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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

The Journal of Institute of Mechanics of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Annals of West University of Timisoara - Physics

The Journal of West University of Timisoara

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Kavan Khaledi, Tom Schanz and Shorash Miro

by Moving Least Squares Methods. Mathematics of Computation, 37 (1981), No. 155, 141-158. [7] Miro, Sh., V. Zarev, D. Hartmann, T. Schanz. Scenario-Driven System Identification for the Specification of Ground Models in Mechanized Tunneling, Ruhr-Universit¨at Bochum, DFG Collaborative Research Center SFB 837 “Inter- action Modelling in Mechanized Tunneling”, Germany. [8] Muller, A., A. Messac. Metamodelling using Extended Radial Basis Func- tions: a Comparative Approach. Engineering with Computers, 21 (2006), 203

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D. Chakarov, I. Veneva, M. Tsveov and T. Tiankov

. Wearable Robots: Biomechatronic Exokeletons, England, John Wil- ley & Sons Ltd, ISBN 978-0-470-5194-4, 2008. [10] T¨ozerem, A. Human Body Dynamics: Classical Mechanis and Human Move- ments, Germany, Berlin Heidelberg, Springer Verlag, 2000.

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K.T. Sherov, M.R. Sikhimbayev, A.K. Sherov, B.S. Donenbayev, A.K. Rakishev, A.B. Mazdubai, M.M. Musayev and A.M. Abeuova

-139. [6] SIKHIMBAYEV, M. R. The Perspective Technology of Manufacturing Basic Details. - Germany: Publishing House Palmarium Aademi Publishing, 2013, 267 p. [7] SIKHIMBAYEV, M. R., M. M. MUSAYEV, B. S. DONENBAYEV ET AL. Mathematical Modelling of Temperature Field during Thermo Frictional Processing, University Proceedings. - Karaganda: Publishing House KSTU, 2016. - No. 1 (62), 27-33. [8] MAZDUBAY, A. B., M. M. MUSAYEV, B. S. DONENBAYEV. The Investigation of Stable Disk during Thermo Frictional Cutting using Software ANSIS, Ambassador of

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Mihai Anastasiei and Ioan Gottlieb

References [1] Blagojevic M., Gravitation and gauge symmetries , Series in High Energy Physics. Cosmology and Gravitation. IOP Publishing, Ltd., Bristol (2002) XIV +522 p. [2] G.t'Hooft, Introduction to General Relativity . Lectures Series in High Energy Physics, Cosmology and Gravitation, IOP PublishingLtd., 2002 Notes. Caputcollege, Utrecht University, the Netherlands (1998) [3] Sommerfeld Arnold, Electrodynamics Lectures on Theoretical Physics Volume III , translated from the German by Edward G. Ramberg, Academic Press (1964) [4

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Arash Kadivar and Ebrahim Nemati Lay

., N. C. J. R os . Vertical Flow of Gas and Liquid Mixtures in Wells, In: Proc. 6th World Petroleum Congress, Germany, Frankfurt am Main, 19-26 June, 1963, 451–465. [13] T roshko , A. A., Y. A. H assan . A Two-equation Turbulence Model of Turbulent Bubbly Flows. Int. J. Multiph. Flow. , 27 (2001), 1965–2000. [14] L amb , H. Hydrodynamics, New York, Cambridge University Press, 1932. [15] D rew , D. A., R. T. L ahey J r . Application of General Constitutive Principles to the Derivation of Multidimensional Two-phase Flow Equation. Int. J. Multiph

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Vladimir Stavrov, Dimitar Chakarov, Assen Shulev and Mihail Tsveov

), 85-95. [10] Gao, P., S.-M. Swei. A Six-degree-of-freedom Micro-manipulator Based on Piezoelectric Translator. Nanotechnology, 10 (1999), 447-452. [11] Kasper, R., M. Al-Wahab. Mechanically Structured Piezoelectric Actuators, Proceedings of 9th International Conference on New Actuators - ACTUATOR 2004, Germany, Bremen, 2004, 68-71. [12] Ionescu, Fl., K. Kostadinov. Piezo Actuated Micro Robot for Micro and Nano Manipulations. ARA Journal, 2000-2002 (2002), No. 25-27, Montréal, 98-103. [13] Pashkevich, A

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Mihail Tsveov and Dimitar Chakarov

-533. [14] Rehan, A. M., A. Ananiev, I. Kalaykov. Modelling of MR Fluid Actuator Enabling Save Human Robit Interaction, Proc. Of 13th IEEE Int.Conf. on Emerging Technologies and Factory Autom. (ETFA), Germany, Hamburg, 2008, 974-979. [15] Van Ham, R., B. Verrelst, F. Daerden, B. Vanderborght, D. Lefeber. Fast and Accurate Pressure Control Using On-Off Valves. International Journal of Fluid Power, 6 (2005), No. 1, 53-58. [16] Verrelst, B., R. Van Ham, Br. Vanderborght, D. Lefeber, Fr. Daerden, M. Van Damme. Second Generation Pleated

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George D. Manolis, Asimina Athanatopoulou-Kyriakou, Kosmas D. Dragos, Argyris Arabatzis, Alexandros Lavdas and Christos Z. Karakostas

2: Traffic Loads on Road Bridges and Footbridges, European Committee for Standardization, 2003, Brussels, Belgium. [12] Setra. Service d’ Etudes sur les Transports, Steel Concrete Composite Bridges: Sustainable Design Guide, 2010, France, Bagneux, SETRA, (downloaded elec- tronically). [13] Hivoss. Human Induced Vibrations of Steel Structures, Design of Footbridges, I: Background, II: Guidelines. Report No. RFS2-CT-2007-00033, 2007, Germany, Aachen, Aachen University, (downloaded electronically). [14] Sap. (Structural