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Hakki Yilmaz, M. Cakmak, B. Ceydilek, C. Demir and A. Aktas

References Ait-Oufella H, Salomon BL, Potteaux S, Robertson AK, Gourdy P, Zoll J, Merval R, Esposito B, Cohen JL, Fisson S, Flavell RA, Hansson GK, Klatzmann D, Tedgui A, Mallat Z. Natural regulatory T cells control the development of atherosclerosis in mice. Nat Med 12, 178-180, 2006. Akinci B, Comlekci A, Yener S, Bayraktar F, Demir T, Ozcan MA, Yuksel F, Yesil S. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but not treatment of hypothyroidism, is associated with altered TGFbeta1 levels. Arch Med Res 39, 397-401, 2008. Bettini M

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Oana-Andreea Parlițeanu and Dan Mircea Cheța

, Woolner LB . On the increasing occurrence of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 22(5): 542-544, 1962. 10. Fromm GA, Lascano EF, Bur GE, Escalenta D. Tiroiditis cronica inespecifica. Rev Assoc Med Arg 67: 162, 1953.

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Alfredo Briones-Aranda, Javier Ramírez-Carballo, Bernardo Alfredo Romero Gómez, Victor Manuel Vega Villa, Manuela Castellanos Pérez, Esmeralda Garcia Parra and Hugo Roberto Santeliz-Montero

dysglycemia is inadequately controlled on insulin. Postgrad Med 129: 446-455, 2017. 14. Krysiak R, Okrzesik J, Okopien B . Different Effects of Metformin on the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Thyroid Axis in Bromocriptine- and Cabergoline-treated Patients with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Glucose Metabolism Abnormalities. Exp Clin Endocrinol Diabetes 123: 561-6, 2015. 15. Shani M, Taylor TR, Vinker S, et al . Characteristics of diabetics with poor glycemic control who achieve good control. J Am Board Fam Med 21: 490-6, 2008. 16. Eckel RH, Jakicic JM, Ard JD

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M. Hedayati, S. Niazmand, M. Hosseini, Y. Baghcheghi, F. Beheshti and S. Niazmand

References Abbasnezhad A, Nia zmand S, Mahmoudabady M, Soukhtanloo M, Abdolrahim Rezaee S, Mojtaba Mousavi S. Nigella Sativa improve redox homeostasis in heart and aorta of diabetic rat. Curr Nutr Food Sci 12, 35-41, 2016. Aebi H. Catalase i n vitro. Methods Enzymol 105, 121-126, 1984. Ates I, Altay M, Y ilmaz FM, Topcuoglu C, Yilmaz N, Berker D, Guler S. Th e impact of levothyroxine sodium treatment on oxidative stress in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Eur J Endocrinol 174, 727-734, 2016. Auer J

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M. Schiavone, G. Putoto, F. Laterza and Damiano Pizzol

-monitoring of blood glucose. Can J Diabetes 39, 162‒168, 2015. American Diabetes Association. 2. Classification and Diagnosis of Diabetes. Diabetes Care 39 Suppl 1, S13‒S22, 2016. Anzaku AS, Musa J. Prevalence and associated risk factors for gestational diabetes in Jos, North-central, Nigeria. Arch Gynecol Obstet 287, 859‒863, 2013. Aroda VR, Christophi CA, Edelstein SL, Zhang P, Herman WH, Barrett-Connor E, Delahanty LM, Montez MG, Ackermann RT, Zhuo X, Knowler WC, Ratner RE; Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group. Th e eff