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Kastytis Šmigelskas, Justė Lukoševičiūtė, Tomas Vaičiūnas, Kristina Mozūraitytė, Urtė Ivanavičiūtė, Ieva Milevičiūtė and Monika Žemaitaitytė

secondary schools in Lithuania. All study subjects were informed about the details of the study and that the return of the filled questionnaire will be treated as the informed consent. The anonymity of study participants and confidentiality of the data was ensured. The study was conducted as a pilot project for an oncoming 2018 Health Behaviour in School-aged Children study in Lithuania. The schools were randomly selected from the national schools’ list, by choosing the first five schools who agreed to participate in the study. The schools were from the second

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Advances in Rehabilitation

The Journal of Academy of Physical Education, Warsaw

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Waldemar Skowroński, Jagoda Rak, Bartosz Molik, Izabela Rutkowska and Grzegorz Bednarczuk


Introduction: This study sought to identify and analyse the ranges, determinants and differences in physical activity levels of athletes with cancer. Materials and methods: The analysis included questionnaire responses provided by 169 out of 210 participants of the Onco-Olympics (80 out of 92 girls and 89 out of 118 boys). The mean age was 13.05 years for girls and 13.08 years for boys. The study group consisted of the following participants: 62 girls and 69 boys from Poland, 6 girls and 4 boys from Lithuania, 4 girls and 8 boys from Romania and 8 girls and 8 boys from Ukraine. The International Physical Activity Questionnaire (IPAQ) was used in the study. Results: Girls demonstrated lower levels of vigorous (3.56 days per week, 88 minutes per day) and moderate (3.61 days per week, 96.5 minutes per day) physical activity than boys (3.91 days per week, 99.35 minutes per day, and 4.20 days per week, 103.7 minutes per day, respectively). Walking time per week was 16.18 hours for girls and 15.91 hours for boys, while sitting time per week was 5.17 hours for girls and 5.57 hours for boys. Athletes with neuroblastoma and bone cancer displayed the highest levels of vigorous and moderate physical activity, while its lower levels were found in athletes with leukemia, lymphoma and solid tumors. Physical activity levels differed depending on the type of cancer. Conclusions: Physical activity of Polish athletes with cancer does not depend on their sex, age in the examined range, body mass, body height or the BMI but it depends on the type of cancer. Drawing on the example of the group of athletes under investigation, it is reasonable to assume that recommended physical activity levels (expressed in MET - minutes per week) ought to be different for persons with different types of oncological diseases.

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Mateja Rok Simon, Sonja Tomšič, Jožica Šelb Šemerl, Petra Nadrag, Barbara Mihevc Ponikvar, Darja Lavtar, Aleš Korošec and Tatjana Kofol Bric

. Zdrav Vest 2012; 81: 119-127. 32. Kalediene R, Starkuviene S, Petrauskiene J. Social dimension of mortality from external cause in Lithuania: do education and place of residence matter? Soz Praventiv Med 2006; 51: 232-239. 33. Hovnik-Keršmanc M, Čebašek-Travnik Z, Trdič J. Pivsko vedenje odraslih prebivalcev Slovenije leta 1999: rezultati raziskave. Ljubljana: Inštitut za varovanje zdravja, 2000. 34. Kovše K, Truden Dobrin P. Epidemiološke raziskave o pivskem vedenju v Sloveniji. Ljubljana: Inštitut za varovanje zdravja

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Zvonka Zupanič Slavec, Alenka Radšel Medvešček and Ksenija Slavec

Lithuania: disease severity and long-term prognosis. Clin Infect Dis 2002; 35: 650-8. 44. Matjašič M. Sodobna laboratorijska diagnostika klopnega meningoencefalitisa. In: Bedjaničev simpozij: klopni menignoencephalitis, 1993: 59-60. 45. Matjašič M. Evaluation of EIA and CTF in the TBE diagnosis. Antibiotica Monitor 1996; 12: 124. 46. Saksida A, Duh D, Lotric-Furlan S, Strle F, Petrovec M, Avsic- Zupanc T. The importance of tick-borne encephalitis virus RNA detection for early differential diagnosis of tick-borne encephalitis

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Lucia Maria Lotrean, Edna Arillo Santillan, James Thrasher and Valeria Laza

(CAN) and the Pompidou Group at the Council of Europe 2012 22. Malbergier A, Cardoso LR, do Amaral RA, Santos VC. Gender parity and drug use: are girls catching up with boys? Rev Bras Psiquiatr 2012; 34: 16-23 10.1016/S1516-4446(12)70005-3 Malbergier A Cardoso LR do Amaral RA Santos VC Gender parity and drug use: are girls catching up with boys? Rev Bras Psiquiatr 2012 34 16 23 23. Miniauskienė D, Jurgaitienė D, Strukčinskienė B. Self-reported cannabis products and other illicit drugs consumption in older school-age children in Northern Lithuania: a comparison

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Milica Paut Kusturica, Ana Tomas, Zdenko Tomic, Dragica Bukumiric, Aleksandar Corac, Olga Horvat and Ana Sabo

unpalatable substances, such as kitty litter or used coffee grounds, placing the mixture in a sealed plastic container, and putting that sealed container into the household trash (21 , 22) . Disposal of expired medications into the garbage, the leading method of disposal in Serbia, has also been identified as the predominant way of disposal in Kuwait, United Kingdom and Lithuania (4) . Disposal of medications into the sewage system is still a common practice in New Zealand, USA and Bangladesh, and is mostly reserved for liquid dosage forms (6, 23, 24). In contrast, in

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Irena Klavs, Mojca Serdt, Aleš Korošec, Tatjana Lejko Zupanc, Blaž Pečavar and

surveillance definitions. Our results are well comparable to the results of SNHPS II conducted in 2011 and with overall 2016/2017 EU PPS II results. Our estimated prevalence of HAIs (6.6%) was similar to the overall prevalence of HAIs in the EU PPS II (5.9%; country range: from 2.9% in Lithuania to 10.0% in Greece), and almost identical to the overall validation corrected prevalence of HAIs (6.5%; 95% CI: 5.4%–7.8%) ( 6 ). It is of concern that our estimated prevalence of HAIs among patients in ICUs (30.6%) was rather high in comparison to the overall European estimate of 19