Integrated human resources activities - the solution for performance improvement in Romanian public sector institutions. Management Research and Practice, 10 (3), 60-79. Dvulit, Z., & Levchenko, O. (2017

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Assessment of urban transport – a comparative analysis of selected cities by taxonomic methods

L iterature Allen, J., Browne, M., & Holguin-Veras, J. (2015). Sustainability Strategies for City Logistics. In A. McKinnon, M. Browne, M. Piecyk, A. Whiteing (Eds.), Green Logistics. Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Logistics (pp. 293-319). Kogan Page Publishers. Bank Danych Lokalnych GUS [Local Data Bank Central Statistical Office]. (2016). Retrieved from Bristol Accord. (2005). Retrieved from http

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What competencies are needed in the production industry? The case of the Podlaskie Region

competences in the light of selected publications. Research in Logistics and Production , 7(5), 431-441. doi: 10.21008/j.2083-4950.2017.7.5.4 Gudanowska, A. E. (2017b). Analiza sieci jako narzędzie wizualizacji i oceny struktury organizacji [Network analysis as a tool for visualization and assessment of the organization structure]. In R. Knosala (Ed.), Innowacje w zarządzaniu i inżynierii produkcji. Tom I [ Innovations in management and production engineering. Volume I ], (pp. 183-192). Opole, Poland: Oficyna Wydawnicza Polskiego Towarzystwa Zarządzania Produkcją

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Linking a performance management system and competencies: Qualitative research

management (TQM) and business excellence aimed at targeted change. The study also indicated that transformational leadership had the most influence on the relationship between the construct of management control and purposive change. In the context of transformational leadership, organisations can be strengthened by implementing a management control system used in combination with a thorough management communication approach. Wang (2012) presented a literature review indicating the lack of an appropriate framework for the assessment of organisational performance (OP

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Urban smart mobility in the scientific literature — bibliometric analysis

. (2017). Volvo Says That They Will Stop Making Diesel Engines, Thanks to Tesla. Futurism . Retrieved from Chandra, Y. R. V. S., Shivia Harun, M., & Reshma, T. (2017). Intelligent transport system. International Journal of Civil Engineering and Technology , 8 (4), 2230-2237. Czech, A., Biezdudnaja, A., Lewczuk, J., & Razumowskij, W. (2018). Quantitative assessment of urban transport development – a spatial approach. Engineering Management in Production and

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