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Valery Komisarov, Linda Kauškale and Natalija Lepkova

from CBRE website: Colliers International. (2015). Real Estate Market Overview. Annual Report. Latvia. Lithuania. Estonia. Retrieved from Colliers International. (2016). Real Estate Market Overview. Annual Review. Latvia. Lithuania. Estonia. Retrieved from Brett, L. D., & Schmitz, A. (2005). Real estate

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

Stavebné a environmentálne inžinierstvo

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Vytautė Juodkienė

References [1] ŠMERGELIENĖ, V. - PATACKIENĖ N.: 2004. Paslaugų kokybės vertinimo ypatumai vartotojų požiūriu (Service quality evaluation in terms of consumer). Šiauliai: ŠU. [2] ŽILINSKAS, V. - PETRAVIČIENĖ, L.: 2007. Turizmo verslas: plėtros konceptualizacija ir tendencijos Lietuvoje (Tourism business: development conceptualization and tendencies in Lithuania). Šiauliai University, Economics and Management, pp. 954-968. [3] BALEŽENTIS, T. - KRIŠČIUKAITIENĖ, I. - BALEŽENTIS, A. - GARLAND, R.: 2012. Rural tourism

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Konstantin Axenov, Dovilė Krupickaitė, Kira Morachevskaya and Andrey Zinovyev


Since the beginning of the 1990s, Soviet urban residential communities have experienced rapid inflows of new urban functions. In this research project, two post-Soviet urban areas - Vilnius and St. Petersburg - are examined to indicate contrasting development paths over the last 30 years. The term “retail sprawl” describes correctly one of the important processes which have reshaped the former socialist microdistricts. We used data from the years 1987-1989, the last years of the socialist economy, and 2016 for 36 comparable research areas. By 2016 the structure of these formerly monofunctional areas made them functionally very similar to that of the urban core, including them in the intra-urban circulation of goods and capital, redirecting flows and making the city centre’s service burden much lighter. The results of the study provide a controversial contribution to the virtual discussion on universalism vs. uniqueness in post-socialist urban development. On the one hand, irrespective of contrasting “path-dependent” impacts, the structural results of retail development turned out to be generally identical in the studied cities at present, as well as in a prototypical North-American city 25 years ago. On the other hand, we found very pronounced differences compared to international patterns in morphological outcomes.

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Ankit Mishra and Linda Kauškale

Energy and Environment Design. (n. d.). LEED is Green Building. Retrieved from Lithuanian Green Building Council. (n. d.). About us. Retrieved from Lithuanian Green Building Council. (n. d.). Competition Green Buildings in Lithuania. Retrieved from Lithuanian Green Building Council. (n. d.). Green Building Map. Reference: Lithuanian Green Building Council. (n. d.). Lithuanian

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Iveta Puķīte and Ineta Geipele

References Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (2014). Statistic database. Retrieved from Geipele, I., Geipele, S., Plavina, B., Stamure, I. (2012). Pricing Peculiarities of Apartment House Management in Latvia. 7th International Scientific Conference Business and Management -2012. Selected Papers, Lithuania, Vilnius, May 10-11, 2012. 1075-1082. ISSN 2029-4441, e-ISSN 2029-929X.

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Peter Kotek, Matúš Kováč and Martin Decký

. Bratislava 2009. [5] KOVÁČ, M. et al: Diagnostika parametrov prevádzkovej spôsobilosti vozoviek, EDIS Žilina 2012. ISBN 978-80-554-0568-1. [6] LEITNER, B.: Autoregressive models in modelling and simulation of transport means working conditions. In: Transport means 2010 : proceedings of the 14th international conference : October 21-22, 2010, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. - ISSN 1822-296X. - Kaunas : Kaunas University of Technology, 2010. - S. 21-24. [7] SLABEJ, M.: Performance of selected pavement serviceability