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Field Examination: Certain Phenomena Related to Electrodermal Activity

Laboratory Polygraph Examinations, European Polygraph, 4(14), pp. 213-228. Saldžiūnas V. & Kovalenka, A. (2012a), Test with numbers, European Polygraph,1(19), pp. 45-54. Saldžiūnas V. & Kovalenka A. (2012b), Alibi check by polygraph examination, European Polygraph, 2(20), pp. 117-127. Stankus A. (2004), Fazinė odos galvaninė reakcija kaip CNS įsitempimo indikatorius, In: Biomedicininė inžinerija, Kaunas, pp. 45-48. [text in Lithuanian]. Stankus A. (2012), Personal communication. Varlamov V

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Selecting the Most Optimal Conditions for the Polygraph Examination

in the Republic of Lithuania, Polygraph, 3 (42), 137-145. Saldžiūnas V., Kovalenka A. (2014). Electrodermal Activity of the Skin During Polygraph Tests. European Polygraph (in print). Saldžiūnas V., Kovalenka A. (2011). Effi ciency Formula for Polygraph Examination, European Polygraph , 3-4 (17-18), 135-141. Saldžiūnas V., Kovalenka A. (2008a). Th e Event Knowledge Test, European Polygraph, 1 (3), 21-29. Saldžiūnas V., Kovalenko A. (2008b). Th e Event Knowledge Test (EKT) in Polygraph Examination

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