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Business Systems Research Journal
The Journal of Society for Advancing Innovation and Research in Economy
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An application of New Keynesian models to inflation in Croatia

References Bratsiotis, G. J., Robinson, W. A. (2009), "Non-Labor Unit Costs, Marginal Costs and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve", Centre for Growth and Business Cycle Research Discussion Paper Series, University of Manchester, No. 123. Calvo, Guillermo A. (1983), "Staggered Prices in a Utility Maximizing Framework", Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 12, No. 4, pp. 383-398. Dabušinskas, A, Kulikov, D. (2007), "New Keynesian Phillips curve for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania", Bank

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The short-term turnover estimates in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on the VAT data

, E. (2011). The use of admin data for monthly and quarterly estimates: Common issues and challenges in Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom . Available at [25 January 2018]. 4. Sanderson, R., Woods, J., Jones, T., Morgan, G., Lewis, D., Davies, J. (2013). UK report on estimation of investment variables . Available at [25 January 2018]. 5. Sirviö

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Neighbouring countries – an important segment in inbound tourism An example of the European Union member states

). Zagraniczna turystyka przyjazdowa do Polski w 2013 roku. Łódź: Activ Group. Kowalczyk, A. (2001). Geografia turyzmu. Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN. Lamakinaite, M., Labanauskaite, D., & Baranskaite, E. (2015). The evaluation of Lithuania’s Touristic Image Changes. Regional Formation and Development Studies, no. 3 (17), 85-96. Liszewski, S., & Włodarczyk, B. (2010). Badania regionalne ruchu turystycznego jako podstawa nowej regionalizacji turystycznej Polski. W: E. Dziedzic (ed.) Regionalne badania konsumentów usług

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Non-Decreasing Economic Growth Rate Of Inflation (Ndegri) In Light Of Empirical Studies

, October. Tobin J. 1972, Inflation and unemployment , American Economic Review, 62(1). Tvaronavičius V., Tvaronavičiene M., 2008, The role of fixed investments in the economic growth of a country : Lithuania in a European context , Journal of Business, Economics and Management, 9:1.

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