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First report of heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infection in an imported dog in Lithuania

References B ernotienė , R. (2012): The fauna and seasonal activity of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Curonian Spit (Russia, Lithuania). Eur. Mosq. Bull ., 30: 72 – 78 C ancrini , G., M agi , M., G abrielli , S., A rispici , M., T olari , F., D ell ’ omodarme , M., P rati , M.C. (2006): Natural Vectors of Dirofilariasis in Rural and Urban Areas of the Tuscan Region, Central Italy. J. Med. Entomol ., 43(3): 574 – 579. DOI: 10.1093/jmedent/43.3.574 F uehrer , H.-P., A uer , H., L eschnik , M., S ilbermayr , K., D uscher , G., J oachim

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Worm-control practices and prevalence of anthelmintic resistance using in vivo FECRTs on smallholder sheep farms in Lithuania

species of parasitic nematodes on smallholder sheep farms in Lithuania. In addition, to evaluate management and treatment strategy on sheep farms the questionnaire survey was performed. Materials and methods Farm questionnaire A questionnaire surveyed 71 sheep farmers. Twenty-nine farms were visited, and the farmers were interviewed personally. Forty-two sheep farmers from the list of the Lithuanian Sheep Breeders Association were interviewed by telephone. All farmers were asked about their practices of farm management: number of animals, sheep breeds, size

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Molecular and morphological characterization of Isthmiophora melis (Schrank, 1788) Luhe, 1909 (Digenea: Echinostomatidae) from American mink (Neovison vison) and European polecat (Mustela putorius) in Lithuania

.S. (1971): Methods of collaction and study of terrestrian mammal helminthes. Nauka, Moscow, 124 pp. (In Russian) KAZLAUSKAS, J., PRŪSAITĖ, J. (1976): Helminths of carnivores in Lithuania. Acta Parasitol. Lituan., 12: 33 - 40. (In Russian) KISELIENĖ, V. (1966): On the helminthological evaluation of water basins used for the growth of domestic water fowl. Acta Parasitol. Lituan., 6: 55 - 66 KISELIENĖ, V. (1970): The biological characteristics of Paryphostomum radiatum (Dujardin, (Echinostomatidae). Acta Parasitol. Lithuan

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The finding of the nematode Daniconema anguillae Moravec et Køie, 1987 (Spirurida, Dracunculoidea: Daniconematidae) in Lithuania


The third-stage larvae of Daniconema anguillae Moravec et Køie, 1987 are found in the eels fins caught from Dringis Lake (Lithuanian National park). The morphology of these larvae is briefly described.

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Helminths of mustelids with overlapping ecological niches: Eurasian otter Lutra lutra (Linnaeus, 1758), American mink Neovison vison Schreber, 1777, and European polecat Mustela putorius Linnaeus, 1758

study and review of the results. Helminthologia , 41(4): 193 – 196 B aghli , A., W alzberg , C., V erhagen , R. (2005): Habitat use by the European polecat Mustela putorius at low density in a fragmented landscape. Wildlife Biol ., 11(4): 331 – 339. DOI: 10.2981/0909-6396(2005)11[331:HUBTEP]2.0.CO;2 B alčiauskas , L. (1996): Lithuanian Mammal Fauna Review. Hystrix , 8(1-2): 9 – 15. DOI: 10.4404/hystrix-8.1-2-4087 B alčiauskas , L., U levičius , A., J uškaitis , R. (1997): Mammals of Lithuania: status and protection. Säugetierschutz. Zeitschrift

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The impact of grazing management on seasonal activity of gastrointestinal parasites in goats

:// [30] Šarkūnas, M., Veličkaitė, S., Bružinskaitė, R., Malakauskas, A., Petkevičius, S. (2007): Faecal egg output and herbage contamination with infective larvae of species of Ostertagia and Oesophagostomum from naturally infected farmed sika deer Cervus nippon in Lithuania. J. Helminthol., 81: 79–84. DOI: 10.1017/S0022149X07241884 [31] Thamsborg, S. M., Jorgensen, R. J., Waller, P. J., Nansen, P. (1996): The influence of stocking rate on gastrointestinal nematode infections of sheep

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Comparison of chemical compositions of essential oils isolated by hydrodistillation from wild thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.) with use of Deryng and Clevenger apparatus

. Loziene K, Venskutonis PR. Chemical composition of the essential oil of Thymus serpyllum L. ssp. serpyllum growing wild in Lithuania. J Essent Oil Res 2006; 18:206-211. 17. Adams R P. Identification of essential oil components by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry, 4 th ed. Allured Publishing Corporation (USA) 2007:54-401. 18. Evans WC. Trease and Evans Pharmacognosy, 15 th ed. Edinburgh, Saunders Company 2002:475. 19. Puri HS, Siddigni MS, Akhila A. Essential oil of Thymus serpyllum a source of thymol in India. Parfum and Kosmet 1985; 66

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Morphological and chemical variability of common oregano (Origanum vulgare L. subsp. vulgare) occurring in eastern Poland

district (Lithuania). Phytochem 2001; 57(1):65-69. doi: 22. Mockute D, Bernotiene G, Judžentienė A. The β -ocimene chemotype of essential oils of the inflorescences and the leaves with stems from Origanum vulgare ssp. vulgare growing wild in Lithuania. Bioch Syst Ecol 2003; 31:269-278. doi: 23. Mockutė D, Bernotienė G, Judžentienė A. Chemical composition of essential oils of Origanum vulgare L. growing in Lithuania. Biol 2004; (4):44-49. 24. Vazirian

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Intraspecific variability of yarrow (Achillea millefolium L. s.l.) in respect of developmental and chemical traits

Phytopharmaceuticals, a Handbook of Practice on a Scientific Basis, third ed., CRC Press, Stuttgart 2004. 8. Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products. Community herbal monograph on Achillea millefolium L., herba. EMA/HMPC/290284/2009. 9. Mockute D, Judzentiene A. Variability of the essential oils composition of Achillea millefolium ssp. millefolium growing wild in Lithuania. Biochem Syst Ecol 2003; 31:1033–1045. 10. Gudaitytė O, Venskutonis PR. Chemotypes of Achillea millefolium transferred from 14 different locations in Lithuania to the controlled

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