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Physical Training Methods For Mine Rescuers In 2015

University, Lithuania, Vol. 13, No 2B (32B), pp. 742-759, (2014). [7]. Edelhauser E., Lupu Dima L., Management Information Systems. Past And Present in Romanian Organizations, The 11th International Conference on Informatics in Economy, Education, Research & Business Technologies (IE 2012), pp. 459-463, (2012). [8]. Găman A. G., Procedures and regulations of the formations for intervention and operation in toxic/explosive/flammable environments, (in Romanian), INSEMEX Publishing House, Petrosani, Romania, (2009). [9]. Palmer L. M., Epler M. E

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Some Cosmological Roots of Modern Architecture

surrounded by Jewish intellectuals, explicitly mentions the ’white walls of Zion’. [20] Hermann Minkovski (1864-1909), mathematician, born into a Lithuanian Jewish family, but he was not involved spiritually in Judaism. [21] Einstein’s quantum theory for which he obtained the Nobel Prize is often related to Jewish mysticism. The Kabbalah sees the universe as little bits of dark matter which are surrounded and held together by a light called ein sof. Quantum theory sees the universe as little particles with positive and negative and neutral

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