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Rimantas Rakauskas

* The paper is dedicated to Prof. Wacław W ojciechowski in recognition of his great contribution to the taxonomy and faunistics of Hemiptera. REFERENCES B ašilova J. 2006. Currant inhabiting aphids of Lithuania (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha: Pemphigidae, Aphididae). MSc thesis, Vilnius University. (in Lithuanian) B ašilova J. 2010a. The application of discriminant analysis to identify Cryptomyzus aphids. Žemdirbystė=Agriculture 97 (4): 99–106. B ašilova J. 2010b. Biosystematic study of the aphid (Hemiptera, Sternorrhyncha: Aphididae

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V. Sabūnas, J. Radzijevskaja, P. Sakalauskas and A. Paulauskas

References B ernotienė , R. (2012): The fauna and seasonal activity of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Curonian Spit (Russia, Lithuania). Eur. Mosq. Bull ., 30: 72 – 78 C ancrini , G., M agi , M., G abrielli , S., A rispici , M., T olari , F., D ell ’ omodarme , M., P rati , M.C. (2006): Natural Vectors of Dirofilariasis in Rural and Urban Areas of the Tuscan Region, Central Italy. J. Med. Entomol ., 43(3): 574 – 579. DOI: 10.1093/jmedent/43.3.574 F uehrer , H.-P., A uer , H., L eschnik , M., S ilbermayr , K., D uscher , G., J oachim

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T. Kupčinskas, I. Stadalienė, A. Šalomskas, P. Trusevičius, M. Varady and S. Petkevičius

species of parasitic nematodes on smallholder sheep farms in Lithuania. In addition, to evaluate management and treatment strategy on sheep farms the questionnaire survey was performed. Materials and methods Farm questionnaire A questionnaire surveyed 71 sheep farmers. Twenty-nine farms were visited, and the farmers were interviewed personally. Forty-two sheep farmers from the list of the Lithuanian Sheep Breeders Association were interviewed by telephone. All farmers were asked about their practices of farm management: number of animals, sheep breeds, size

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D. Nugaraitė, V. Mažeika and A. Paulauskas

.S. (1971): Methods of collaction and study of terrestrian mammal helminthes. Nauka, Moscow, 124 pp. (In Russian) KAZLAUSKAS, J., PRŪSAITĖ, J. (1976): Helminths of carnivores in Lithuania. Acta Parasitol. Lituan., 12: 33 - 40. (In Russian) KISELIENĖ, V. (1966): On the helminthological evaluation of water basins used for the growth of domestic water fowl. Acta Parasitol. Lituan., 6: 55 - 66 KISELIENĖ, V. (1970): The biological characteristics of Paryphostomum radiatum (Dujardin, (Echinostomatidae). Acta Parasitol. Lithuan

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S. Sokolov, B. Kazakov and D. Tseitlin


The third-stage larvae of Daniconema anguillae Moravec et Køie, 1987 are found in the eels fins caught from Dringis Lake (Lithuanian National park). The morphology of these larvae is briefly described.

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D. Zienius, R. Lelešius, H. Kavaliauskis, A. Stankevičius and A. Šalomskas

and taxonomy of Parvoviridae. Intervirology 23: 61-73. Spibey N, Greenwood NM, Sutton D, Chalmers WS, Tarpey I (2008) Canine parvovirus type 2 vaccine protects against virulent challenge with type 2c virus. Vet Microbiol 128: 48-55. Stankevicius A, Salomskas A (1998) Epizootic pecularities of parvovirus infection in Lithuanian dog population. Vet zootech-lith 5: 89-94. Sutton D, Vinberg C, Gustafsson A, Pearce J, Greenwood N (2013) Canine parvovirus type 2c identified from an outbreak of severe gastroenteritis in a

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Laima Blažytė-Čereškienė, Vesta Skrodenytė-Arbačiauskienė, Sandra Radžiutė, Irena Nedveckytė and Vincas Būda

. apis in Lithuania: supplementary data on occurrence along Europe. Journal of Apicultural Research , 53 (3), 374-376. DOI: 10.3896/IBRA. Botías, C., Martín-Hernández, R., Garrido-Bailón, E., González-Porto, A., Martínez-Salvador, A., Pilar De La Rúa, Meana, A., Higes, M. (2012). The growing prevalence of Nosema ceranae in honey bees in Spain, an emerging problem for the last decade. Research in Veterinary Science , 93 , 150-155. DOI: 10.1016/j.rvsc.2011.08.002 Budge, G., Powell, M., Roberts, K., Adams, I., Jones, B., Marris, G., Laurenson

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Zofija Sinkevičiene and Neringa Urbaitė-Maževič

References BaleviČius A. 2001. Distribution of Lychnothamnus barbatus community in Lithuania. Biologija 2:70-73. BLAŽENČIĆ J. & BLAŽENČIĆ Ž. 2003. An overview of the existing data on living Charophytes ( Charales ) of the Balkan Peninsula. Acta Micropalentol. Sin. 20(2): 103-110. BLAŽENČIĆ J., StevanoviĆ B., BLAŽENČIC Ž. & StevanoviČ V. 2006. Red Data List of Charophytes in the Balkans. Biodivers. Conserv. 15: 3445-3457. BlÜmel C. 2003. Taxonomy and nomenclature. In: H. Shubert & I

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Artur Pliszko

. Geobot. Polonica 15(1): 43-50. Pawlikowski P. (2008b): Rzadkie i zagrożone rośliny naczyniowe torfowisk w dolinie Kunisianki na Pojezierzu Sejneńskim. – Fragm. Flor. Geobot. Polonica 15(2): 205-212. Pliszko A. (2014): Flora roślin naczyniowych Pojezierza Zachodniosuwalskiego. – Prace Botaniczne 48: 1-349. Pliszko A. (2015a): New floristic records from the Polish part of the Lithuanian Lakeland (NE Poland). – Steciana 19(1): 25-32. Pliszko A. (2015b): Taxonomic revision and distribution of Erigeron acris s. l. (Asteraceae) in Poland

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M. Ruzauskas, N. Couto, A. Pavilonis, I. Klimiene, R. Siugzdiniene, M. Virgailis, L. Vaskeviciute, L. Anskiene and C. Pomba

swine-associated methicillin- resistant Staphylococcus aureus ST398 in Lithuania. Pol J Vet Sci 16: 125-127. Sasaki T, Tsubakishita S, Tanaka Y, Sakusabe A, Ohtsuka M, Hirotaki S, Kawakami T, Fukata T, Hiramatsu K (2010) Multiplex-PCR method for species identification of coagulase-positive staphylococci. J Clin Microbiol 66: 765-769. Schnellmann C, Gerber V, Rossano A, Jaquier V, Panchaud Y, Doherr MG, Thomann A, Straub R, Perreten V (2006) Presence of new mecA and mph(C) variants conferring antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus spp