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Matthias Eitelmann

References Anshen, Frank and Mark Aronoff. 1999. Using dictionaries to study the mental lexicon. Brain and Language 68: 16-26. Bauer, Laurie. 2001. Morphological productivity . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Goldberg, Adele E. 2006. Constructions at work: The nature of generalization in language . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Langacker, Ronald W. 1991. Foundations of cognitive grammar. Vol. 2: Descriptive applications . Stanford: Stanford University Press

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Michael Dalvean

-21, 1990), Accessed 12/12/2016. Trope, Yaacov and Nira Liberman. 2010. Construal-level theory of psychological distance. Psychological review 117(2): 440-463. Witten, Ian H., Eibe Frank, Mark A. Hall and Christopher J. Pal. 2016. Data mining: Practical machine learning tools and techniques. Cambridge, MA, USA: Morgan Kaufmann.

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Liina-Ly Roos

European North’. - Marko Lehti, David J. Smith (eds.), Post-Cold War Identity Politics. London, Portland: Frank Cass, 11-49. Llewellyn Barstow, Anne 2000. War’s Dirty Secret. Cleveland: Pilgrim Press. Luckhurst, Roger 2008. The Trauma Question. New York: Routledge. Made, Vahur 2003. ‘Estonia and Europe: A Common Identity or an Identity Crisis?’ - Marko Lehti, David J. Smith (eds.), Post-Cold War Identity Politics. London, Portland: Frank Cass, 183-198. Nestingen, Andrew 2008. Crime and Fantasy in Scandinavia

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Ulrike Rohn

References Aalto, Pami 2003. Constructing Post-Soviet Geopolitics in Estonia. London: Frank Cass. Aslama, Minna; Pantti, Mervi M. 2007. ‘Flag-ging Finnishness: Reproducing National Identity in Reality Television’. - Television and New Media, 8, 1, 49-67. Beeden, Alexandra; DeBruin, Joost 2010. ‘The Offi ce: Articulations of National Identity in Television Format Adaptation’. - Television and New Media, 11, 3, 3-19. Conway, Kyle 2011. ‘Cultural Translation, Global Television Studies, and the

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Edgar W. Schneider

. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins. Sharifian, Farzad. 2015. Language and culture: overview. In Sharifian (ed.). 2015: 3–17. Sharifian, Farzad (ed.). 2015. The Routledge handbook of language and culture . London, New York: Routledge. Sharifian, Farzad. 2017. Cultural linguistics . Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins. Uz, Irem. 2014. Individualism and first person pronoun use in written texts across languages. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 45 (10): 1671–1678. Wolf, Hans-Georg and Frank Polzenhagen. 2009. World Englishes: A cognitive

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Paula Rautionaho, Sandra C. Deshors and Lea Meriläinen

, Stefan Th. 2009. Statistics for linguists with R: A practical introduction . Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Gries, Stefan Th. and Sandra C. Deshors. 2015. EFL and/vs. ESL? A multi-level regression modeling perspective on bridging the paradigm gap. International Journal of Learner Corpus Research 1 (1): 130–159. Gut, Ulrike and Robert Fuchs. 2013. Progressive aspect in Nigerian English. Journal of English Linguistics 41 (3): 243–267. Harrell, Frank E. 2001. Regression modeling strategies: With applications to linear models, logistic

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Julia Roll and Sven-Ove Horst

’. - International Journal on Media Management 16, 1, 9-25. Manovich, Lev 2009. ‘The Practice of Everyday (Media) Life: From Mass Consumption to Mass Cultural Production?’ - Critical Inquiry 35, 2, 319-331. McDowell, Walter S. 2011. ‘The Brand Management Crisis Facing the Business of Journalism’. - International Journal on Media Management 13, 1, 37-51. Meffert, Heribert 2012. ‘Markenführung im Wandel. Alte Weisheiten und neue Erkenntnisse’. - Christoph Burmann, Tilo Halaszovich, Frank Hemmann (eds.), Identitätsbasierte Markenführung

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Vasiliki Simaki, Carita Paradis and Andreas Kerren

. Functions of Language 16 (1): 5–7. Englebretson, Robert. 2007. Stancetaking in discourse: An introduction. In R. Englebretson (ed.). Stancetaking in discourse: Subjectivity, evaluation, interaction , 1–25. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Facchinetti, Roberta, Frank Palmer and Manfred Krug (eds.). 2003. Modality in contemporary English (Topics in English Linguistics 44). Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. Faulkner, Adam. 2014. Automated classification of stance in student essays: An approach using stance target information and the Wikipedia link-based measure