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Ilkka Niiniluoto

. (1965), Aspects of Scientific Explanation , The Free Press, New York. Hempel, Carl G. (1966), Philosophy of Natural Science , Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs. Hindriks, Frank (2008), “False Models as Explanatory Engines”, Philosophy of the Social Sciences 38, 334–360. Hindriks, Frank (2013), “Explanation, Understanding, and Unrealistic Models”, Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 44, 523–531. Krajewski, Wladislaw (1977), Correspondence Principle and the Growth of Knowledge, D. Reidel, Dordrecht. Kuipers, Theo (2000

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Cécilia Bognon-Küss, Bohang Chen and Charles T. Wolfe

. Canguilhem, The Normal and the Pathological , ed. Robert S. Cohen, trans. Carolyn R. Fawcett, 7–24. New York: Zone Books. Frank, P., 1941, The Law of Causality and Experience (1908). In Between Physics and Philosophy , 17–28. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Frank, P., 1949, Modern Science and its Philosophy . Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press. Frank, P., 1998, The Law of Causality and Its Limits (1932) (M. Neurath and R. Cohen, trans., R. Cohen, ed.). Dordrecht: Springer. Gambarotto, A., 2018, Vital Forces, Teleology and

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Jocelyn Jones

. (1965). The Knowledge of Man. London, UK: Allen & Unwin. [11] De Rham, C., Gill, M. (2001). The Spirit of Yoga. London: Thorsons. [12] Dewey, J. (1981). The later works, 1925-1953: Vol. 10. Art as experience (J A Boyston, Ed.). Carbondale, USA: Southern Illinois University Press. [13] Frank, A. W. (1995). The Wounded Storyteller. Body, Illness and Ethics. Chicago, USA & London, UK: The University of Chicago Press. [14] Gadamer, H-G. (1977). Theory, technology, practice: The task of the science of man

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Sabrina Fitzsimons and Margaret Farren

). The transformative potential of action research and ICT in the Second Language classroom. International Journal for Transformative Research, 2 (2), 49-59. (accessed 12th March 2016) [12] Fitzsimons, S. (2012). An exploration of teaching and learning in a virtual world in the context of higher education. PhD thesis, Dublin City University [13] Frank, C. (1999). Ethnographic eyes: a teacher’s guide to classroom observation. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann