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E. Křečanová, M. Zychová and J. Kysela

Supercritical Water-Cooled Reactors . 2011 , Vancouver, Canada. 5. Eliaz N., Mitton D. B., Latanision R. M. Review of Materials Issues in Supercritical Water Oxidation Systems and the Need for corrosion control . 2003 , 56(3): p. 10. 6. Kysela J., Zychová M. Water Coolant Technology for SCWR. ISSCWR- 5, 2011 , Vancouver, Can ada. 7. Guzonas D., Tremaine P., Brosseau F. Predicting Activity Transport in a Supercritical Water Cooled Pressure Tube Reactor. ISSCWR-4, 2009 , Heidelberg, Germany, p. 10. 8

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V. Antušková and I. Kučerová

References 1. Nicholas, D. D.; Preston, A. F. Interaction of Preservatives with Wood. Chemistry of Solid Wood, 1st ed.; American Chemical Society: Washington D. C., 1984; Chapter 8, pp 307-320. 2. Simsek, H.; Baysal, E.; Peker, H. Some mechanical properties and decay resistance of wood impregnated with environmentally- friendly borates. Construction and Building Materials 2010, 24, 2279-2284. 3. Unger, A.; Schniewind, A. P.; Unger, W. Conservation of wood artifacts, 1st ed.; Springer: Germany, 2001

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P. Rudasová and P. Sajdl

Requirements for the Future, International Conference Interaction of Organics and Organic Cycle Treatment Chemicals with Water, Steam and Materials, Stuttgart, Germany, 2005 6. Moran F. Použití přípravků na bázi organických aminů pro úpravu chemických režimů kotlů, konference Chemie energetických oběhů III, Praha, 2000.

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J. Daňková, T. Murínová, L. Reinprecht and M. Mamoňová

References 1. Reinprecht, L. Ochrana dřeva, 2008th ed.; TU Zvolen: Zvolen, 2008. 2. Saka, S.; Uento, T. Several SiO2 wood-inorganic composites and their fi re-resisting properties. Wood Sci. Technol. 1997, 31 (6), 457-466. 3. Terziev, N.; Temiz, A. Wood Modifi cation: Processes, Properties a Commercialisation. In Chemical modifi cation of wood with silicon compounds, 2nd European Conference on Wood Modifi cation, Gottingen (Germany); 2005; pp 242-245. 4. Donath, S.; Militz, H., Mai, C. Creating

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M. Kouřil, T. Prošek, M. Dubus, M. Taube, V. Hubert, B. Scheffel, Y. Degres, M. Jouannic and D. Thierry

organic acids using automated real time corrosion sensors, in: Proceedings of the European Workshop on Cultural Heritage Preservation, EWCHP 2011, Berlin, Germany, September 26-28, Fraunhofer IRB Verlag, 2011. 15. Prosek, T., Dubois, F., Kouril, M., Scheffel, B., Degres, Y., Jouannic, M., Taube, M., Dubus, M., Hubert, V., Thierry, D., Application of automated corrosion sensors for realtime monitoring in atmospheres polluted with organic acids, Proc. of 18th International Corrosion Congress, Paper 436, Perth, Australia, ISSN 1442-0139, November 20

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J. Daňková, T. Majstríková, P. Mec, J. Ščučka and P. Martinec

, 65 (1), 35-42. 17. De Vetter, L., et al. Fungal decay resistance and durability of organosilicon-treated wood. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation , 2009 , 63, 130-134. 18. Terziev, N., Temiz, A. Wood Modification: Processes, Properties a Commercialisation. In Chemical modification of wood with silicon compounds, 2 nd European Conference on Wood Modification , Gottingen (Germany); 2005; pp 242–245. 19. Saka, S., Ueno, T. Several SiO 2 wood-inorganic composites and their fire-resisting properties. Wood science and technology

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M. Kohl and A. Kalendová

-1318. 25. Yan Liu, Dezhi Sun, Hong You, Jong Shik Chung, Corrosion resistance properties of organic-inorganic hybrid coatings on 2024 aluminum alloy, Applied Surface Science 2005, 246, 82-89. 26. D. Veselý, A. Kalendová, Anticorrosion effi ciency of ZnxMgyAl2O4 core-shell spinels in organic coatings, Progress in Organic Coatings 2008, 62, 5-20. 27. A. Goldschmidt, H.J. Streitberger. BASF Handbook on Basics of Coating Technology, Vincentz Network: Germany, 2007, ISBN 973-3-86630-903-6, 345-401. 28. A. Kalendová, D. Veselý

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T. Hájková and A. Kalendová

, BASF Handbook on Basics of Coating Technology, Vincentz Network: Germany, 2007 , ISBN 973-3-86630-903-6, 345-401. 32. A. Kalendová, D. Veselý, J. Stejskal: Organic coatings containing polyaniline and inorganic pigments as corrosion inhibitors, Progress in Organic Coatings 2008 , 62, 105–116. 33. M. Kouřil, P. Novák, M. Bojko: Limitations of the linear polarization method to determine stainless steel corrosion rate in concrete environment, Cement & Concrete Composites 2006 , 28, 220–225. 34. M. Kohl, A. Kalendová: Assessment of the impact of

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A. Groysman

conference, NACE International, Houston, TX, USA. 111. Groysman A et al (2007) Naphthenic Acid Corrosion Study. In: Procedd. EUROCORR conference, 9-13 September 2007, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany. 112. Groysman A et al (2007) Low Temperature Naphthenic Acid Corrosion Study. Paper No. 07569, NACE CORROSION 2007 conference, NACE International, Houston, TX, USA. 113. Liu HJ, Dean JW, Bosen SF (1995) Neutralization Technology to Reduce Corrosion from Heat Stable Amine Salts. Paper No. 572, NACE conference Corrosion/95, NACE