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Hongwei Ding, Rüdiger Hoffmann and Oliver Jokisch

References Boersma P., Weenink D. Chao Y. R. (1968), A grammar of spoken Chinese , University of California Press, Berkeley. Ding H., Jokisch O., Hoffmann R. (2006a), The effect of glottalization on voice preference , Proceedings of Speech Prosody 2006, Hoffmann R., Mixdorff H. [Eds.], pp. 851-854. Ding H., Jokisch, O., Hoffmann R. (2006b), F0 analysis of Chinese accented German speech , Proceedings of ISCSLP 2006, Huo Q. et al

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Christine Eismann

References BBK (2013). Schutzkonzepte Kritischer Infrastrukturen im Bevölkerungsschutz. Ziele, Zielgruppen, Bestandteile und Umsetzung im BBK (Wissenschaftsforum, 11) [online, cit. 2014-10-29]. Available at: (2009). How to be Prepared for an Emergency. Prevention and Self-Help in Emergency Situations [online]. 11th edit. Bonn, Germany [cit. 2014-10-28]. Available at: http

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Jörgen Eimecke, Katrin Baumert and Daniel Baier

References [1] Cuhls K., Grupp H., Blind K. [Eds.], Delphi ’98 – New Chances by Strategic Foresight [in Germany: Delphi ‘98 – Neue Chancen durch strategische Vorausschau ], Karlsruhe: Fraunhofer-Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung, 1998. [2] Green K.C., Armstrong J.S., Graefe A., Methods to elicit forecasts from groups: Delphi and prediction markets compared , Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting, no. 8, 17–20, 2007. [3] Armstrong J.S., Green K.C., Green H., Green C., Select a Forecasting Method

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Jürgen Lexow

References BAM (2011). Safety in technology and chemistry Tasks and role of BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing [online]. Berlin, Germany, 2011, 9 p. Available at BAM (2014). Homepage [online]. Available at BLANCHARD, Robert, ARNDT, Detlef, GRÄTZ, Rainer, SCHEIDER, Swen (2011). Effect of ignition position on the run-up distance to DDT for hydrogen-air explosions. Available at: http

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Matthias Kändler and Christina Seidler

floods on aquatic invertebrate communities. In: Lancaster, J., Briers, R.A. (eds): Aquatic Insects - Challenges to Populations. Proceedings of the Royal Entomological Society’s 24th Symposium. ISBN 978-184593-3968. Fischer, J., 1998. Influence of combined sewer overflows on the mater balance and the ecosystem of small rivers in rural areas. Wasser Abwasser Umwelt Bd. 19, Diss. Univ. Kassel. (In German.) Gibbins, C., Vericat, D., Batalla, R.J., 2007a. When is stream invertebrate drift catastrophic? The role of hydraulics and sediment

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Song Song, Britta Schmalz and Nicola Fohrer

frequency estimation and flood forecasting. Hydrol. Process., 25, 2801-2813. Brunner, G.W., 1995. HEC-RAS River Analysis System. Hydraulic Reference Manual. Version 1.0. Chow, V., 1959. Open Channel Hydraulics. McGraw-Hill, New York. Christian, J., Duenas-Osorio, L., Teague, A., Fang, Z., Bedient, P., 2013. Uncertainty in floodplain delineation: expression of flood hazard and risk in a Gulf Coast watershed. Hydrol. Process., 27, 2774-2784. Climatemps, 2013. Average Temperatures in Schleswig. Kiel, Germany

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Stella Gypser, Maik Veste, Thomas Fischer and Philipp Lange

, Heidelberg. (In German.) Bowker, M.A., 2007. Biological soil crust rehabilitation in theory and practice: an underexploited opportunity. Restor. Ecol., 15, 1, 13–23. Bowker, M.A., Maestre, F.T., Eldridge, D., Belnap, J., Castillo-Monroy, A., Escolarm C., Soliveres, S., 2014. Biological soil crusts (biocrusts) as a model system in community, landscape and ecosystem ecology. Biodivers. Conserv., 23, 1619–1637. Bradshaw, A., 1997. Resoration of mined lands - using natural processes. Ecol. Eng., 8, 255–269. Breckle, S.-W, Yair, A., Veste, M. (Eds

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58th Open Seminar on Acoustics joined with 2nd Polish-German Structured Conference on Acoustics

The 58th Open Seminar on Acoustics and 2nd Polish-German Structured Conference on Acoustics are organized by the Gda?sk Division of the Polish Acoustical Society, the latter jointly with the German Acoustical Society DEGA. These scientific events are going to be held in the Delfin Hotel in Jurata on Hel Peninsula on 13 - 16 September 2011.

The topics of the papers submitted to the 58th Open Seminar on Acoustics cover a large area of theoretical, technical and experimental research in the field of acoustics. The 2nd Polish-German Structured Conference on Acoustics will be held in the following sections: multi-modal and object-oriented approaches to audition, computational acoustics, active noise control, room and building acoustics, and seabed acoustics.

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German Michaľčonok, Maximilián Strémy and Andrej Eliáš

Quality and Dynamic Characteristics of Control System Visualization in Control Web

Progress of information technologies and their applications create the necessary need to explore the analysis of techniques to estimate the impact of architecture control system on dynamic characteristics of control. Major impact factors on dynamics and quality of visualization, control modes selection and impact analysis are described in the article.

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Lucia-Larissa Palea and Gabriela Mihăilă-Lică


Collaborative communicative techniques are essential in teaching foreign languages. Our article presents a few modern methods and techniques used in the practice of teaching foreign languages. The aim was to discover what methods are still the most frequently used in the teaching of foreign languages, focusing on communicative techniques in teaching German as a foreign language. The use of collaborative communicative techniques during foreign language classes enables the students to easily acquire vocabulary by means of a process that is both stimulating and enjoyable. The students develop what the specialists call “learner autonomy”, becoming more confident and independent. The conclusion we have reached is that traditional methods still coexist with modern ones, an eclectic approach being highly efficient in teaching foreign languages.