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Florin Poenaru

, pp. 221-240. Frank, A. G. (1978). World Accumulation (1492-1789) . New York: Monthly Review Press. Georgescu, V. (1992). Istoria Românilor [The History of Romanians] . București: Humanitas. Green, W. A. (1992). Periodization in European and World History. Journal of World History , 3(1): 13-53. Hitchins, K. (2013). România (1866-1944) . București: Humanitas. Koselleck, R. (2002). The practice of conceptual history. Timing history, spacing concepts . Stanford: Stanford University Press. Lewis, B. (2009). The Periodization of

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Silvia Butean

Fredrickson, B. (1998). A Mediational Model Linking Self-Objectification, Body Shame, and Disordered Eating. Psychology of Women Quarterly , 22: 623-636. Okin, S. M.. (1999). Justice, Gender, and the Family. In J. Kourany, J. Sterba and R. Tong (eds.): Feminist Philosophies (2 nd edition) . Prentice Hall, pp. 313-331. Sedgwick, E. (2003). Shame, Theatricality, And Queer Performativity: Henry James’s The Art of the Novel. In E. Kosofsky Sedgwick and A. Frank (eds.): Touching Feeling: Affect, Pedagogy, Performativity. Durham: Duke University Press, pp. 35

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Nicolette Makovicky

. Bloomington, In: Indiana University Press, pp. 31-34. MILLER, D. (2000): The birth of value. In: Peter Jackson, Michelle Lowe, Daniel Miller, Frank Mort (eds.): Commercial Cultures: Economies, practices, spaces . Oxford: Berg, pp.77-83. PALMER, E. C. – FORSYTH, C. J. (2002): Dealers and Dealing in an Antique Mall. In: Sociological Spectrum 22, pp. 171-190. PALMER, E. C. – FORSYTH, C. J. (2006): Antiques, Auctions, and Action: Interpreting and Creating Economic Value. In: The Journal of Popular Culture , Vol. 39(2), pp. 234-259. PARSONS, E. (2007

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Cecilia Rubiolo

-Atlantic Quarterly , 114(1): 11-28. Gog, S. and Roth, M. (2012). The Roma People of Romania. In M. Palmer and S. Burgess (eds.) The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Religion and Social Justice . Malden: Blackwell. Grappi, G. and Sacchetto, D. (2013). La gestione e la produzione delle differenze: razza e razzismo nei processi lavorativi italiani. Studi culturali , 2: 315-322. Gunder Frank, A. (1991). Transitional Ideological Modes: Feudalism, Capitalism, Socialism. Critique of Anthropology , 11(2): 171-188. Horvath, I. (2008). The Culture of Migration of

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Kinga Makkai

, Herman, Bosveld, Willem, Van Diedendonck, Dirk. 2000. Patient Demands, Lack of Reciprocity and Burnout: A Five-Year Longitudinal Study among General Practitioners. Journal of Organizational Behaviour 21: 425–441. Bakker, Arnold B., Ten Brummelhuis, Lieke I., Prins, Jelle T., Van der Heijden, Frank M. M. A. 2011. Applying the Job Demands–Resources Model to the Work-Home Interface: A Study among Medical Residents and Their Partners. Journal of Vocational Behaviour 79: 170–180. Bergman, Lars R., Lundh, Lars-Gunnar. 2015. Introduction: the Person

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Magdalena Lubanska

Papers 56 Talbot Alice-Mary Washington, DC Dumbarton Oaks 153 173 Taylor, Charles. 2007. The Bulwarks of Belief. – A Secular Age . Cambridge, MA; London: Harvard University Press, 25–89. Taylor Charles 2007 The Bulwarks of Belief A Secular Age Cambridge, MA London Harvard University Press 25 89 Toncheva, Svetoslava. 2015. Out of the New Spirituality of the Twentieth Century. The Dawn of Anthroposophy, the White Brotherhood and the Unified Teaching . Berlin: Frank & Timme Gmbh Verlag. Toncheva Svetoslava

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Reet Hiiemäe

. (accessed December 27, 2017). ATU = Uther, Hans-Jörg. 2004. The Types of International Folktales: A Classification and Bibliography . Folklore Fellows’ Communications 284–286. Helsinki: Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia, Academia Scientiarum Fennica. (accessed December 27, 2017). van Balen, Frank; Jacqueline Verdurmen and Evert Ketting. 1995. Caring about Infertility: Main Results of the National Survey about Behavior Regarding Infertility . Delft: Eburon

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Paul Morris

– Crucifixes in the Classroom?’ Human Rights Law Review II 3 451 502 McMahon, R. 2013. Post - identity? Culture and European Integration , London: Routledge. McMahon R. 2013 Post-identity? Culture and European Integration London Routledge Madeley, J. 2003. European Liberal Democracy and the Principle of State Religious Neutrality. In Madeley, J. & Zsolt, E. eds. Church and State in Contemporary Europe : The Chimera of Neutrality , London: Frank Cass. Madeley J. 2003 European Liberal Democracy and the Principle of State Religious Neutrality Madeley J. Zsolt E. Church

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Geoffrey Brahm Levey

. In either case, is not a full and frank ICD made impossible? This important issue was lost in the public debate. Those opposed to amending the RDA provisions sometimes challenged the reformers by asking, “What is it that you want to say that isn’t already protected under section 18D?” ( Soutphommasane 2014 ). It is a fair question, but it does not tackle the issue of the chilling effect. Sensing this, Commissioner Wilson (2015) rather unkindly called the question a “party trick”. “The question assumes that one wants to say something racist, but that is not so