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The Effect of the Physical Environment on Consumers’ Perceptions: A Review of the Retailing Research on External Shopping Environment

.1108/09564231111155088 16. Hare, C., Kirk, D., Lang, T. Identifying the expectations of older food consumers. More than a “shopping list” of wants. Journal of Marketing Practice: Applied Marketing Science , Vol. 5, Issue 6/7/8, 1999, pp. 213–232. 17. Underhill, P. Why we buy: The science of shopping. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster, 1999. 320 p. 18. Yu, H., Tullio-Pow, S., Akhtar, A. Retail design and the visually impaired: A needs assessment. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services , Vol. 24, 2015, pp. 121–129. https

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Revealing Relevant Proximities. Knowledge Networks in the Maritime Economy in a Spatial, Functional and Relational Perspective

are being driven by changes in the industrial organization of the maritime economy, could reveal relevant interdependencies for the future development of port cities and their hinterlands. The term 'maritime economy' encompasses economic and research activities such as shipbuilding, logistics and ports, off-shore energy supplies, shipping companies, education and specialized services. This economic field is a growth engine for a country such as Germany, in which exports and trade are fundamental for economic success. Historically, the maritime economy in Germany

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Landeignungsprüfung in prosperierenden Großstädten. Ein GIS-basiertes Entscheidungsunterstützungssystem für Unternehmensimmobilienentwicklungen in der Stadt Düsseldorf

quality assessment: alternative approaches using GIS The Annals of Regional Science 26 1 97 – 110 10.1007/BF01581483 CBRE (2017): Deutschland Logistikimmobilienmarkt Q3/2017. Frankfurt am Main. CBRE 2017 Deutschland Logistikimmobilienmarkt Q3/2017 Frankfurt am Main Cushmann & Wakefield (2017): Urban logistics report – the ultimate real estate challenge. London. Cushmann & Wakefield 2017 Urban logistics report – the ultimate real estate challenge London Difu – Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik (2017): Kurzstudie zu kommunalen

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Economic resilience. The Case Study of Pomorskie Region

caused a 10–20% decrease in the GDP growth rate. However, in times of prosperity the fixed exchange rate will be more beneficial as it will be easier to prepare an investment plan. Assessments suggest that the Polish economy is not as well prepared for the second wave of the crisis as it was for the first one. Nowadays, the Zloty is stronger than in the past, large infrastructural projects co-financed by the EU are coming to an end, and the level of the internal consumption rate is decreasing. However, the positive fact is that the crisis in Poland is asymmetric (an

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Sustainable Growth, Competitiveness and Employment
Will EU Cohesion Policy Deliver on the Lisbon Strategy?

research capacities, as well as better education and vocational training, and economic infrastructure support to improve the attractiveness of Member States, regions and cities. Within this new context, the Member States have drawn up “National Strategic Reference Frameworks”, constituting a reference document for programming the Funds, and they are either finalising their Operational Programmes or (following adoption by the European Commission) have already launched them. On the basis of these documents, it is now possible to make a first assessment of the way in

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A few factors in understanding French town planning

expressed. For example, the recent environmental consultation meetings with the title “Grenelle de l’environnement”, organised by the government at the end of 2007, may soon result in decisive movement whose impact we cannot yet determine. This paper does not therefore aim to provide a comprehensive assessment of the French town planning situation, but more simply to explore a few factors that can help understand recent developments. Crisis in the suburbs It should be said that current affairs have lately shone a less-than-flattering light on various events

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Suburbanisation and Suburbanisms – Making Sense of Continental European Developments

, he shares the view that suburbanisation is still an ongoing process and exhibits a degree of complexity that makes it, against the historically specific background of European urbanisation, an ideal subject of inquiry. This is also the starting point of our paper. In this context, the remainder of our paper is organised as follows. The next section provides a brief overview of the current state of suburbanisation in continental Europe, based on the assessment of a variety of secondary sources. The subsequent section reflects the shifting discourses on suburbia in

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The Role of an Integrated Transport System in the Comprehensive, Polycentric Development of Gdańsk Bay Metropolitan Area

significant growth of shipments in both ports, requires the construction of accessible infrastructure and development logistics, the development of the tourism and recreational sector which requires an efficient transport service based on consensus between the natural and landscape values, and economic benefits” ( Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Pomorskiego 2016 ). Many of the inhabitants of the Metropolitan Area commute to the Tri-City every day to work and most of them to Gdańsk. The best accessibility to core of the Metropolitan Area is seen in the case of

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Interrelationships between municipal spatial policy strategy and airport operation and development. Lodz Airport case study

. In addition, article 135 of the environmental protection law provides that: ‘If the ecological review or project environmental impact assessment required by the Act of 3 October 2008 on the Provision of Information on Environment and its Protection, Society’s Participation in Environmental Protection and Environmental Impact Assessments or post-analysis shows that, despite the adoption of available technical solutions, technological and organisational standards cannot be complied with outside the plant or another facility such as: waste water treatment plants

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