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Trends of Lithuanian Cultural Landscapes in the Recreational Territorial System of the Southeast Baltic Sea Region

References 1. Abromas, J., Grecevičius, P., Genys, J., Pridotkienė, L., Marčius, R., Dubra, V., Urbonienė, R., Olšauskas, A. M., Dučinskienė, E. (2013). Urbanizuoto kraštovaizdžio analizės ir vertinimo metodika. (Methodology for analyzing and evaluating urban landscapes). Klaipėda. 100 pp. ISBN 978-9955-18-720-2. (in Lithuanian). 2. Atienė, V., Grecevičius, P. (1997). Rekreacinės aplinkos architektūros formavimo tendencijos ir problemos Lietuvos pajūrio regione (Trends and problems in the formation of the recreational environment in the Lithuanian

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Mathematics Education Problems and Attempts to Solve Them in Nowadays Lithuanian School

References 1. Alonderinė R. (2015, January). Kartų skirtumai, arba kas ateis po kartos Z (Differences between Generations or who will come after the Generation Z) Retrieved September 02, 2016, from . (in Lithuanian). 2. Lileikienė-Giedraitienė, T., Žilvienė, R. (2002). Tobulėjimo linkme. Matematikos mokytojų patirtis (Development direction. Math teachers experience). Vilnius, Lithuania: publishers association BIBLION. (in Lithuanian). 3. Lithuanian

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Broiler health status has a major negative impact on broiler flock contamination with Campylobacter spp. in Lithuania

M., Lyhs U. (2008). PCRassay for the detection of Campylobacter in marinated and non-marinated poultry products. Food Microbiol., 25: 908-914. Kudirkienė E., Malakauskas M., Malakauskas A., Bojesen A.M., Olsen J.E. (2010). Demonstration of persistent strains of Campylobacter jejuni within broiler farms over a 1-year period in Lithuania. J. Appl. Microbiol., 108: 868-877. Lawes J.R., Vidal A., Clifton- Hadley F.A., Sayers R., Rodgers J., Snow L., Evans S.J., Powell L.F. (2012). Investigation of prevalence and risk factors for

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Relationship Between Eyespot Severity and Productivity of Winter Wheat in Lithuania


Cereal yield loss from eyespot directly depends on the severity of the disease. The aim of this study was to establish the relationship between eyespot damage in winter wheat and components of yield of winter wheat cultivars Ada, Mulan and Tukan in Lithuania in the 2011/2012 cropping season. Several eyespot did not decrease the grain number per ear cv. of Tukan while for cvs. Ada and Mulan the decrease was 14 and 15%, respectively; however, the grain number per ear of moderately eyespot-affected stems of cv. Ada did not differ from that of visually healthy stems. For cv. Ada, the grain weight per ear of moderately affected stems was 5.8% less and that of severely affected stems was 12.8% less than that of healthy stems, while for cv. Mulan the decrease in grain weight per ear was 40.3 and 35.5%, respectively and for cv. Tukan it was 59.0 and 63.2%, respectively for moderately and severely affected stems. The decrease in thousand grain weight of moderately eyespot-affected stems of cv. Ada was less (6.5%) compared with that of cv. Mulan (31.3%) and cv. Tukan (55.8%). Thousand grain weight of severely eyespot-affected stems of cvs. Ada, Mulan and Tukan was 22.2, 26.0, and 65.0%, respectively, less than that of healthy stems. Screening of healthy, moderately and severely affected plants of the winter wheat varieties Ada, Mulan and Tukan for grain number per ear, grain weight per ear and TGW revealed that these varieties differed in tolerance to eyespot

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Changes in Fusarium Link Species Composition From Lithuanian Wheat Grain in Years 2005-2007 to 2011-2013

. Grabarkiewicz-Szczesna, J., Foremska, E., Kostecki, M., Golinski, P. & Chelkowski, J. (1999). Trichothecene accumulation in kernels of corn inoculated with Fusarium poae (Peck) Wollenw. Nahrung, 43: 330-332. DOI:10.1002/ (SICI)1521-3803(19991001)43:5<330::AIDFOOD330> 3.0.CO, 2-4. 4. Kačergius, A., Drik, I., Mankevičiene, A., Suproniene, S. (2008). Distribution of fusaria in Lithuanian food grains in 2005-2007. // In Fourth Hungarian Conference of Mycology. Debrecen, Hungary. - ISSN 1217-8950, 2008, vol. 55 (No. 2), 204-205. 5. Kang, Z., Zingen

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Influence of Fungicide Treatment on Grey Mould of Cabbage

-196. [DOI: 10.2478/v10032-007-0042-4] Rosenzweig N., Stevenson W. 2002. Efficacy of strobilurin fungicides to control potato early blight in Wisconsin. Phytopathology 92: 71. Shokes F. M., Snajder K. 1999. Disease control on peanut with a strobilurin fungicide. Fungicide Nematocide Tests 54: 414-415. Šidlauskienė A. 2001. Effect of pesticides on prevalence of Alternaria leaf spot ( Alternaria spp.) in white cabbage seed plants. Sodininkystė ir daržininkystė 20(4): 79-85. [in Lithuanian with

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Application of Statistical Methods in the Analysis of Sentence Structure

pagrindai (teorinė interpretacija) (Linguistic and Psychological Basics of Linguistic Didactics (Theoretical Interpretation)). Santalka. Filologija. Edukologija . 17(2), 61–67. (in Lithuanian) 6. Piaseckienė, K., & Radavičius, M. (2014). Empirical Bayes estimators of structural distribution of words in Lithuanian texts. Nonlinear Analysis: Modelling and Control . 19(4), 611–625. 7. Piaseckienė, K. (2014). Statistiniai metodai lietuvių kalbos sudėtingumo analizėje ( The statistical methods in the analysis of the Lithuanian language complexity ). Doctoral

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Mathematical Estimation of Mobility of Peasants in Vilnius Governorate in the 19th Century

References 1. Kalinitchev, A. (2011). Ethnic Migration in North-West Inger-manland: The Influence of Economic Development on Local Differences in the Second Half of the 19th Century. Finnish Yearbook of Population Research , XLVI. 95–114. 2. Kanišauskas, V. (2015). Vidinė migracija Vilniaus gubernijoje XIX a. antrojoje pusėje ( Internal Migration in Vilnius Governorate in the Second Half of the 19th Century ). Master‘s Thesis, Šiauliai. (in Lithuanian). 3. Keyfitz, N., & Caswel, H. (2005). Applied Mathematical Demography (3rd ed.). New York

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Rapšu eļļas degvielas patēriņa un izmešu emisijas pētījumi, iesmidzinot ūdens–bioetanola maisījumu motora ieplūdes sistēmā / The Rapeseed Oil Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions Research Injecting a Water–Bioethanol Blend in the Engine Intake System

oil and diesel fuel blends in winter conditions. In Agricultural Engineering: International Scientific Conference ‘Mobile Machines’, 23-24 September 2010 (pp. 204-213). Kaunas, Lithuania: Lithuanian University of Agriculture. 4. Dukulis, I., Pirs, V., Jesko, Z., Birkavs, A., & Birzietis, G. (2009). Testing of automobile VW Golf operating on three different fuels. In 8th International Scientific Conference ‘Engineering for Rural Development’, 28-29 May, 2009 (pp. 7-13). Jelgava, Latvia: Latvia University of Agriculture. 5. Hazar, H

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