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Darius Danusevicius, G. Masaitis and G. Mozgeris

. Remote Sensing of Environment 30: 271-278. DANUSEVIC˘IUS, D. and R. GARBRILAVIC˘IUS (2001): Variation in juvenile growth rhythm among Picea abies provenances from the Baltic states and adjacent regions. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research 16: 305-317. DANUSEVIC˘IUS, D., J. BUCHOVSKA, V. STANYS, J. B. S˘ IKS˘NIANIENE, V. MAROZAS and V. BENDOKAS (2013): DNA marker based identification of spontaneous hybrids between Pinus mugo and P. sylvestris at the Lithuanian sea-side. Nordic Journal of Botany 31: 1-9. DATT, B. (1998

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H. Wellendorf and I. M. Thomsen

Heterobasidion annosum within and among Picea abies trees in central Lithuania. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 28: 961-966. WAGN, O. (1987): Smitteforsøg med rodfordærveren, Fomes annosus (Fr.) Cooke, i lætræer. II Afsluttende opgørelse. [Infection experiment with annosus root rot, Fomes annosus (Fr.) Cooke in shelter trees. II Final report.] Tidsskrift for Planteavl 91(2), 173-181. WERNER, A. and P. LAKOMY (2003): Pathogenecity of P-, S-, and F-intersterility groups of Heterobasidion annosum to Scots pine, Norway spruce and common fir in

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Semra Saygin, Savas Yilmaz, Okan Yazicioglu and Nazmi Polat

., Giovinazzo, G., Mearelli, M., Natali, M. (1993): Growth and biology of perch ( Perca fluviatilis L.) in Lake Trasimeno (Umbria, Italy). Polskie Archiwum Hydrobiologii, 40, 3, 313-328. Ložys, L. (2004): The growth of pikeperch ( Sander lucioperca L.) and perch ( Perca fluviatilis L.) under different water temperature and salinity conditions in the Curonian Lagoon and Lithuanian Coastal Waters of The Baltic Sea. Hydrobiologia, 514, 1, 105-113. Munro, J.L., Pauly, D. (1983): A simple method for comparing growth of fishes and invertebrates. Fishbyte, 1, 1, 5

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D. Gömöry, L. Paule, D. Krajmerová, I. Romšáková and J. Piecka

. (2002): Identification of refugia and post-glacial colonization routes of European white oaks based on chloroplast DNA and fossil pollen evidence. For. Ecol. Manage. 156: 49-74. PLANTE, F. and L. BERNIER (1997): Variability of virulence of Nectria galligena towards northern hardwoods Eur. J. For. Pathol. 27: 261-272. PLIURA, A. and V. BALIUCKAS (2007): Genetic variation in adaptive traits of progenies of Lithuanian and western European populations of Fraxinus excelsior L. Baltic Forestry 13: 28-38. PONS, O. and R. J

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A. Wojnicka-Półtorak, W. Wachowiak, W. Prus-Głowacki, K. Celiński and A. Korczyk

resources in the Białowiez·a Primeval Forest (in Polish and Beylarussian sides). Proc. of the IUFRO Symposium Lithuania 1994: Scots pine breeding and genetics: 101-103. KORCZYK, A. F. (2008): The stock-taking of old trees and threatened trees species in the Białowiez·a Primeval Forest. Forest Research Papers 69 (2): 117-126. KORSHIKOV, I. I. and E. A. MUDRIK (2006): Age dynamics of genetic variation in an isolated population of Chalk pine Pinus sylvestris var. Cretacea Kalenicz. Ex. Kom. From Donbass. Plant Genetics 42, No 5: 532

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Kristine Vander Mijnsbrugge, K. Cox and J. Van Slycken

Flanders (Northern Belgium), pp. 97-108 in Small-scale Forestry in a Changing Environment, Proceedings of the International Symposium IUFRO, Research group 3.08.00 Small-scale Forestry, May 30-June 4, Vilnius, Lithuania. DANUSEVICIUS, D. and B. PERSSON (1998): Phenology of natural Swedish populations of Picea abies as compared with introduced seed sources. Forest Genetics 5: 211-220. DE KEERSMAEKER, L., N. ROGIERS, R. LAURIKS and B. DE VOS (2001): Ecosysteemvisie bos in Vlaanderen, Ruimtelijke uitwerking van de natuurlijke bostypes op

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Andrej Kormutak, Martina Brana, Martin Galgoci, Peter Manka, Denisa Sukenikova, Jana Libantova and Dusan Gömöry

) Spontaneous hybridization between Pinus mugo and Pinus sylvestris at the Lithuanian seaside: A morphological survey. The ScientificWorld Journal. Darwin Ch (1859) The origin of species by means of natural selection. John Mur­ray, London, 440 p Dogra PD (1967) Seed sterility and disturbances in embryogeny in conifers with particular reference to seed testing and tree breeding in Pinaceae. Studia Forestalia Suecica 45:68-96 Duffield JW (1952) Relationships and species hybridization in the

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Barbara Fussi and M. Konnert

., G. AAS, V. QUELOZ and O. HOLDENRIEDER (2013): European ash (Fraxinus excelsior) dieback - A conservation biology challenge. Biological Conservation 158: 37-49. PEAKALL, R. and P. E. SMOUSE (2006): GenAlEx 6: genetic analysis in Excel. Population genetic software for teaching and research. Mol Ecol Notes 6: 288-295. PLIURA, A., V. LYGIS, V. SUCHOCKAS and E. BARTKEVICIUS (2011): Performance of twenty four European Fraxinus excelsior populations in three Lithuanian progeny trials with a special emphasis on resistance to Chalara