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Peter Kaufholz, Fabian Sadowski, Andreas Wilden, Giuseppe Modolo, Frank W. Lewis, Andrew W. Smith and Laurence M. Harwood


The novel hydrophilic back-extraction agent TS-BTPhen (3,3ʹ,3ʺ,3ʹʺ-[3-(1,10-phenanthroline-2,9-diyl)-1,2,4-triazine-5,5,6,6-tetrayl]tetrabenzenesulfonic acid) was tested for its selectivity towards Am(III) over Cm(III) and Eu(III) with a TODGA (N,N,Nʹ,Nʹ-tetraoctyldiglycolamide) based solvent. Batch experiments were carried out using TS-BTPhen dissolved in aqueous nitric acid solution with tracers of 152Eu, 241Am and 244Cm. A significant increase of the separation factor for Cm over Am from SFCm/Am = 1.6 up to SFCm/Am = 3.3 was observed compared to the use of a TODGA-nitric acid system alone. Furthermore, stripping was possible at high nitric acid concentrations (0.6-0.7 mol/L) resulting in a low sensitivity to acidity changes. The influence of the TS-BTPhen concentration was analyzed. A slope of -2 was expected taking into account literature stoichiometries of the lipophilic analogue CyMe4BTPhen. However, a slope of -1 was found. Batch stripping kinetics showed fast kinetics for the trivalent actinides. As an alternative organic ligand the methylated TODGA derivate Me-TODGA (2-methyl-N,N,Nʹ,Nʹ-tetraoctyldiglycolamide) was tested in combination with the hydrophilic TS-BTPhen. The Am(III) separation was achieved at even higher nitric acid concentrations compared to TODGA.

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Karel Rohlena and Martin Mašek

., Pavlov, D. V., Urlin, V. D., Funtikov, A. I., & Yakutov, B. P. (1992). O raspade vozdushnoy plazmy obrazovannoy lazerom. In G. A. Kirillov, M. V. Sinitsyn, & V. D. Urlin (Eds.), Veshchestvo v ekstremalnykh usloviyakh (Trudy uchenykh yadernykh tsentrov Rossii, pp. 156-162). Nizhny Novgorod: MAE RF, RFYaTs-VNIIEF. 9. Civiš, S., Juha, L., Babánková, D., Cvačka, J., Frank, O., Jehlička, J., Králiková, B., Krása, J., Kubelík, P., Muck, A., Pfeifer, M., & Ullschmied, J. (2004). Amino acid formation induced by high-power laser in CO2/ CO-N2-H2O gas mixtures

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Marek Wiertel, Zbigniew Surowiec, Mieczysław Budzyński, Jan Sarzyński and Anatoly I. Beskrovnyi

, silicides, and phosphides of transition and noble metals. J. Less-Common Met. , 82 , 75–80. DOI: 10.1016/0022-5088(81)90200-9. 7. Wiertel, M., Surowiec, Z., Beskrovnyi, A. I., Sarzyński, J., & Budzyński, M. (2005). Determination of magnetic moments and hyperfine fields in ScFe 2 Laves phase compound. Annual Report Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics . Dubna, Russian Federation: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Retrieved June 18, 2014 from: . 8. Yamada, H. (1988). Electronic structure and magnetic