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Osayuwamen Omoruyi

, A. 2011. A structural equation model assessment of logistics strategy. The International Journal of Logistics Management, 22(3), 284-305. Kussing, U., Pienaar, W.J. 2016. Product returns and reverse logistics management. In Vogt, P. 2016. Business Logistics Management . 5th Ed. Cape Town, South Africa: Oxford. Ilker E., Sulaiman A., Musa, R., Sunusi A. 2016. Comparison of convenience sampling and purposive sampling. American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics , 5(1), 1-4. Lia, S., Ragu-Nathanb, B., Ragu-Nathanb, T.S., Raob, S. 2006

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Karolina Werner-Lewandowska and Monika Kosacka-Olejnik

. Kosieradzka, J. Smagowicz. “Analiza porównawcza modeli dojrzałości organizacji” in Współczesne koncepcje zarządzania publicznego. Wyzwania modernizacyjne sektora publicznego . M. Jabłoński, S. Mazur, M. Ćwiklicki, Fundacja GAP, 2016, pp. 283- 296. [5] C. Battista, A. Fumi, M.M.Schirald. “The Logistics Maturity Model: guidelines for logistic processes continuous improvement”, in Proceedings of the XXIII World POMS Conference , 2012, pp. 1-18. [6] C. Battista, M.M. Schiraldi. “ The Logistic Maturity Model: Application to a Fashion Company”. International

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Michał Wiśniewski

assessment for the purposes of crisis management system RP. [7] Krupa, T., 2015. Semiotyka kluczowych pojęć tezaurusa ciągłości działania w infrastrukturze krytycznej (Semiotics of the key concepts of critical infrastructure business continuity processes). Logistyka (Logistics), No 4, pp.7793-7802. [8] Krupa, T., Ostrowska T., 2012. Decision-making in flat and hierarchical decision problems. Foundations of Management, Vol. 4, No 2, pp.23-36. [9] Krupa, T., Ostrowska, T., 2016. Hierarchical Decision-Making Problems – Modeling and Solutions. Foundations of Management, Vol

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Teresa Ostrowska and Tadeusz Krupa

bezpieczeństwie. Zarządzanie bezpieczeństwem (The Basis of Safety Science. Safety Management). Warszawa: Difin. [12] Kosieradzka, A., Zawiła-Niedźwiecki, J., 2016. Zaawansowana metodyka oceny ryzyka w publicznym zarządzaniu kryzysowym (Advanced risk Assessment Methodology in Public Crisis Management). Kraków: edu-Libri. [13] Krupa, T., 2006. Elementy organizacji. Zasoby i zadania (Organizational Elements. Resources, and Tasks). Warszawa: WNT. [14] Krupa, T., 2009a. Events and Event Processes. Foundations of Management, Vol. 1, No

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Ewa Kulińska

. Zasoby i zadania . WNT, Warszawa 2006. [14] Kulińska E., Krupa T. - Model oceny aksjologicznego wymiaru zarządzania ryzykiem procesów logistycznych , Logistyka 4/2009. [15] Kulińska E., Dornfeld A. - Zarządzanie ryzykiem procesów logistycznych - studium przypadku . Logistyka 3/2009. [16] Kulińska E. - Risk Management Relation Surplus Value Change of Logistics Processes [in] Invence - Inovace - Investice, od recese k prosperitĕ . Vydavatel Vysoká Škola Báňska, Republika Czeska, Ostrava 2009. [17

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Tadeusz Krupa and Teresa Ostrowska

Design). Moskva: Izd. Energija. [4] Gorbatov, V.A., Krupa T., 1984. Zasada charakteryzacji w logistyce systemu produkcyjnego (The Principle of Characterization in Logistics of Production System). Int. Conf. Sypro’84. Systemy Produkcyjne – Teoretyczne i Praktyczne Problemy Projektowania (Manufacturing Systems - Theoretical and Practical Design Problems), Warszawa: OW PW, pp.213-218. [5] Jajuga, K., (red.), 2007. Zarządzanie ryzykiem (Risk Management). Warszawa: PWN. [6] Kieżun, W., 1997. Sprawne zarządzanie organizacją. Zarys teorii i praktyki (Efficient Management

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Catriona Planel Ratna, Roubina Juwaheer and Sharmila Pudaruth

Engineering, Beaverton, OR, 18 October, available at: (accessed 13 September 2015). Ndubisi, N.O. (2011),”The effects of respect and rapport on relationship quality perception of customers of small healthcare firms”, Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, Vol. 23 Iss 2 pp. 135 - 151. Olivia F. Lee Matthew L. Meuter, (2010),”The adoption of technology orientation in healthcare delivery”, International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, Vol. 4 Iss 4 pp. 355 - 374 Parasuraman

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Majid Esmaeilpour, Zahra Mohamadi and Azade Rajabi

quality for retail stores: Scale development and validation. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science , Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 3-16. Donabedian, A. (1980). Explorations in Quality Assessment and Monitoring: the Definition of Quality and Approaches to its Assessment . Ann Arbor: Health Administration Press. Edward, S.-T., & Wang, L. (2015). Effect of food service-brand equity on consumer-perceived food value, physical risk, and brand preference. British Food Journal , Vol. 117, No. 2, pp. 553 - 564. Farquhar, P. (1989). Managing brand equity

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Diana Ivana

References Alpert, F., Heaney, J.-G.,Kuhn, K.-A. L. (2009). Internships in marketing: Goals, structures and assessment—Student, company and academic perspectives. Australasian Marketing Journal , 17, 36–45 Androniceanu A. (2013). Ethical values and the human resources behavior in public management. Administratie si Management Public , 20, 49-61 Abrudan B., Lazar M., Munteanu A. (2012) Internship roles in training and professional development of student. Annals of Faculty of Economics , 1(1), 986–991 Beggs B., Ross, C. M., Goodwin B

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Mina Balouchi and Ehsan Khanmohammadi

, 27(2), 622-633. [26] Munar A.M., Jacobsen J.K.S. (2014) - Motivations for sharing tourism experiences through social media. Tourism management, 43, 46-54. [27] Bosun P., Tenescu A., Dima I.C. (2014) - Informational stocks and e-logistics management of a tourism company. International Letters of Social and Humanistic Sciences(16), 75-85. [28] Buhalis D., Wagner R. (2013) - E-destinations: Global best practice in tourism technologies and applications : Springer. [29] Strachan I.G. (2013) - Take Me to My Paradise: Tourism and Nationalism