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Stephan W. Schill and Heather L. Bray

) (forthcoming). This limitation is due to the fact that questions of investment dispute settlement are much more in flux than questions of substance where global consensus, in our view, is more clearly emerging. Apart from lingering efforts in Latin America (see the contributions in Katia Fach-Gómez & Catharine Titi (eds.), Special Issue: The Latin American Challenge to the Current System of Investor-State Dispute Settlement , 17(4) J. World Inv. & Trade 511-699 (2016)), the debate about reforming investment dispute settlement is particularly vivid since the EU tabled a

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Tania Voon and Elizabeth Sheargold

-first century trade agreement 157, 158-69 (Chin L. Lim, Deborah K. Elms & Patrick Low eds., 2012). The United States’ strongly pro-intellectual property stance left it relatively isolated among the TPP parties. Inu Barbee & Simon Lester, The TPP and the Future of Trade Agreements , 2 Latin American J. Int’l Trade L. 207,216-17 (2014); Henry Farrell, The United States Is Isolated in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations , The Washington Post (Nov. 18, 2013), available at

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Jean-Baptiste Fressoz

When in 1798, the English doctor Edward Jenner revealed the existence of a mysterious cow disease which immunised against smallpox, For this »cowpox«, Jenner coined the designation »variolae vaccinae«. Hence the origin of the word »vaccine« which comes from the Latin »vacca«. vaccination immediately became a political affair. In the total war in which the European states were then engaged, optimisation of life played a critical role: as early as the 1800s, vaccination was made compulsory in the armed forces of Britain, Prussia and France. In France, the vigour