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Jadwiga Bąk, Monika Bieniak, Agnieszka Chrzan-Rodak, Barbara Kuszplak, Kamil Kuszplak, Agata Łukasiewicz, Daria Makuch, Paulina Mazurek, Paulina Mazur, Magdalena Zych, Beata Borończyk and Beata Dobrowolska


Introduction. On 20-26 October 2017, nursing students representing the Medical University of Lublin had a chance to take part in the fifth European Meeting and Conference of Nursing Students in Magdeburg.

Aim. This manuscript is aimed at analyzing the nurses' education system in Germany and presenting the activities of the German Nurses Association (DBfK).

Summary. There are several paths of education for nurses in Germany, academic education is one of the options. Nurses associated in the German Nursing Association (DBfK) strive to increase the interest of nurses in tertiary education, as well as make efforts to create a nursing self-government.

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Gholam Hossein Shahraki, Hafidzi Mohd Noor, Javad Rafinejad, Mohd Khadri Shahard and Yusof Bin Ibrahim

References 1. Capinera JL. Encyclopedia of Entomology. Capinera JL, editor. Dordrecht: Springer; 2008. 4346 p. 2. Gold RE. Alternative control strategies. In: Rust MK, Owens JM, Reierson DA, editors. Understanding and controlling the German cockroach. New York: Oxford University Press; 1995. p 325-43. 3. Wang C, Bennett GW. Comparative study of Integrated Pest Management and baiting for German cockroach management in public housing. Journal of Economic Entomology. 2006; 99:879-85. 4. Kramer RD

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Gholam Hossein Shahraki, Hafidzi Mohd Noor, Javad Rafinejad, Mohd Khadri Shahar and Yusof Bin Ibrahim

Infect. 1991; 107:357-61. 11. Nalyanya G, Gore GH, Linker HM, Schal C. German Cockroach allergen levels in North Carolina Schools: comparison of integrated pest management and conventional Cockroach control. J Med Entomol. 2009; 46:420-7. 12. Sarinho E, Schor D, Veloso MA, Rizzo JA. There are more asthmatics in homes with high cockroach infestation. Braz J Med Biol Res. 2004; 37:503-10. 13. Lee CY. Medical importance of domiciliary cockroaches. Singap Microbiologist. 1997; 11:14-17. 14. Faith MO, Arthur

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Qiang He

clinical service system and specialty service modes will play a guiding role in China’s medical model and medical education in the new era. In this manner, librarians will increase their contribution to human health and socioeconomic development. 3 Research status in China and abroad 3.1 Studies outside China The subject librarian first emerged outside China. Danton 6 noted that in Germany, the subject librarian has a long history dating back to the early 19th century and that the Germans were the first to conduct research on subject librarians. Crossly argued

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Yan-Ping Zhu, Li-Xia Xia and Guo-Hong Li

, 5.7% sitting on side of bed, 21.7% transfer to chair, and 2.4% walking. We further analyzed organizational factors and six patient-specific treatments with the EM level. For patients on MV or CRRT or ECMO, transferring to chair and walking were only 3.4% and 2.0%, respectively. Similarly, a study of 116 German ICUs identified that only 6% of the patients with endotracheal tube were sitting and only 0.2% had stood out of bed or walked. 10 The study of 38 ICUs in Australia and New Zealand had no patients who stood, sat out of bed, or started walking during MV. 29

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Jin-Lian Cheng and Xi Tan

research results evaluation indicators Chin Nurs Res. 2016 5 1672 1676 (in Chinese) 2 Werner BM, Souder WE. Measuring R&D performance – U.S. and German practices. Res Tech Manag . 1997;40:28-32. 10.1080/08956308.1997.11671127 Werner BM Souder WE. Measuring R&D performance – U.S. and German practices Res Tech Manag. 1997 40 28 32 3 Cheng JL, Han SF, Chu YP, et al. Status quo of analysis of nursing research in 5 types of nursing periodicals from 2013 to 2015. Chin Nurs Res . 2016;21:2608-2612. (in Chinese). Cheng JL Han SF Chu YP Status quo of analysis of nursing

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Meng Yue, Zhan-Ying Ma, Meng-Jie Lei, Chu-Yun Cui and Yi Jin

mobility practices in Australia and New Zealand: A point prevalence study Crit Care Resusc 2013 15 260 – 265 35 Nydahl P, Ruhl AP, Bartoszek G, et al. Early mobilization of mechanically ventilated patients: A 1-day point-prevalence study in Germany. Crit Care Med 2014;42:1178-1186. 10.1097/CCM.0000000000000149 Nydahl P Ruhl AP Bartoszek G et al Early mobilization of mechanically ventilated patients: A 1-day point-prevalence study in Germany Crit Care Med 2014 42 1178 – 1186 36 Pires-Neto RC, Lima NP, Cardim GM, Park M, Denehy L

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Lan Gao, Xiu-Zhen Cao, Ying Zhang, Tai-Fang Liu and Ai-Hua Zhang

.38 46 B Sweden 30 2.38 103 g Italy 25 1.98 28 10 Netherlands 25 1.98 23 11 Germany 24 1.90 7 12 Denmark 21 1.67 66 13 Spain 21 1.67 18 14 France 17 1.35 13 15 People's Republic of China 17 1.35 18 3.3 Distribution of the top 10 periodicals in stoma study The SCI articles about stoma research were distributed in 321 journals during 1910–2016. Among the top 10 journals, 626 articles were published, accounting for 49.6% of the total amount of

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Rui-Fang Zhu and Shi-Fan Han

treatment services by professional nurses and health monitoring services. In Germany, medical care for the disabled elderly mainly includes four basic services: the first is personal hygiene services for the disabled elderly, including combing their hair, brushing their teeth, and bathing. The second is nutrition services, i.e., preparing meals and helping the disabled elderly eat. The third is the provision of services for the disabled elderly in daily activities, such as helping them go outdoors, get out of bed, walk, and step up and down stairs. The fourth is

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Gholamhossein Shahraki and Mohammad Ebrahim Farashiani

Integrated pest management (IPM), is defined as the selection, integration and implementation of pest control based on predicted economic, ecological and sociological consequences. Application of insecticidal baits in IPM can be an effective approach for controlling Blattella germanica (German cockroach). The three most popular gel baits that have been introduced for IPM of the German cockroach are hydramethylnon, fipronil and imidacloprid [ 1 - 4 ]. Fipronil, a phenylpyrazole-type insecticide, kills insects by interacting agonistically withγ