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Archives of Civil Engineering

The Journal of Polish Academy of Sciences

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Measurement Science Review

The Journal of Institute of Measurement Science of Slovak Academy of Sciences

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O. Kaplinski, F. Peldschus and J. Tamosaitiene

Zavadskas , Inzinerine Ekonomika – Engineering Economics, 5, 113–119, 2009. 5. Peldschus F., Kapliński O., Zavadskas E.K., Kaklauskas A. History and trends of the colloquiums, Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 12, 3, 227-235, 2006. 6. Zavadskas, E. K.; Tamošaitienė, J. The scientific achievements of collaboration between German-Lithuanian-Polish scientific triangle , 14-th German-Lithuanian-Polish Colloquium on Innovative solutions in construction technology and management. Vilnius, Lithuania, 15th May 2013. Vilnius, Technika, 9-16, 2013

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Maxim Konovalyuk, Anastasia Gorbunova, Yury Kuznetsov and Andrey Baev

Using Frequency Domain Signal Processing," in 17th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications , Wroclaw, Poland, May 2008, pp. 429-432. M. Konovaluk, Y. Kuznetsov, and A. Baev, "Moving Multy-Scatterer Target Parametric Identification Using Radar Image," in 18th International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications MIKON-2010 , Vilnus, Lithuania, June 14-16 2010, pp. 524-527. A. Gorbunova and Y. Kuznetsov, "Model Order Selection of the Target Doppler Spectrum," in

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Berthold Panzner, Andreas Jöstingmeier and Abbas Omar

References L. Capineri, S. Ivashov, and T. Bechtel, "Comparison of GPR Sensor Types for Landmine Detection and Classification," in 12th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar , Birmingham, UK, June 16-19 2008. B. Panzner, A. Jöstingmeier, and A. S. Omar, "Radar Signatures of Complex Buried Objects in Ground Penetrating Radar," in 11th International Radar Symposium , Vilnius, Lithuania, June 16-18 2010. B. Panzner, A. Jöstingmeier, and A. S. Omar, "Ka-Band Ultra

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M. Bittera and V. Smiesko

factors influencing uncertainty of radiated emission measurement. In XIV. International Conference on Electromagnetic Disturbances - EMD 2004 , 22-24 September 2004. Vilnius, Lithuania, 161-164.

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Mariusz Zych

nd ed. McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1981. S. Khedim, A. Chiali, and B. Benyoucef, "Calculation of Refractive Index of Some Materials," in Revue des Energies Renouvelables ICRESD-07 , Tlemcen, 2007. M. Zych, D. Gromek, and A. Gromek, "Focused Algorithms for Ground Penetrating Radar Imaging," in International Radar Symposium , Vilnius, Lithuania, 2010. M. Zych, "Focused Methods of Digital Signal Processing for Ground Penetrating Radar-GPR," in 1st Conference of Students research group at The

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Marcin Baczyk and Mateusz Malanowski

. Malanowski, "Decoding and Reconstruction of Reference DVB-T Signal Passive Radar Systems," in Proceedings of International Radar Symposium , Vilnius, Lithuania, 14-18 June 2010, pp. 56-58. K. Kulpa, "Ground Clutter Suppression in Noise Radar," in Proceedings of International Conference on Radar , Tuluse, France, October 2004, pp. 18-22. R. Saini and M. Cherniakov, "DTV Signal Ambiguity Function Analysis for Radar Application," Institution of Electrical Engineers Proceedings of Radar, Sonar and Navigation , vol. 152, no

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Krzysztof Kulpa, Mateusz Malanowski, Jacek Misiurewicz and Piotr Samczynski

Symposium , Vilnius, Lithuania, 14-18 June 2010, pp. 64-67. C. Pohl and J. L. V. Genderen, "Multisensor Image Fusion in Remote Sensing: Concepts, Methods and Applications," in Proceedings of Intenational Journal Remote Sensing , vol. 19, no. 5. Taylor & Francis Ltd, 1998, pp. 823-824. J. Yonghong and R. S. Blum, "A Fusion Method of SAR and Optical Images for Urban Object Extraction," in The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences , vol. XXXVII, Beijing, 2008, pp

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O Kapliński

Kolloquiums, 20 Jahre wissenschaftlicher Gedankenaustausch, Podium, Sonderheft HTWK, 3-9, 2005. 21. O. Kapliński, Review of trans-border co-operation in construction management between Lithuania, Germany and Poland. Evolution of Science and Technology. Vilnius, Technika, Vol. 2, No. 1, 5-18, 2010. 22. F. Peldschus, O. Kapliński, E.K. Zavadskas, A. Kaklauskas, Historie und Trends des Kolloquiums, Technological and Economic Development of Economy, 12(3), 227-235, 2006. 23. J. Tamosaitiene, L. Bartkiene, T. Vilutiene, The new