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Virginija Grybaitė and Jelena Stankevičienė


Information and communication technologies enable the emergence of a new phenomenon called the “sharing economy”. An increasing number of articles in the media as well as debates about the positive and negative aspects of the sharing economy show a growing interest in the subject. The paper aims to review the different approaches to the definition of the sharing economy and to present the authors’ views on the concept. The reviewed literature reveals the main drivers for participating in the sharing economy. A survey was conducted to learn more about the motives of Lithuanian people participating in this concept. The survey reveals the following leading factors of using the sharing economy platforms: an easy way to make extra money; supporting individuals and/or small/independent companies; meeting new people and having an interesting experience/doing something most people haven’t tried yet. The survey also reveals that most of the respondents prefer to own things rather than share them. Despite the widespread popularity of the sharing economy platforms in the world, this phenomenon is in its infancy in Lithuania.

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Aleksandrs Urbahs, Kristīne Carjova, Aleksejs Nasibullins and Dmitry Nedelko

References [1] A. Lingelli, Fatigue Crack Growth: Mechanics, Behavior and Prediction. New York, USA: Nova Science Publishers Inc., 2009. ISBN 978-1-60692-476-1 [2] A. Urbahs, K. Carjova, J. Fescuks and I. Stelpa, “Development of Theoretical Model for Aircraft Structural Health Monitoring by Acoustic Emission Method,” in Mechanika 2015: Proceedings of the 20th International Conference, Kaunas, Lithuania: Kaunas University of Technology, 23-24 April, 2015, pp. 262-267. ISSN 1822-2951 [3] A. Urbahs, K. Carjova, A

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Aleksandrs Urbahs, Jurate Suziedelyte Visockiene, Yen-Chen Liu, Kristīne Carjova and Sergey Kravchenko

References [1] J. Sužiedelytė-Visockienė, R. Puzienė, A. Stanionis and E. Tumelienė, “Unmanned aerial vehicles for photogrammetry: analysis of orthophoto images over the territory of Lithuania,” International Journal of Aerospace Engineering, vol. 2016, Article ID 4141037, 9 p., Mar. 2016. [2] J. Sužiedelytė-Visockienė, D. Bručas, R. Bagdžiūnaitė, R. Puzienė, A. Stanionis, U. Ragauskas, “Remotely-piloted aerial system for photogrammetry: orthoimage generation for mapping applications

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Viktors Feofanovs

: Transport, 1989. (in Russian) [9] A. P. Prokofjev, “Funkcionalnaja effektivnost ekipaza”, in Letnaja dejatelnost ekipazej vozdusnih sudov , Leningrad, OLAGA, 1986, pp. 3–11. [10] A. Urbahs, M. Urbaha, and A. Cerkovnjuk, “Methodology of logistic organization and planning of Local Transport systems of intermodal transportation”, Proceedings of International Conference Transport Means, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. 2005, pp. 239–241. [11] International Civil Aviation Organization, Accident Prevention Manual . ICAO DOC 9422-AN/923. Montreal

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Aleksandrs Urbahs, Rima Mickevičienė, Vasilij Djačkov, Kristīne Carjova, Valdas Jankūnas, Mindaugas Zakarauskas, Natalia Panova and Dita Lasmane

Solutions and Methodology of UAV Micro-class Aerodynamic Characteristics,” Transport and Aerospace Engineering, vol.1, pp. 43-49, 2014. [11] A. Urbahs and A. Barovs, “Peculiarities of Calculating the Main Performance Characteristic of the Remotely Piloted “LARIDAE” Aircraft,” in Transport Means 2015: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference, Lithuania, Kaunas, 22-23 October, 2015. Kaunas: Technologija, 2015, pp. 474-477. ISSN 1822-296X.

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Cristian Costa, Lucian Lupu and Eduard Edelhauser

University, Lithuania, Vol. 13, No 2B (32B), pp. 742-759, (2014). [7]. Edelhauser E., Lupu Dima L., Management Information Systems. Past And Present in Romanian Organizations, The 11th International Conference on Informatics in Economy, Education, Research & Business Technologies (IE 2012), pp. 459-463, (2012). [8]. Găman A. G., Procedures and regulations of the formations for intervention and operation in toxic/explosive/flammable environments, (in Romanian), INSEMEX Publishing House, Petrosani, Romania, (2009). [9]. Palmer L. M., Epler M. E

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Ruta Bogdane, Yasaratne Bandara Dissanayake, Silva Andersone and Aleksandrs Bitins

–12. [3] R. Bogdane and A. Vaivads, “Dejan Dencic Evaluation of Management System Effectiveness in the Preparation of the Aircraft for Flight in Faulty Conditions,” Transport and Aerospace Engineering , issue 2, pp. 13–18, 2015. [4] A. Urbahs, J. Petuhova, M. Urbaha, K. Carjova, and D. Andrejeva, “Monitoring of Forest (Fire) using micro class unmanned aerial vehicles”, Transport Means 2013: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference, Lithuania, Kaunas, 24–25 October, 2013, pp. 61–65. ISSN 1822-296X. [5] A