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Measurement Science Review

The Journal of Institute of Measurement Science of Slovak Academy of Sciences

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M. Bittera and V. Smiesko

factors influencing uncertainty of radiated emission measurement. In XIV. International Conference on Electromagnetic Disturbances - EMD 2004 , 22-24 September 2004. Vilnius, Lithuania, 161-164.

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Davide Anguita, Luca Ghelardoni, Alessandro Ghio and Sandro Ridella

. Bentkus, “An Inequality for Large Deviation Probabilities of Sums of Bounded i.i.d. Random Variables”, Lithuanian Mathematical Journal, Vol. 41, 2001, pp. 112-119. [31] V. Bentkus, “On Hoeffdings inequalities”, Annals of Probability, Vol. 32, 2004, pp. 1650-1673. [32] A. Blum, A. Kalai, J. Langford, “Beating the HoldOut: Bounds for Kfold and Progressive CrossValidation”, Proc. of the Conference on Computational Learning Theory, 1999, pp. 203-208.

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Michal Černý and Miroslav Rada

. Hladík, M., černý, M. (2010). New approach to interval linear regression. In: Kasimbeyli, R., et al. (eds.), 24th Mini-EURO conference on continuous optimization and information-based technologies in the financial sector MEC EurOPT 2010, Selected papers, Vilnius , Lithuania, 2010, 167-171. Tanaka, H., Lee, H. (1997). Fuzzy linear regression combining central tendency and possibilistic properties. In: Proceedings of the Sixth IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems , vol. 1, Barcelona, Spain, 1997, 63

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Adam Rutkowski

- First Study. Proc. International Radar Symposium IRS 2007 , Cologne, Germany, 443-447. Lee, J. C., Han, D. S. (2009). Channel Estimation Based onPath Separation for DVB-T in Long Delay Situations. IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics , 55(2). Kuschel, H., Ummenhofer, M., O'Hagan, D., Heckenbach, J. (2010). On the Resolution Performance of Passive Radar Using DVB-T Illuminations. 11 th International Radar Symposium , Vilnius, Lithuania, 20-23. Radmard, M., Bastani, M., Behnia, F

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Rudolf Klein

surrounded by Jewish intellectuals, explicitly mentions the ’white walls of Zion’. [20] Hermann Minkovski (1864-1909), mathematician, born into a Lithuanian Jewish family, but he was not involved spiritually in Judaism. [21] Einstein’s quantum theory for which he obtained the Nobel Prize is often related to Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah sees the universe as little bits of dark matter which are surrounded and held together by a light called ein sof. Quantum theory sees the universe as little particles with positive and negative and neutral