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Vědunka Kopečná

Skipper, L. (2008). Costs and benefits of Danish active labour market programmes. Labour economics , 15 (5), 859-884. Kopf, E. (2013). Short training for welfare recipients in DE: which types work?. International Journal of Manpower , 34 (5), 486-516. Lechner, M., Miquel, R. and Wunsch, C. (2007). The curse and blessing of training the unemployed in a changing economy: The case of DE (E) after unification. German Economic Review , 8 (4), 468-509. Lechner, M., Miquel, R. and Wunsch, C. (2011). Long-run effects of public sector sponsored training

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Magdalena Mouralová, Eva M. Hejzlarová, Rudolf Holík, Miroslav Hubáček and Anna Jeřábková

. Potůček, M. (ed.) (2005). Veřejná politika. [Public policy.] Praha: SLON. Potůček, M. (2007). Czech Public Policy as a scientific discipline and object of research. Central European Journal of Public Policy. 1 (1): 102-121. Sabatier, P. (2007). Theories of the Policy Process. Boulder: Westview Press. Schubert, K. & Blum, S. (eds.) (2013). Policy analysis in Germany. Bristol: Policy Press. Starr-Glass, D. & Ali, T. (2012). Double standards: when an undergraduate dissertation becomes the object of two

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Dmitry Zaytsev and Nina Belyaeva

.), Analytical communities in public policy: global phenomenon and Russian practices [in Russian] (pp. 146-148). Moscow, Russia: ROSSPEN. Zaytsev D. & Belyaeva N. & Ena O. & Chulik A. (2016). Analytical communities’ impact assessment of policy change [in Russian]. Public Administration Issues , 1, 103-128. Zaytsev, D. (2010). Think Tanks in Politics. Characteristics and Evaluation of Policy Process Impact . Saarbrucken, Germany: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Zaytsev, D. (2012). Analytical Communities in the Local Policy Process: Creating Self

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Arnošt Veselý and Anna Zelinková

science at German universities’, in S. Blum and K. Schubert (eds) Policy Analysis in Germany, Bristol: Policy Press, pp 265-77. Staroňová, K. (2002) ‘Techniques and Methods of Policy Analysis’, in M. Grochowski, M. Ben-Gera (eds) Manual for Advisor: How to Be a Better Policy Advisor?, Bratislava: NISPAcee, pp 89-126. Start, D. & Holand, I. (2004) Tools for Policy Impact: A Handbook for Researchers [online], London: Overseas Development Institute. Available from: <http

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Željko Poljak

Press. Colebatch, H. (2006). Policy, Models, and the Construction of Governing. In H. Colebatch (Ed.), The Work of Policy. An International Survey (pp. 3-19). Lanham: Lexington Books. Compston, H. (2004). Introduction: The Nature of Public Policy in Britain, France and Germany. In H. Compston (Ed.), Handbook of Public Policy in Europe. Britain, France and Germany (pp. 1-13). New York: Palgrave Macmillian. Dundović, Č., & Plazibat, V. (2011). Lučka i prometna infrastruktura Republike Hrvatske. Pomorstvo, 25 (1), 209-222. Elliott, C

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Ondřej Dvouletý

Germany. International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal , 11(2), 267-286. Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (2013). Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurial Activity: Relative Prevalance, the Czech Republic. Available from www: < >. Accessed on 5 August 2016. Hejzlarová, E. M. (2014). “Neviditelní” aktéři v policy analysis. Sociálni Studia/Social Studies , 11 (1), 109-129. Hlaváček, P., Žambochová, M., & Sivíček, T. (2015). The Influence of the Institutions on Entrepreneurship Development: Public

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Eugenijus Dunajevas and Daiva Skučienė

(pp. 1-37). Cambridge University Press. Mattil, B. (2006). Pensions Systems. Sustainability and Distributional Effects in Germany and the United Kingdom . Physica-Verlag Heidelberg. Müller, K. (2002) Old-age security in the Baltics: legacy, early reforms and recent trends. Europe-Asia Studies, 54 (5), 725-748. Neckerman, K. M. & Torche, F. (2007). Inequality: Causes and consequences. Annu. Rev. Sociol. , 33 , 335-357. Norkus, Z. (2012). On Baltic Slovenia and Adriatic Lithuania: a qualitative comparative analysis of patterns in post

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Ringa Raudla, Aleksandrs Cepilovs, Rainer Kattel and Linda Sutt

-409. Carstensen, M.B. (2011). ‘Paradigm Man vs. the Bricoleur: Bricolage as an Alternative Vision of Agency in Ideational Change.’ European Political Science Review 3(1): 147-167. Cowles, M.G., J. Caporaso and T. Risse, eds. (2001). Europeanization and Domestic Change. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. Crespy, A. and V. Schmidt (2014). ‘The Clash of Titans: France, Germany and the Discursive Double Game of EMU Reform.’ Journal of European Public Policy 21(8): 1085-1101. Gutierrez, R.A. (2010). “When Experts Do Politics: Introducing Water Policy

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Ivana Bajakić and Veseljka Kos

administrative judiciary in Croatia. (pp. 201-226). Institute for Public Administration, Zagreb, Croatia. Sikic, M. & Turudic, M. (2013). The costs of an administrative dispute. Collected Papers of the Law Faculty of the University of Rijeka, 34(2), 841-857. Smerdel, B. (2012). Platypus Reconsidered: How to integrate Independent Regulators into the German Constitutional Order. In Bodiroga-Vukobrat N., Sander, G., Baric, S. (eds.), Regulatory Agencies in the Tension Between Law and Economics (pp. 11-24). Verlag Dr. Kovac, Hamburg