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Sergiu Novac

Lüneburg gehalten . Vorträge zur Markt- und Sozialforschung, H. 12. Offenbach/M: BVM. Clément, Gilles. (2015). ‘The Planetary Garden’ and Other Writings . Edited by Gilles A. Tiberghien. Translated by Sandra Morris. Tra edition. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press. Dale, Gareth. (2002). More Shock than Therapy: Why There Has Been No ‘miracle’ in Eastern Germany. Socialism and Democracy 16 (2): 93–136. Deimer, Josef. (1980). Antibürokratie: mehr Bürger als Untertan . Edited by Gerd Habermann. München: mvg. Dörre, Klaus, Stephan

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Florin Poenaru and Norbert Petrovici

References Glaeser, A. (2011). Political Epistemics: The Secret Police, the Opposition, and the End of East German Socialism. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Lampland, M. (2016). The Value of Labor: The Science of Commodification in Hungary, 1920-1956. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago. Verdery, K. (2014). Secrets and Truth: Ethnography in the Archive of Romania’s Secret Police. Budapest and New York: CEU Press.

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George W. Leeson

References Engelhardt, H. & Schulz, F. (2017) Demographic developments in the Middle East and North Africa, Demographic Discussion Papers, No.2, University of Bamberg, Germany. Harper, S. (2016) How population change will transform our world. Oxford University Press: Oxford. Hosseini-Chavoshi, M. et al (2016) Fertility, Marriage, and Family Planning in Iran: Implications for Future Policy, Population Horizons , 13 (1): 1-8. Howse, K. (2016) Revisionism in the Rationale for Population Policies, Population Horizons , 13 (1): 31

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Zoltán Pálffy

, Germany, Russia and the U. S. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. Karády, V. and Nastasă, L. (2004). The University of Kolozsvár/Cluj and the Students of the Medical Faculty (1892-1918]. Budapest/Cluj-Napoca: Central European University Press and the Ethnocultural Diversity Resource Center. Kornis, G. (1931). A szellemi munka válsága [The Crisis of Intellectual Work]. In G. Kornis (ed.) Az értelmiség válsága [The Crisis of the Intellectuals] . Budapest: Franklin. Kovács, M. M. (1994). Liberal Professions and Illiberal Politics: Hungary from

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Florin Poenaru

Enemy Within: A History of Espionage. Oxford: Osprey. Derluguian, G.M. (2004). Bourdieu's Secret Admirer in the Caucasus: A World-System Biography. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Fitzpatrick, S. (2008). The Russian Revolution. New York: Oxford University Press. Gheorghiu, M.D. (2007). Intelectualii în cîmpul puterii: Morfologii și traiectorii sociale. Iași: Polirom. Glaeser, A. (2011). Political Epistemics: The Secret Police, the Opposition, and the End of East German Socialism. Chicago: The

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Cristine Palaga

. Rose, N. (1999). Governing the Soul: The Shaping of the Private Self. London: Free Association Books. Michel, A. (1997). Differentiation vs. Disenchantment: The Persistence of Modernity from Max Weber to Jean-François Lyotard. German Studies Review, 20(3):343-370. Saler, M. (2006). Modernity and Enchantment: A Historiographic Review. The American History Review , 111(3): 692-716. Seidman, S. (1983). Modernity, Meaning and Cultural Pessimism in Max Weber. Sociological Analysis , 44(4):267-278. Shah, T. S. (2015). Secular Militancy as an

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Marian Viorel Anăstăsoaie

). Toward an Aesthetic of Reception . (Transl. from German by Timothy Bahti). Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Leavitt, John. (2014) Words and worlds: ethnography and theories of translation. HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory 4(2): 193–220. Macrea-Toma, Ioana. (2009). Privilighenţia: Instituţii literare în comunismul românesc. Cluj-Napoca: Casa Cărţii de Ştiinţă. Murra, John V. (1951). The Soviet linguistic controversy . (Trans. from the Soviet press by John V. Murra, Robert M. Hankin, and Fred Holling). New York: King’s Crown Press

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Mara Mărginean

tineretului [Professional Integration of Youth]. București: Editura Politică. Glaeser, A. (2010). Political Epistemics. The Secret Police, the Opposition, and the End of East German Socialism. Chicago: Chicago University Press. Klimke, M., and Nolan, M. (2018). Introduction. In Chen Jian, Masha Kirasirova, Martin Klimke, Mary Nolan, Marilyn Young, Joanna Waley-Cohen (eds.). The Routledge Handbook of the Global Sixties. Between Protest and Nation-Building . Abingdon: Routledge. Koleva, Daniela (2008). ‘My Life Has Mostly Been Spent Working

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Merril Silverstein and Ling Xu

. Journal of Communication , 50 (3), 31–47. Hare-Mustin, R. T. (1982). China’s Marriage Law: a model for family responsibilities and relationships. Family Process , 21 (4), 477-481. Hoff, A. (2007). Patterns of intergenerational support in grandparent-grandchild and parent-child relationships in Germany. Ageing & Society , 27 , 643–665. Lee, Y. & Xiao, Z. (1998). Children’s support for elderly parents in urban and rural China: Results from a national survey. Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology , 13 (1), 39-62. doi:10.1023/A:1006591608724

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Alexandre Sidorenko

., & Widmer, E. (2014). Generations, intergenerational relationships, generational policy: A multilingual compendium. Konstanz, Germany: Universität Konstanz. Accessed 9 September 2015. Manton, K.G., & Gu X. (2001). Changes in the prevalence of chronic disability in the United States black and nonblack population above age 65 from 1982 to 1999, PNAS: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, 98(11): 6354-6359. Mason, A., & Lee R. (2006). Reform and support systems