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The index of tourist satisfaction with Lithuania

References [1] Al-Majali, M. M. (2012). International Tourists Satisfaction: Case of Jordan. International Business Research, 5(9), 210-216. [2] European Commission (2014). Tourism industry sub-sectors. Country report: Lithuania. Internet access: [Accessed October 8, 2014]. [3] Grigaliūnaitė, V., & Pilelienė, L. (2014). Rural Tourist Satisfaction Index: A Case of Lithuania

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The Explosive Power And Speed Abilities Of Lower Extremities Of Young Basketball Players


The authors compared selected somatic data and test results in 20 m sprint and countermovement jump (CJM) of 14-year-old Lithuanian players from Sabonis Center (LT, n=143; body height: 173.7 ± 8.99 cm; body mass: 59.30 ± 11.40 kg), and Slovenian (SLO, n=84; body height: 172.8 ± 9.96 cm; body mass: 60.10 ± 12.49 kg) and Slovak national team players (SVK, n=42, body height: 177.5 ± 9.07 cm; body mass: 63.32 ± 11.36 kg). The SVK players were divided into the narrow pick (A-team, n=16) and broader roster (B-team, n=26). Within the SVK groups, significant differences between the A-team and B-team have been found in terms of body height (p<0.05) and body mass measurements (p<0.01), and in the test 20 m sprint (p<0.05). In CMJ results, the differences of the A-team and B-team have not been statistically significant. In the international comparison SVK players were taller than SLO and LT players (p <0.05). In the test 20 m sprint SVK players have achieved significantly better results (LT p <0.05, SLO p <0.01). On the contrary, in CMJ test the results (height of the jump) of SVK players were significantly worse than SLO and LT players (p<0.01).

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Polish Journal of Sport and Tourism
The Journal of Jozef Pilsudski University of Physial Education in Warsaw, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport in Biala Podlaska
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Journal of Human Kinetics
The Journal of Academy of Physical Education in Katowice
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The Relationship Between Pistol Olympic Shooting Performance, Handgrip and Shoulder Abduction Strength

time Appl Ergon 2009 40 500 508 Gulbinskienė V, Skarbalius A. Peculiarities of investigated characteristics of lithuanian pistol and rifle shooters´ training and sport performance. Ugdymas Kuno Kultura 2009; 21 Gulbinskienė V Skarbalius A Peculiarities of investigated characteristics of lithuanian pistol and rifle shooters´ training and sport performance Ugdymas Kuno Kultura 2009 21 Hawkins R. Identifying mechanic measures that best predict air-pistol shooting performance. Int J Perf Anal Spor 2011; 11: 499-509 Hawkins R

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Genetic Markers Associated with Power Athlete Status

al., 2010 ). The same finding was reported when studying power-oriented Lithuanian and Russian athletes and controls ( Ginevičienė et al., 2016 ) as well as in the Iranian population ( Shahmoradi et al., 2014 ). Additionally, Wang et al. (2013b) reported that East Asian short-distance swimmers had a higher prevalence of the ACE I allele in comparison with controls. Furthermore, several studies of power/sprint athletes have demonstrated no association between the ACE I/D polymorphism and power athlete status. Another essential component of the renin

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The Associations Between Socioeconomic Status and Lifestyle Factors in European Adolescents: A Population-based Study


The main purpose of the present study was to determine the associations between socioeconomic status (SES) and lifestyle factors. In this cross-sectional study, participants were 3,072 adolescents from two European countries of Lithuania and Serbia. The dependent variable was SES, while independent variables were gender, adherence to a Mediterranean diet, body-mass index, self-rated health, psychological distress, moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and sedentary behaviour. The associations between dependent and independent variables were analysed by using logistic regression analysis. In univariate model, middle/high SES was associated with higher adherence to a Mediterranean diet (ptrend = 0.003), good self-rated health (OR 1.51; 95 % CI 1.12 to 2.05) and meeting recommendations of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (OR 2.09; 95 % CI 1.45 to 3.00), yet inversely associated with psychological distress (OR 0.81; 95 % CI 0.66 to 0.99) and sedentary behaviour (OR 0.80; 95 % CI 0.68 to 0.94). No associations were found between SES and bodymass index and gender. In multivariate model, the same associations occurred between middle/high SES and lifestyle factors. In conclusion, special strategies and policies, based on more affordable nutrition and participation in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, should be implemented within the system.

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Physical Culture in the Tradition and Rites of the Tatar Population Inhabiting Polish Territory
Physical culture of the Tatar population

] Gorka, O. (1935). Orientation notes about polish steak Tatars and foreign. Rocznik Tatarski , vol. II, 1935, 145-199. [in Polish] Kolodziejczyk, A. (1990). Tatars of regions in 17th-20 th century on bialskopodlaskie. In T. Wasilewski & T. Krawczak (Eds.), From unknown past Biala and Podlasie . [in Polish] Sobczak, J. (1984). Site of legal Tatar population in great lithuanian principality . Warsaw-Poznan: PWN. [in Polish] Tyszkiewicz, J. (1989). Tatars on Lithuania and in Poland. Studies from history 13th-18 th

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Challenges That Make/Break the Athlete’s Quest to Become an Entrepreneur: A Qualitative Study About Fans’ Perceptions

of Marketing 45(7/8), 1214-35. Malcolm, D. (2001). “It’s Not Cricket”: Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Inequalities. The Journal of Historical Sociology 14(3), 253-75. Marshall, C. & Rossman, G.B. (1995). Designing Qualitative Research (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Mujkic, D., Staškevičiūtė-Butienė, I., & Valantinė, I. (2016). Elite Athletes’ Motivation to Create Personal Brand. In The 9th Conference of the Baltic Sport Science Society, April 27-29, 2016 (p. 67-68). Kaunas, Lithuania. Papp

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Secular Trends in the Physical Fitness of Underweight, Overweight, and Obese Girls

. Huotari P., Nupponen H., Laakso L., Kujala U. (2010). Secular trends in aerobic fitness performance in 13-18-year-old adolescents from 1976 to 2001. British Journal of Sports Medicine 44, 968-972. DOI: 10.1136/bjsm.2008.055913. 12. Venckunas T., Emeljanovas A., Mieziene B., Volbekiene V. (2017). Secular trends in physical fitness and body size in Lithuanian children and adolescents between 1992 and 2012. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 71, 181-187. DOI: 10.1136/jech-2016-207307. 13. Wolański N., Dobosz J. (2012). Secular trend in motor

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